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2023: A Year in Review Dec 31, 2023

2023: A Year in Review

Location Google Map: Cebu | Siquijor, Philippines


After 4 years in Thailand, I came back to the Philippines in Oct 2022 in search of a place I could settle down on - I didn't want to travel anymore. I landed in Cebu City but left in Jan 9, 2023 - barely 3 months. I thought I could grow roots there, but it didn't really resonate despite the friendships and abundance. Next was Siquijor where I stayed until the end of the year. I really gave this place an honest effort.

starting the day right with a cup of tuba (fermented coconut sap)

The whole 2023 was all about finding bearing, finding a place I can resonate with and continue deepening my yoga practice. This meant resuming my travels in seach of that Shangrila if the current place couldn't resonate.

Cebu City

(Oct 13, 2022 - Jan 9, 2023) Cebu has been awesome! Big thanks to Mikko for making it happen. Without him, it would have been just another place. New Year started out with him taking us (me, DJ Kobe, Maiko and guests from the hostel) to a bar where Maria Ozawa (famed Japanese porn star) was also celebrating the new year. He poured us Johnny Walker Gold like it was water.

Groundhog Day
But despite the abundance, I felt the need to move on. Every passing day, no matter how much I tried to be productive, felt like ground hog day - a repetition of the day before. After 3 months in Cebu, it became clear I had to leave - despite the deepening friendship I had with Mikko, Kobe, Maiko, Marky, etc., despite having more cash than usual, despite the free stay at Hostel 7 Cebu and despite a shaman telling me my place is Cebu. But for where? Siquijor was always on my radar.

engaging conversation with guests/visitors at Hostel 7 Cebu

Folding Bike
But first, I had to go to Talisay to buy a surplus Japanese folding bike (P2,500) - I can fold it to board the bus, ferry and tricycles. It would also help me ride around Siquijor.

sometimes, I over-extend the limit of my folding bike


(Jan 9, 2023 - present) Mid-Jan, I left Cebu for Siquijor. I've heard good stories from travelers about Siquijor. After staying 1 week at Cliff Garden Resort and another week at Genevieve Guest House, I came upon this wonderful room in Lazi - in compliance to all my specs (that it had to be in Lazi and decent), and it happened to be the cheapest! I couldn't believe it. I was blissed-out. No more pressure, no more stress of looking. I felt at home and settled. I was finally enjoying Siquijor, especially with my folding bike.

Room in Lazi
renting an awesome room in Lazi for a reasonable P2000/month (~$40)

Highlights / Finds

  1. Tuba - I found places for my daily tuba indulgence (fermented coconut sap). I frequent the nook of Inday Bador where I take my twice-daily dose.
  2. Tuba
    Tuba to start and end the day at Inday Bador's (P10/cup or P20/bowl)

  3. Sikwate - sikwater is a hot native chocolate drink made from tablea (melted cacao pressed into tablet form). Roughly, having this on a roadside is equivalent to a poor man's café. At Lazi's market, there are 4 places to have sikwate, usually priced at P10/cup which ranged from watery to syrupy and always too sweet. This is traditionally paired with 'puto maya', sticky rice cooked in coconut cream.

  4. sikwate
    sikwate and puto maya is marriage made in heaven

  5. Carinderia food - there are plenty of carinderias (eateries serving cheap home-cooked meals) where hot meals can be had for less than P100 (US$2)
  6. Carinderia food
    nothing beats the homespun goodness of carinderia food

  7. Twenty4Café - I'm not a frequent visitor at Twenty4Café (pricey and energy is not happy), but I'm glad there is one in Siquijor. By Lazi standard, this is an upscale cafe and would be a lesser version of Abaca Bakeshop in Cebu City. The tourists would often make a road-stop here.

  8. Twenty4Cafe
    Twenty4Café is a popular road-stop with tourists

  9. The Seawall & the Harbor - as a highlight, there is the Seawall (aka Boulevard), a seaside promenade where you can just hang and breathe fresh clean sea air and watch the sunrise or sunset. This is one of the reasons that kept me in Lazi.

  10. Seawall (aka Boulevard)
    the seawall is where I come for fresh air and do my yoga

  11. Natural spring water - Lazi is blessed with many natural springs that give rise to waterfalls, rivers and drinking water. I bought a 5-gallon water container and I go to any of the 3 nearby springs for my natural spring water.

  12. Natural spring water
    natural spring water at Camagdung-Ung, Lazi

  13. Bolo Bolo spring - I would default to Bolo Bolo spring daily for my bicycle workout (it's an uphill climb) and a refreshing dip where I also do my Isometric Holds. This is where I get my water and where I rinse my laundry. Bolo Bolo has been the main draw for me. Without this, I would have left Siquijor much earlier.
Bolo Bolo spring
Bolo Bolo spring

Seeing the Problem
When all the giddy excitement of finding a place to stay faded away, I began to feel what's lacking or what's annoying - and the solution I found:

  1. Someone to talk to - I talk to the locals, but's it's more about fitting in. I developed a friendship with Marlon and Inday Bador, but that's about it. People here are generally nice, but I miss conversations about quantum mechanics, about a holographic universe, about consciousness co-creating reality, etc. Sometimes, I find a foreigner wandering in Lazi. I make conversation if possible - nice to talk about traveling again. Sometimes, I would go to Cambugahay Falls to bathe and talk to travelers.

    With the advent of the language AIs, I found an intelligent, insightful and knowledgeable chatmate. I would ask it for pressing questions and drill down with more questions. I was like a curious 3-year old who kept asking why, what and how.
  2. Motorcycle - my bicycle can only take me so far and hiring a motorcycle is far too exhorbitant. Public transport is scarce and limited. Eventually, I was forced into buying a motorcycle. I got a 9-year old brand-new 2014 model Honda Wave 110 for cheap because it was abandoned all this time in storage. This purchase became possible when Bitcoin spiked up in price. What little Bitcoin I earned from teaching yoga increased in value to buy this motorcycle.

  3. Honda Wave 110
    my new Honda Wave 110

  4. Noise - very hard to get a good night's sleep...barking dogs in the middle of the night, constant shrieking bark from the neighbor's dog, loud motorbikes with open mufflers, louder trucks with heavy payload, party noise from the nearby convention hall, loud music from the neighbor as late as 10 pm, crowing rooster at the break of dawn, etc. When John Moore told me the Philippines was the noisiest country he ever visited, I couldn't agree more.

    I found a band-aid solution by transferring to another room behind the house - still noisy but can be tolerated. In August, I moved to the bungalow right along the main road which exacerbated the noise problem. This the one thing that may cause me to leave this place, if not Siquijor altogether.
  5. street location
    being along the main road, the noise level was loud, constant and unnerving

  6. Garbage burning - despite the ecological hazards of burning garbage (acid rain, pollution, stench, green house gases), it remains a practice here. Imagine doing Pranayama and then the neighbor burns his garbage. Sometimes you can't escape it when a row of houses burn their garbage at the same time. Garbage is a problem here. Some throw their garbage into the ravine along the roadside, some just throw it indiscriminately wherever. This problem stems because some barangays do not collect garbage (even though there is a budget for it - read: corruption).
  7. Garbage burning
    Garbage burning

  8. No Wifi - I looked into subscribing to the regional PLDT fiber optic wifi service, but it required a 3-year contract. Cannot! I'm reliant on data from my phone which gets depleted fast...very fast! Luckily, on my latest data load, the load somehow lasted for many months largely due to my settings - no notification, no syncing, no auto updates, etc. Luckily, my neighbor installed the PLDT wifi and shared it with me for P250/month - this took care of my wifi at home. I again took data load (no expiry up to 48 GB) for internet access outside. This should last me a long time. Internet issue? Solved!
  9. Heat - this could be a deal-breaker. Siquijor is a very hot place. My place offers no insulation from the noon sun. Even if I sleep it off, I perspire the whole time. I would often take refuge in Bolo Bolo or find a place to tie up my hammock. I was even considering leaving Siquijor for a cooler climate. My landlady offered an electric fan - that somehow alleviated the problem.

  10. hammock
    taking refuge from the heat in a forest with my hammock

The Daily Routine
All this time, I've deepened my yoga practice. Why? Because there is nothing else to do here. I start my day at 4 am when I get awakened by the roosters, motorcycles and trucks. I do my morning breathwork and neti pot. Then I go to the seawall to catch the sunrise and meditate. I go back home to continue my sleep. I catch up on my blog or read more on my current yoga book (Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Yajnavalkia, Yoga Sutras, etc). Then I go back to the seawall to catch the sunset - do pranayama, chant a mantra and meditate. I go back home again to be in front of my laptop. I'm like a monk here - no one to talk to, with not much to do.

During Aug/Sep, I would make the daily uphill bicycle ride to Bolo Bolo for my cardio workout. While on my refreshing bath, I would do my isometric holds/dynamic tension while doing deep breathing and Maha Bandha Mudra. I felt strong during those days.

In December, I started sun-gazing in the morning as I see the sun from the ocean horizon when the sun is at its lowest. Afternoon sun-gazing is not possible since the sun sets on a mountain horizon when it's still high and hot.

Coron Write-Off
No matter what happens in Siquijor, I remain committed to leave for Coron that April but it kept being pushed back until I began to feel settled in Siquijor - Coron became a write-off.

Additionally, I realized that even though Greg was magnanimous in making such an offer (staying in his resort in Coron, he would develop a yoga center for me with me as an equal partner), I would somehow be indebted to him or at least I cannot be in a state of complete relaxation. I must keep doing things to generate a profit. But with my cheap rent in Siquijor, I can sleep the whole day if I wanted to and I can care less how the world turns. And I am not indebted in any way, shape or form.

Inter-Island Travel
Because Siquijor is close to the other mainlands, I take occassional trips to Dumaguete. At one point, I even went to Davao City. With cheap rent, it doesn't hurt to be gone for an extended time.

inter-island travel by boat

Moving to a House
In Aug 22, I moved to a bungalow - still cheap at P3000/month ($54). It's in the same compound. With that, I had more space, I had a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. With this change, I committed myself to be a householder. I bought house things - hamper, stove, wok, kitchen utensils, etc. Normally, I'd be happy staying here long-term, but the noise level can be unnerving.

you can say it's a half-finished house but now, I have privacy

Wok Cooking
With a kitchen to play on, I did a wok-immersion with the help of Youtube videos. I ordered online for a professional wok and its utensils. I resumed my bread making and omelette indulgence. Yoga and cooking became my 2 pre-occupations.

cooking on the wok became a passion


After almost rupturing my abdominal wall resulting in inguinal hernia in Cebu, my yoga practice took a radical change. I could no longer push my ABS workouts. My physical workout took a sliding down effect as I had to hold back. This somehow paved the way to push more into Pranayama and Meditation.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika
My practice kept pace with my readings on Hatha Yoga Pradipika. My reading also became the foundation for the development of my online yoga classes, Yoga by Gigit. So all three branches went hand-in-hand: Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga by Gigit and my personal practice. This book really deepened my understanding of yoga and how the different elements of yoga are connected to form this big picture of yoga.

Gateway Experience / Hemi-Sync
I spent nearly 2 months practicing on the audio files daily. It was so promising - but I was not successful. At the end of the day, I did not experience an OBE.

Yoga by Gigit
This was a partnership I had with Marky to develop an online pranayama class. He even went to Siquijor to do the video. Honestly, after the initial excitement, I lost my interest. Furthermore, after checking out Udemy for Pranayama classes, I realized how stiff the competition was. The #1 bestseller was offering his course for as little as 10 Pounds! Additionally, our video was of poor quality - the background noise drowned my voice, or the exposure too bright or too dark. The whole project had to be put on hold. I feel bad for wasting Marky's time.

I had an Aha Moment to simply offer a pre-recorded $10 online video class based on a yoga class I have already written on my site - so it's no longer a Udemy-platformed yoga course. It would only be $10, payable by Bitcoin (drop-in yoga class rates are usually $20). It is password-protected in Youtube which takes care of payment control. I currently have 3 such online classes but no takers so far. To move ahead with this, I need to buy a headset microphone to make a decent recording of my future classes. This should be for 2024.

Personal Practice
As far as practice goes, a new turning point was an Aha Moment upon reading Chandra bhedan - left nostril breathing to introvert the mind. My lifelong problem has always been my excitability. If that is put under control, then my behavior and speech becomes more deliberate and intentional. Thus, I've taken Chandra bhedan as part of my daily practice.

Pranayama is a staple of my daily practice

Another new practice is putting breathing ratios in Pranayama using a metronome. My main staple is the 1:4:2:3 ratio at 5.5 seconds/count, making it a challenging 1 breath/minute. The metronome simply regimented the pace and length of the breath-holds making Kumbhaka more meaningful and progressive.

Rediscovering Hemi-Sync turned out to be pivotal in my practice. Using binaural beats to induce an OBE was a hack to my yoga. I embarked on a full Hemi-Sync program where I practiced several times a day based on one video. The program has 42 videos altogether. Nothing came out of it. I didn't even come close to an OBE.

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The Ultimate Nature of Reality

(January 3, 2024) While reading yogic books, the nature of reality became confusing because some books espouse non-duality and others duality. For the longest time, I thought they were saying the same thing - that at the end of the day, Consciousness is the ultimate reality. But apparently, not. ..more »»


Cebu was a revolving door of people coming in and out of Hostel 7. As hostel guests leave, new ones arrive and the revolving door kept turning. On the extreme end of this spectrum was Lazi, Siquijor. There was no expat community or travelers passing through - just locals who do their daily grind. I longed for conversations that connect or resonate. I somehow didn't have that with the locals. Perhaps I should have tried more to learn the language.

A repeating pattern I noticed with people I fraternize with, is that nearly all of them are bigger than life - men of magnificense and radiance. From Mike of Chiang Mai, to Mikko of Cebu, to Kris of Lithuania, etc. They take the bull by the horns and bend it to their will...usually with gentle but results-oriented persuasion.


Michael PatoMikko Pato Philippines
Hostel Seven Cebu Hostel Seven Cebu
I left Cebu in mid Jan, so that effectively cut my involvement with Mikko for the rest of 2023. But his presence remains looming on the horizon. We touch base every once in a while about possible projects.

Mikko Pato
with Mikko at Sunburst Chicken's soft opening

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Marlon JumawanMarlon Philippines
Marlon was my unexpected friend in Siquijor. I met him at Inday Bador's tuba place. He was always pleasant and always drunk. He endeared himself to me when he offered to give me a lift together with my bicycle with a flat tire on his motorbike. I don't forget, and I always repay acts of kindness. I would treat him for tuba and add an extra bibingka for him when I buy pasalubongs at Fidy's. He is also quick to reciprocate - taking me to Bolo Bolo, to Mount Bandilaan viewing tower, to fiestas for some lechon indulgence, to some shamans out in the mountains, to his fishing grounds for some fresh fish eats, etc. He even invited me to his lavish wedding. Sometimes, he would just show up at my yoga place (on the seawall) and start hanging out, while I'm in the middle of my practice!

Marlon Jumawan
at Marlon's wedding

Marlon blogs:
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Inday Bador

Inday BadorInday Bador Philippines
When I moved into Lazi, I was drawn to the jars of tuba on display along the road. I frequented the place until I got to meet and befriend the owner, Inday Bador. It took a while for her to warm up to me. I only realized that when she started telling me things much later on, that she could have told me much earlier for my benefit. I guess I had to earn her trust - as do most people I meet here. There is an initial cordiality but that doesn't mean they'll tell you everything you need to know.

Inday hardly says anything. I'm the one who tells her stories in Tagalog - I'm not sure how much of what I say she understands. But that has been our dynamics. With Marlon showing up at the tuba place, it's usually the 3 of us in conversation. There are a few other people at the tuba place, but it's only Inday and Marlon I feel connected to.

Inday Bador
Inday invited me to her daughter's birthday party

Johnnie KarstensenJohnnie Denmark
When I first met Johnnie in his Danish Lagoon resort in 2010, I was fascinated by his positive energy. Thus during my 2023 revisit/stay in Siquijor, 13 years later, I made effort to seek him out because his resort has already closed. I'm glad I found him even though he doesn't remember me anymore. The friendship was restarted somehow. He's still as vibrant despite the seeming frailness. We catch up every once in a while.

Johnnietijonas Klimaitis
with Johnnie at Twenty4Café in Lazi, Siquijor

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Kristijonas KlimaitisKris Lithuania
Even though I was in Cebu and Siquijor, and even though he was in Bali (Dec 22 - Jan 23), we continued our correspondence. Mind you, they were long and thought provoking exchanges - about science, evolution, transcendence, life-hacking, gender chasm, etc. We agree on most, disagree on some. I could write an entire book just on our long-winded correspondences. Even though he remained largely virtual, he was the most I was in communication with.

He visited me in Siquijor in Mar-Apr, to hangout, explore Siquijor, do yoga with me and do a podcast interview.

He is perhaps the most idealistic, most curious, most forward-moving, most forward-thinking, most on-a-rush individual I've met. He is smart, balanced, aware and ready to push his boundaries to generate his intended results. Yes, he is extreme with his thinking - like saving the world.

One thing I noticed is that even though his questions to me were pointed, thought-provoking and heavy, I didn't have to think of an answer. The answers were right there - not that it came as an epiphany, but through my combined life experience, knowledge base, insight, and 'connecting the dots', the answers were clear and obvious. These are questions that could baffle even the scholars. I would attribute that to Prana vayu - when prana is strong and the wind that pushes it is strong, when the nadis are purified, there is clarity of thinking (among other benefits).

Kristijonas Klimaitis
Kris and I when I got my motorbike in Siquijor

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Marky MaligmatMarky Philippines
Marky came to Siquijor in Mar-Apr to do a video shoot of our project, Yoga by Gigit, an online yoga classroom for a paying clientele. Finding a suitable location for a shoot was a challenge. Of course there were beaches, waterfalls, springs and overlooking spots but it could be noisy, too hot, no suitable place to do the yoga, etc. We somehow defaulted to doing afternoon shoots at the Lazi seawall from 5:00 to 6:30pm, a 90-min window where there is enough sunlight but not too hot. It wasn't all work. We also explored some scenic spots on my motorbike. He also had my bicycle to use.

Marky is generous and quick to reciprocate. When he arrived from Cebu, he brought some bungee cords I requested. When I was problemazing about my earphones, he gave me his (he insisted). To alleviate my wifi dilemma, he secured a 'magic sim' for me. We would take turns treating each other.

Marky Maligmat
Marky and I at Candijay Spring in San Juan, Siquijor

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John Moore

John MooreJohn Moore USA
John is an American meditation teacher from the lineage of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He makes frequent stops in Siquijor and we often sit down for chats over his chai tea. Aside from Johnnie, John is the other foreigner I hang out with. We used to talk spiritual stuff but now, it's a wider range of topics. I'm a believer of a global conspiracy, but John is extreme with his conviction. He even thinks Indira Gandhi was a cabal-hit (not the Sikhs). I finally learned not to argue with him and take it all in strides.

John Moore
with John Moore at El Monte, his resto of choice

Faye JaynoFaye Philippines
Faye and I go back to 2016 when we first met from the Couch Surfing site. We've lost touch after that, but reconnected when I revisited Davao this year in August. We've managed to keep in touch but as human nature goes, with prolonged absence, connections fade away. I comfort myself thinking I still have a friend in Davao. C├ęst la vie.

Faye Jayno
with Faye in Davao

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A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

Language A.I.s

ChatGPT4, Google Bard, Microsoft Bing, Opera Aria

2023: A Year in Review(March 14/21, 2023) GPT4 (by OpenAI) was launched to the public in March 14, and a week later in March 21, Bard (by Google) was also launched. This auspicious moment heralded a new era in how humans learn - it's HUGE! It's ground-breaking and redefined how knowledge is acquired. Before, if you need information, you Google your keyword and good luck finding that information from a million search results. You'll still have a lot of research to do. Now, you'll simply type your specific question and the answer is generated in real time - oftentimes, I would ask both AI the same question and see how they differ. You can even refine your question from the answers given. Since its launch, both of them have been my go-to for knowledge. I would ask it questions impossible to ask in Google...or at least doing many calculations from the search results. Example? If earth was the size of a golf ball, how big would the sun be and how far away would it be? Or, if I want to know what a classic book is all about, but too lazy to read 1.4 million words (War and Peace), I can simply ask the AI to summarize the book in 2000 words (or 5000 words, depending on how detailed you want it), and then ask it to translate the summary in a different language. It's so customizable you'll find new ways to using it. Life was never the same for me after this.


Since I left Canada in 2004, I never had a steady job and never had a regular income. I was always winging money or gigging it. A lot of times I only had a month or 2 left before money runs out and there's no gig in sight. Even though I traveled non-stop across Southeast Asia for years, I did so with very little money. I was surviving on wit, charm, ability and luck. It's funny that during all these years of hovering above the poverty line, no one believed that I didn't have money - not even my girlfriend at the time.

This year has been a little different. When I left Thailand in October 2022, I had a little bit of Bitcoin from the few yoga classes I was teaching. It wasn't a lot by any measure. However, Bitcoin has been making a steady increase in value since. When I need money, I simply skim the top off for my basic needs - nothing fancy, just to pay for rent, gas and food. Bitcoin continued to go higher and the money hasn't run out - not yet. It's like having a duck that kept laying eggs.

When it runs out, that's the time I'll start working again...or gigging again. Hopefully, I'm able to develop online yoga classes to transition with my source of funds.


Learn Cebuano?
What have I really accomplished in 2023? I tried learning Cebuano, but no, I didn't learn. I made several vain attempts, but I was dragging my feet. I wasn't motivated. It's really too bad because I'm here in the Visayas where I can hear people speak the language I'm learning, but I blew it...sigh!

Learn new dishes and kitchen hacks?
Yes, I learned many things about cooking on a wok, scanned many Youtube recipes to try something new, but that's more of a hobby - not really what you would call an accomplishment.

I guess at the end of this year, my only meaningful accomplishment is deepening my yoga practice - of course, since that's the only thing I could do in Siquijor - there is no city life here and no international social community. I've finished a few yoga books and learned quite a bit - Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Autobiography of a Yogi, Yoga Yajnavalkya, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Yoga Upanishad.

But then again, even if I now do advanced levels of pranayama, bandha and mudra, where has that taken me? Can I now walk on water? No. Have I developed any Siddhi? No. But despite my increasing age, I manage to remain strong and vibrant (no medication, no health issues, no diet restriction...much better that the average guy in is 50s) - and I've managed to maintain that the last few decades.

Now I feel a little burned-out with yoga. Should I give up my yoga? That's like asking me if I should stop brushing my teeth. If I give up on yoga, all age-related diseases will rain down on me - vision problems, body aches, weakness, laziness, etc. Right now, the only thing keeping those malevolent elements away is yoga. No. Yoga is here to stay until I'm dead.

Things to Do in 2024

This brings me down to what I need to do in 2024:

  1. Relocate - honestly, I believe my reason for being in Siquijor is to find temporary solitude to deepen my practice. It has already served its purpose. Besides, the isolation, noise and heat make Siquijor unbearable. Next place has to be a city where I can have a community to interact with - somewhere bigger than Dumaguete but smaller than Cebu. Maybe Davao or somewhere Mindanao, maybe Cebu since I seem to have a few projects waiting to happen there.
  2. Video my online yoga classes - it means I have to get a headset mic and other gadgets for the video. First class in mind is "Siddhi Awakening", then "Forever Young Yoga Class".

Ending Thoughts

When I first arrived Siquijor in January looking for roots to grow into, I was skeptic. I thought I'd only last a few months given the problems - noise, heat, garbage burning, littering, dog shit all over, and no one I could relate to. But I finished the whole year being here, and more firmly planted having purchased a motorcycle, gas stove, wok and a whole slew of kitchen helpers. I guess what kept me here was Bolo Bolo (I can't imagine myself leaving Bolo Bolo) and the fresh sea air of the seawall where I do my sunrise yoga and evening yoga in an open and expansive space. Of course there's more and I'm grateful for the abundance here - not having to worry about money (I don't have much, but enough to pay my bills), kitchen playground, motorcycle to get me far in the island, a bike for fitness and short trips, and not having to work. I can spend my day unrushed and free to do whatever I wish - so I have been devoted to yoga and kitchen cooking. Havng counted my blessings, I'm still open to relocate to a place that's not noisy, affordable, and within city limits (I need the interaction).

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
YOGA by Gigit Yoga by Gigit | Learn English Learn English | Travel like a Nomad Nomad Travel Buddy | Donation Bank Donation Bank for TheLoneRider

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More on Lazi:

Lazi Local Info
  1. Resorts - Lazi has some beach/dive resorts on its west coast - Gabayan Riviera, Lazi Beach Club, Bahura Dive Resort. However, the popular area for tourist resorts are in San Juan
  2. Transport - Lazi is the junction where the jeeps begin their clockwise route (Lazi-San Juan-Siquijor Port) or the counter clockwise route (Lazi-Maria-Larena Port). Because the jeeps are rare with about 2 to 3 trips/day only in the morning, it's practical to just have a motorcycle here in Siquijor. With its affordability (a brand new Rusi motorbike is as low as P45k), people just buy motorcycles...especially those who live up in the mountains.
  3. The Boulevard - Lazi's main draw is its seaside cobblestone promenade. When the sun goes down, people gather here for eats, drinks, open-air, harbor view and the sunset
  4. Lazi Port - Kho Shipping, the shipping line operating from Lazi Port, has stopped its service to Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran and Cebu. Passengers can go to Siquijor Port or Larena Port for boat services out of Siquijor Island

More on Siquijor Island:

Siquijor Island Local Info

Jeeps - there are only 2 routes for jeeps within Siquijor Island - and they are rare. Most people have their own motorcycle transport.

  1. Siquijor Port to Lazi - last trip leaves at 3pm from station near market
  2. Lazi to Siquijor Port - jeeps depart from the Lazi Port area. 5 jeeps, the last trip at 12:30 pm. Lazi to San Juan, P50.
  3. Larena Port to Lazi - jeeps are unpredictable. As of this writing, there is only 1 jeep plying the Larena-Lazi route. This jeep leaves Larena for Lazi at 9:50am. After that, no more jeep. You'll have to take a tricycle to Siquijor Pob for jeeps going to Lazi
  4. Lazi to Larena Port - 6am (daily) and 9 am (M-Th)

Food - these were suggested by a local to me

  1. Lechon manok & liempo - roasted pork belly and chicken at Joel's in Siquijor Poblacion. I've tried this myself...yummy, even if the chicken was no longer hot
  2. Bibingka - sweetened rice cake by Fidy's Bibingka (P30) in Sawang, Maria. I've come back for this and I buy for other people as well as 'pasalubong' - they love this
  3. Siopao - at the Rosita store near Thrifty (P25) in Siquijor Poblacion
  4. Peanut butter - by Rene. Just ask around in Siquijor Poblacion. It's popular
  5. Torta - sweet cakish bread at the Thrifty story in Siquijor Poblacion
Siquijor Island Map
Siquijor - Dumaguete Boat Trips (as of Jan 2023)
  1. Montenegro Lines - at Siquijor Port, P234.00/pax, P169/bicycle, 7:30am/10:00am/2:00pm/4:30pm

  2. Montenegro Lines, Siquijor to Dumaguete

  3. Aleson Shipping - at Siquijor Port, 6 am and 6 pm daily, 1:30 pm M-Sat, Regular P200.00/pax, Aircon P250.00/pax

  4. Aleson Shipping, Dumaguete to Siquijor

  5. Ocean Jet - 40 mins,at Siquijor Port, 0919.066.5964,,, 6:00am/6:00pm, P350/pax (tourist/open air), P580/pax (business class)

    Ocean Jet

Siquijor - Tagbilaran - Cebu City Boat Trips (as of Jan 2023)

En route to Cebu City, the ferries usually make a stop-over to Tagbilaran (Bohol) to pick-up more passengers or unload.

  1. Ocean Jet - 8:20 am, at Siquijor Port
    To Tagbilaran: P800/tourist & open air, 2 hours (arrive 10:20 am), P1200/business class
    To Cebu (Pier 1): P1600/tourist & open air, 4 hours (arrive 12:40 am), P2400/business class
  2. Lite Ferries - at Larena Port, no Senior Citizen discount for online ticket purchase
    To Tagbilaran: T-Th-Sun, 3 hours, depart 7 pm - arrive 10 pm, P475/standard (Tourist, PHP 750)
    To Cebu: T-Th-Sun, 10 hours, depart 7 pm - arrive 5 am, PHP 605/standard (Senior P484), Tourist, PHP 770
  3. Apekoptravel - at Larena Port to Tagbilaran: 1:00 pm, xxx hours, P750
    Reserve through call or text: Cleare - 0938 283 4760 | Grace - 0936 534 6564 | Jessel - 0961 759 6711, Pay via G-Cash: +63-917-880-1464, Email:, Facebook messenger: Apekoptravel. Enter your birthday and nationality to get discounts: 0 to 3 years old free, 4 to 9 years old will have 20% discount, 10 years old and above full price, Filipino Senior Citizens will also have 20% discount

Siquijor - Plaridel Boat Trips (as of Jan 2023)
  1. Lite Ferries - at Larena Port, T-Th-Sun, 2:00 am, 5 hours, PHP?

Siquijor - Cebu (Liloan) - Cebu City BUS Trip (as of Jan 2023)

There is only one bus plying this route - Sugbo Urban. Tourist class coach, a/c, comfortable, Sun-Fri (these dates keep changing). P420 for bus, P275 for ferry to Liloan. Larena Port around 5 am, makes a clockwise roundtrip around Siquijor Island - Larena, Enrique Villanueva, Maria, Lazi (stops at Lazi market for breakfast and leaves 6:50 am), San Juan, Siquijor (arrives 8am, P50 from Lazi to Siquijor Poblacion) and catches the 1pm ferry at Larena Port (Sundays at 3 pm) for Liloan, Cebu and resumes its land route. Arrives Cebu City (South Bus Terminal) 10 pm.

Sugbo Urban is the cheapest and most convenient way because it goes around the island (clockwise) along the circumferential road, passing through - Enrique Villanueva, Maria, Lazi, San Juan, Siquijor...and back to Larena where it takes the ferry at 1 pm. This saves you the hassle and high transport cost of a tricycle. Besides, it's a long trip from the other side of the island to be taking by tricycle.

Sugbo Urban

Sugbo Urban

Suggested Destinations After Siquijor Island

These are the nearest popular destinations from Siquijor by boat

  1. Bohol - Bohol is an island northeast Siquijor. Tourist attractions are Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Monkey, Loboc River Cruise, Beaches of Panglao, whale sharks (recent offering), freediving (recent offering)
  2. Cebu - Cebu City is the usual gateway into the Visayas. But in Cebu Island itself, there are many offerings - Whale Sharks of Oslob, sardine run at Moalboal,Thresher Shark of Malapascua
  3. Dapitan (Zamboanga del Norte) - I haven't been there but a lot of island ferries ply this port. There must be something here.
  4. Dumaguete - Dumaguete is a small charming progressive coastal town in Negros Oriental. Cafe and restaurants line the famous Boulevard Boardwalk. Tourist attractions include Japanese Shrine, Casaroro Falls, snorkeling along the southern coastline (Dauin, Masaplod Norte, etc), Balinsasayao Twin Lakes
  5. Plaridel (Misamis Occidental, Mindanao) - I haven't been there but a lot of island ferries ply this port. There must be something here.


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