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Practical Yoga
Youth, Aging & Longevity

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'Forever Young' Yoga Sequence Jul 26, 2023

'Forever Young' Yoga Sequence

optional video included

While I have completed my 200 hours of teacher-training and had been practicing yoga for over 2 decades, I am not a guru and I don't package myself as one. I'm just a dedicated practitioner sharing my knowledge, skill, and insight.

This sequence is an advanced hack on yoga - some are not in the books and it's risky especially if your practice is not strong. Ideally, you should be under the guidance of a guru or be initiated into the practice. I'm doing this on my own because I cannot find a suitable guru and I am comfortable studying established yoga books and weaving different practices into a seamless singularity (like a chef who creates an intuitive fusion-recipe with everything he knows about cooking). The fact that I'm posting this means I have already done it many times with only positive results. My unique practice has made me strong, vibrant and resilient from disease. Be advised that if you do this sequence, you are doing it at your own risk.

*** There are 'tall claims' stated by the books I've read (Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Makaranda, etc). I've included them even if they seem an embellishment.

Yoga and Aging
All of yoga delays or even reverses the aging process - from Yama to Samadhi. It's not the goal of yoga, but remaining young invariably happens as you deepen your practice to self-realization. However, specific asanas/pranayama/bandhas/mudras have a more direct effect on the aging process than others. And this is what this class is all about - filtering the elements of yoga and distilling them to realize the fountain of youth. With youth comes vigor, longevity and an appetite for life.

The Aging Process
As we go through life, the body undergoes friction. And this friction causes the body to degenerate, wear out and eventually die. The more wear-and-tear, the earlier we die. Think of the body as a car - when the car is not maintained, its useful life is shortened. When you give the car its due maintenance (oil change, tune-up, car wash, etc.), it will last its lifespan according to its planned obsolescense.

Through the practice of yoga (specifically age-specific sequences), not only is aging slowed down, but the quality of life is greatly enhanced - you remain strong, you keep that bounce on your stride, and you remain attractive to people half your age.

'Forever Young' Yoga Sequence
Demonstratiing a 2-knuckle handstand on a hard floor in a yoga class at Dawata Yoga Studio

Food Tips on Longevity:

  1. eat less
  2. FAST (eat less often)
  3. avoid sugar
  4. avoid meat

Ending Thoughts
How do I know all the above works? Well, because it's also my personal practice. I'm not a spring chicken anymore but I'm strong, resilient from disease, feeling half my age, and harmonized with my surroundings. I have no diet restriction. I can eat anything I want. I don't take any medication or supplement - not even Vitamin C.

This sequence is already as advanced as I can take my practice. Anti-aging or not, it has the most powerful components of Hatha Yoga - Sirsasana, Manduka / Nabho Mudra, Mula bandha, Uddiyana bandha, Jalandhara bandha, Maha bandha, Maha mudra, Maha vedha, Surya bhedan, and Kapalbhati. All of them directly influence the body's ability to retard the aging process.

Below is a FREE Anti-Aging Class. An optional video is also available for $10.


Yoga has an infinite array of asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha. But in this class, only the components essential to Anti-Aging are factored in.

  1. Pranayama - In the yogic texts, it is stated that our life is pre-determined by the number of finite breaths we take. Every indivisual has a different limit. Once you've used up this number, you die. If you are given 1 billion breaths, then you die when you have done 1 billion breaths. What has this got to do with living longer? It's up to you how fast you deplete the breaths. It means you live longer when you slow down the breathing. In our pranayama exercise, you regulate the breath to maximize the energy we can activate while making it as slow as possible.
  2. Sirsasana - Bindu has the capacity to enlighten the individual consciousness, but for that to occur the consumption of the dripping nectar must be reversed through Sirsasana so that it can be assimilated back into the body - the body slows down its degeneration, decay, and old age. As a result of the assimilation of nectar into the body, cellular preservation and rejuvenation take place. Headstand prevents arterial degeneration by restoring vascular tone and elasticity. Regular practice makes hair black again (since my hair remains gray, it tells me I'm not doing Sirsasana often enough or long enough).
  3. Khechari mudra - When the tongue constantly presses the nasal cavity, fatal diseases, old age are warded off. This can be done together with asana, pranayama or with other mudras. If the practice of Khechari mudra can be perfected, the process of degeneration in the body is reversed. Khechari activates Bindu flow and wards off old age and manifests Siddhis. The yogi who remains with the tongue going upwards for even half a second is freed from toxins, disease, and old age. In the Yoga Kundalini Upanishad, it is even stated that practitioners are 'freed from old age and death'. Hatha Yoga Pradipika claims that if you can only do one mudra in all of yoga, let it be Khechari mudra). If you encounter a sage who knows and practices Khechari mudra, choose him to be your guru.

    Khechari mudra is extreme and very invasive. I don't practice it, thus it's not part of this class. I posted it just the same because it's a powerful mudra. As a gentler substitute, I do the Nabho Mudra instead.
  4. Manduka / Nabho Mudra - this is a gentler form of Khechari mudra. The tip of the tongue is pressed against the soft palate (Nabho) or pressed left to right on the soft palate (Manduka). Both prevent aging and will not allow greying of hair.
  5. Mula bandha - with constant practice of Mula bandha, prana vayu / apana vayu unite, and even an old person becomes young. If you can reverse the downward flowing tendency of apana vayu (through Mula bandha) and the upward movement of prana vayu (Uddiyana bandha), you can reverse the aging process. All the practices which unite the two opposite forces, prana and apana, generate and release immense heat in the body which increases the metabolic rate for a short period, and as a result, elimination and degeneration are decreased
  6. Uddiyana bandha - Uddiyana, when it is done regularly, even an old person can become young. Uddiyana can slow down the natural process of degeneration and aging and make even an old person look young.
  7. Jalandhara bandha - Jalandhara activates Vishuddhi chakra which triggers the secretion of the hormone thyroxine by the thyroid gland. Thyroxine is responsible for tissue aging. The process overcomes old age.
  8. Maha bandha mudra - When the two opposite poles of energy unite in the navel center, the decaying, degenerating and aging processes are then checked and every cell of the body is rejuvenated. Raising the apana upward and bringing the prana down from the throat, the yogi becomes free from old age and appears as if sixteen years of age. Engaging the three bandhas, the body is influenced in such a way that degeneration no longer occurs. By contracting the perineum, performing uddiyana and locking ida and pingala with jalandhara, sushumna becomes active. Prana and breath become still. Thus old age and sickness are conquered.
  9. Maha mudra - the symptoms of old age are either annihilated or reduced
  10. Maha vedha mudra - in its practice, wrinkles, grey hair and the trembling of old age are evaded. The symptoms of old age are either annihilated or reduced
  11. Maha mudra, Maha bandha and Maha vedha mudra - the three great secrets which destroy old age, increase the digestive fire and bestow the siddhis
  12. Surya bhedan - prevents old age and increases the body heat and awakens kundalini. (it's interesting that its counter part, Chandra bhedan is not included as an age-defying pranayama)
  13. Kapalbhati - Kapalbhati helps relax facial muscles and nerves. It rejuvenates tired cells and nerves, keeping the face young, shining and wrinkle-free
  14. Citkrama Kapalabhati Kriya - a different version of Neti pot. Take water in through the mouth, swallow it and then expel it out through the nose. This prevents old age, and will give lustre to the body. This is best done on a beach
  15. Jihwamula dhauti - tongue scraping. This is done as a homework, Morning toxins are accummulated in the mouth so best to make this a morning ritual together with water therapy, Nauli and Neti pot
  16. Vajroli mudra - sperm retention. This is very powerful but cannot be done in class. This is an entire course on its own, but in a nutshell,
  17. Meditation - Trataka (being a shat kriya)

Forever Young Class

Since most of the kriya outlined in this sequence are fairly advanced - pranayama, bandha, mudra, kumbhaka, this class is suitable to those who have been practicing yoga for at least a year and should be able to do Headstand (or Shoulderstand) and Padmasana (full lotus seated pose).

    Warm-up (Generate Heat)

  1. Stretching - 10/12 mins, full body stretching + 1 min shadow boxing
  2. Spinal mobility - front, side, back bends + twists. In yoga, you are only as young as your spine is flexible
  3. Surya namaskar A&B - 10/11 mins, 3 rounds each, with slow push up and sink-down on Warrior I
  4. Bandhas (Energy Locks)
    The order of engagement is always Mula, then Jalandhara, then Uddiyana. When disengaging, the order is always Mula, Uddiyana and Jalandhara.

  5. Mula bandha - 5 min total
    a) 1 min, seated, observe what's above the perineum
    b) 1 min, engage (like holding your pee)/release, 1 min full engage (keep breathing)

    Mula bandha is ideally engaged at all times during the pranayama cycle (although admittedly, this is very hard. What I do is engage it on the inhale/exhale and breath-holds but release before the next breath).
  6. Jalandhara bandha (Throat Lock) - 5 min total
    a) 1 min, seated, observe Vishuddhi chakra (soft part of neck base)
    b) 1 min of intermittently swallowing, keeping awareness on the throat sensation
    c) full inhalation, engage (chin to the chest), hold, exhale, keep engaging, hold after the exhale, keep engaging, and release before the next inhale
    d) 1 min. 10 Wim Hof breaths and fully engage after last inhale + Mula bandha. Hold until cannot, then slowly exhale while still engaged.

    Jalandhara bandha is engaged when the inhalation is full and continues to be engaged while exhaling and holding the exhale. Release is done only before the next inhale.
  7. Uddiyana bandha - 5 min total
    a) 1 min, partially contracted but not vacuumed (awareness there)
    b) 1 min, inhale-exhale-engage-release (don't hold the breath) keep doing this for the next 1 min
    c) inhale, then exhale (empty) and hold. Engage Jalandhara bandha, then Mula bandha, then Uddiyana bandha. Hold for as long as you can.

    Uddiyana bandha is only engaged after the lungs are emptied and that breath is held. However, for advanced students, Uddiyana bandha can be engaged for both inbreath-hold and outbreath-hold. This is true for the 1:4:2:3 ratio breathing
  8. Mudras (Bandhas + Asana)

  9. Nabho mudra - 5 min, 1st min just feeling the soft palate with tip of tongue. 2nd min, do Shitkari and Shitali pranayama and do Lion's breath on the exhale to massage the tongue. While on Nabho mudra, massage the area of the soft palate with the tongue (and visualize the Amrita, the Nectar of Immortality to be dripping down from the soft palate to the throat chakra)
  10. Maha mudra - 5 min, 3 rounds each + Nabho mudra + Sambhavi mudra
  11. Maha vedha mudra - 7 min, + Maha bandha + Nabho mudra, 3 rounds: one round is 10 Wim Hof breaths + Maha Vedha until cannot.
  12. Maha bandha mudra - 10 min, Ujjayi breathing, using all 3 bandha, Siddhasana, Kumbhaka, Nabho. 1:4:2:3 ratio
  13. Mandukasana Mudra - 5 min: 3 one-min rounds using Kapalbhati breathing
  14. Inversions

  15. Sirsasana - headstand, 8 min, 3 rounds, 1 min each + streching after every round + Nabho mudra
  16. Sarvangasana - shoulderstand, an expression of Jalandhara bandha, 2 min, one round until it becomes difficult
  17. Halasana - plow, an expression of Jalandhara bandha, 2 min, one round until it becomes difficult
  18. Karnapidasana - 2 min, an expression of Jalandhara, one round until it becomes difficult
  19. Pranayama

  20. Surya bhedan - 5 mins
  21. Trataka - until tears

Youtube Yoga $10.00 Pay Video

The information above should be enough to get you going in your own practice. However, if you want to view the accompanying video of the class, you can pay $10.00 in BTC (Bitcoin). You see me explaining and doing the routine. It's a nominal fee (consider it a small donation) and it helps me continue my hack into yoga which I share with you. It's a simple home video - nothing professional in its production.


  1. You must be signed-in to your Google account and have a Bitcoin Wallet to begin with.
  2. No Bitcoin Wallet yet?

    It's simple and it only takes 3 minutes. It's good to have Bitcoin anyway to keep up with the times.

    1. Go to Google Playstore and download/install the MUUN app.
      MUUN wallet
    2. Go through the simple registration.
    3. Talk to a friend who has Bitcoin and trade him your currency in exchange for some Bitcoin. On your app, click "RECEIVE" (to receive Bitcoin). He'll know how to "SEND" the Bitcoin.

      Nearly everyone has Bitcoin nowadays so it should not be a problem. But if you don't have that friend, email me and I'll refer you to a seller I trust.
    4. When you receive the Bitcoin, you now have Bitcoin to make your payment. Send payment by clicking "SEND" on the app, and scan the QR code below.
    5. FYI, when you use Bitcoin, you become your own bank. The Federal Reserve and the governments do not control your money.

  3. Using this QR code, send $10 in Bitcoin:

    MUUN wallet
  4. Using the Form Mail below, send me the following info:
    1. details of the bitcoin payment in the 'Message'
    2. date - leave the date as is
    3. email - use the email in your Google account
  5. When payment is received, the video will be activated and Youtube will notify you by email. Best to view the video on Google Chrome or a Youtube app. If you are not receiving any notification, email me at
*** Before you pay for the video, you should have already read the blog and are able to do Headstand and Padmasana (full lotus seated pose).

Forever Young Class, xx hour, xx mins

video code here

Yoga $10 Pay-Videos Youtube

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Lazi Local Info
  1. Resorts - Lazi has some beach/dive resorts on its west coast - Gabayan Riviera, Lazi Beach Club, Bahura Dive Resort. However, the popular area for tourist resorts are in San Juan
  2. Transport - Lazi is the junction where the jeeps begin their clockwise route (Lazi-San Juan-Siquijor Port) or the counter clockwise route (Lazi-Maria-Larena Port). Because the jeeps are rare with about 2 to 3 trips/day only in the morning, it's practical to just have a motorcycle here in Siquijor. With its affordability (a brand new Rusi motorbike is as low as P45k), people just buy motorcycles...especially those who live up in the mountains.
  3. The Boulevard - Lazi's main draw is its seaside cobblestone promenade. When the sun goes down, people gather here for eats, drinks, open-air, harbor view and the sunset
  4. Lazi Port - Kho Shipping, the shipping line operating from Lazi Port, has stopped its service to Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran and Cebu. Passengers can go to Siquijor Port or Larena Port for boat services out of Siquijor Island

More on Siquijor Island:

Siquijor Island Local Info

Jeeps - there are only 2 routes for jeeps within Siquijor Island - and they are rare. Most people have their own motorcycle transport.

  1. Siquijor Port to Lazi - last trip leaves at 3pm from station near market
  2. Lazi to Siquijor Port - jeeps depart from the Lazi Port area. 5 jeeps, the last trip at 12:30 pm. Lazi to San Juan, P50.
  3. Larena Port to Lazi - jeeps are unpredictable. As of this writing, there is only 1 jeep plying the Larena-Lazi route. This jeep leaves Larena for Lazi at 9:50am. After that, no more jeep. You'll have to take a tricycle to Siquijor Pob for jeeps going to Lazi
  4. Lazi to Larena Port - 6am (daily) and 9 am (M-Th)

Food - these were suggested by a local to me

  1. Lechon manok & liempo - roasted pork belly and chicken at Joel's in Siquijor Poblacion. I've tried this myself...yummy, even if the chicken was no longer hot
  2. Bibingka - sweetened rice cake by Fidy's Bibingka (P30) in Sawang, Maria. I've come back for this and I buy for other people as well as 'pasalubong' - they love this
  3. Siopao - at the Rosita store near Thrifty (P25) in Siquijor Poblacion
  4. Peanut butter - by Rene. Just ask around in Siquijor Poblacion. It's popular
  5. Torta - sweet cakish bread at the Thrifty story in Siquijor Poblacion
Siquijor Island Map
Siquijor - Dumaguete Boat Trips (as of Jan 2023)
  1. Montenegro Lines - at Siquijor Port, P234.00/pax, P169/bicycle, 7:30am/10:00am/2:00pm/4:30pm

  2. Montenegro Lines, Siquijor to Dumaguete

  3. Aleson Shipping - at Siquijor Port, 6 am and 6 pm daily, 1:30 pm M-Sat, Regular P200.00/pax, Aircon P250.00/pax

  4. Aleson Shipping, Dumaguete to Siquijor

  5. Ocean Jet - 40 mins,at Siquijor Port, 0919.066.5964,,, 6:00am/6:00pm, P350/pax (tourist/open air), P580/pax (business class)

    Ocean Jet

Siquijor - Tagbilaran - Cebu City Boat Trips (as of Jan 2023)

En route to Cebu City, the ferries usually make a stop-over to Tagbilaran (Bohol) to pick-up more passengers or unload.

  1. Ocean Jet - 8:20 am, at Siquijor Port
    To Tagbilaran: P800/tourist & open air, 2 hours (arrive 10:20 am), P1200/business class
    To Cebu (Pier 1): P1600/tourist & open air, 4 hours (arrive 12:40 am), P2400/business class
  2. Lite Ferries - at Larena Port, no Senior Citizen discount for online ticket purchase
    To Tagbilaran: T-Th-Sun, 3 hours, depart 7 pm - arrive 10 pm, P475/standard (Tourist, PHP 750)
    To Cebu: T-Th-Sun, 10 hours, depart 7 pm - arrive 5 am, PHP 605/standard (Senior P484), Tourist, PHP 770
  3. Apekoptravel - at Larena Port to Tagbilaran: 1:00 pm, xxx hours, P750
    Reserve through call or text: Cleare - 0938 283 4760 | Grace - 0936 534 6564 | Jessel - 0961 759 6711, Pay via G-Cash: +63-917-880-1464, Email:, Facebook messenger: Apekoptravel. Enter your birthday and nationality to get discounts: 0 to 3 years old free, 4 to 9 years old will have 20% discount, 10 years old and above full price, Filipino Senior Citizens will also have 20% discount

Siquijor - Plaridel Boat Trips (as of Jan 2023)
  1. Lite Ferries - at Larena Port, T-Th-Sun, 2:00 am, 5 hours, PHP?

Siquijor - Cebu (Liloan) - Cebu City BUS Trip (as of Jan 2023)

There is only one bus plying this route - Sugbo Urban. Tourist class coach, a/c, comfortable, Sun-Fri (these dates keep changing). P420 for bus, P275 for ferry to Liloan. Larena Port around 5 am, makes a clockwise roundtrip around Siquijor Island - Larena, Enrique Villanueva, Maria, Lazi (stops at Lazi market for breakfast and leaves 6:50 am), San Juan, Siquijor (arrives 8am, P50 from Lazi to Siquijor Poblacion) and catches the 1pm ferry at Larena Port (Sundays at 3 pm) for Liloan, Cebu and resumes its land route. Arrives Cebu City (South Bus Terminal) 10 pm.

Sugbo Urban is the cheapest and most convenient way because it goes around the island (clockwise) along the circumferential road, passing through - Enrique Villanueva, Maria, Lazi, San Juan, Siquijor...and back to Larena where it takes the ferry at 1 pm. This saves you the hassle and high transport cost of a tricycle. Besides, it's a long trip from the other side of the island to be taking by tricycle.

Sugbo Urban

Sugbo Urban

Suggested Destinations After Siquijor Island

These are the nearest popular destinations from Siquijor by boat

  1. Bohol - Bohol is an island northeast Siquijor. Tourist attractions are Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Monkey, Loboc River Cruise, Beaches of Panglao, whale sharks (recent offering), freediving (recent offering)
  2. Cebu - Cebu City is the usual gateway into the Visayas. But in Cebu Island itself, there are many offerings - Whale Sharks of Oslob, sardine run at Moalboal,Thresher Shark of Malapascua
  3. Dapitan (Zamboanga del Norte) - I haven't been there but a lot of island ferries ply this port. There must be something here.
  4. Dumaguete - Dumaguete is a small charming progressive coastal town in Negros Oriental. Cafe and restaurants line the famous Boulevard Boardwalk. Tourist attractions include Japanese Shrine, Casaroro Falls, snorkeling along the southern coastline (Dauin, Masaplod Norte, etc), Balinsasayao Twin Lakes
  5. Plaridel (Misamis Occidental, Mindanao) - I haven't been there but a lot of island ferries ply this port. There must be something here.


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