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Leveling Up: Veer-Yoga with the YogiVeers Apr 11, 2014

Leveling Up: Veer-Yoga with the YogiVeers

Location: Cebu City, Cebu (province), Philippines

MWF Evening Class
Veer (Vaibhav Rana) holds an MWF yoga class at CitiGym consisting of programs for strength, mobility, endurance, power and flexibility. It's a mix of theory, workshop, techniques, kriyas (completed repetitive movement), kramas (full exploration of a base asana) and led-classes (rarely). He teaches other classes, but these are the ones I attend. He introduces whole new concepts in yoga I've never encountered before - e.g. "no thought" yoga where you spontaneously do a kriya without making room for thought (this way, instinct takes over). I am amazed how he can weave together stand-alone disciplines - body anatomy, asana, mudra, bandha and pranayama into a seamless singularity.

veer_rana claire_rana paul_domingo lyka_mae_fernandez yves_fernandez april_ann_white apple_olitres willerie_razote medalaine_pelegrin jamaica_gay mona_martinsen Andrea Patricia F. Yu berns_yu gigit

I've been with the class for nearly 3 months now and I see the same faces showing up regularly. This is a different set of practitioners - not like the ones I've seen with the many yoga classes I've attended (over 10 years and counting). These guys are highly motivated (showing up as early as an hour before class to warm-up), have a strong resolve (pushing themselves to their limits) and focused with their goals (often perfecting an asana or specific skill set - eg. arm balances). I've seen them fall and then come back up again, fall and unrelentingly come back again. I myself would fall several times, and with my head still on the floor, I'll look at them and they're still banging at it. I feel privileged to be in their company. The collective energy in the class is infectious and supportive. And like them, we are all big fans of our teacher, Veer - we fondly call ourselves YogiVeers.

Can't Get Enough
Personally, I can't get enough of the practice. Even when I was injured and couldn't participate (awkward landing on a handstand), I'd still show up for class even if only to take down notes. Lately, I'd setup my digicam to video the entire class - my archive is growing. I'd read-up, watch YouTube videos and refine some vinyasa flow. I'm completely stoked.

   You guys are lucky you have me. If I want the same level of performance for MY practice, who do I have? -- Veer (Vaibhav Rana)
*** talking to his MWF class YogiVeers

Back to Teaching
At home, I would review the video and develop my own sequence and later on, use them on a class I'm teaching. Teaching gives me an opportunity to apply what I've learned. I only teach once a week (whoever wants me to sub for them), no more, as I want to use my time to further my own practice.

   This is the only class where if you come on time, you're already late. -- Veer (Vaibhav Rana)
*** referring to his MWF Master Class where students usually come an hour early to start warming up

From a performance perspective, when I attend other 'led' yoga classes (not by Veer), particularly Ashtanga classes where the sequence is set (and therefore serves as an excellent benchmark), I begin to appreciate my gains. I am surprised at my newfound strength, endurance and flexibility. These gains motivate me to even push my practice harder.

As I write this, I am nursing a few injuries. Injury is something people don't usually talk about, as if it's taboo. Let me put 'injuries' in perspective here. To me, injury is simply part of the landscape if you push yourself at this level. With leveling-up, you start doing things you've never done before - and nobody does it perfect the first time, right? It's not because the teacher is clueless, it's not because yoga is injurious. If I practice yoga on 'safe mode' (instead of leveling-up), I can get away with no injury (as I've done so for many years). It's not just yoga, but in any sport or activity. If you push your limits to the next level, injuries are inevitable. It happens in mountain biking, free-diving, roller blading, etc.

Managing Injuries
The extent of the injuries can be manageble though. Example: I'm willing to risk a moderate crash on a mountain bike to traverse a technical trail - worst case, I might get a sprain. But I've met Simon (a downhill rider) who has become very good at riding bikes at breakneck speed, but at the expense of two broken collar bones, broken ribs, fractured arms, etc. - I'm not willing to take those risks in order for me to be as good as him. That's where I draw the line. The challenge is, knowing where your limits are, to calculate how much risk you're taking. Then, finding the restraint to let the body heal, if you do get an injury.

Ending Thoughts
Veer's days in Cebu are numbered, but he left us a reassuring message - that before he leaves, he will see to it that he gives us enough on our plate to pursue our practice in his absence. Yes, I find that reassuring. Combined with the videos I've taken of the yoga classes, I feel confident I can carry on. Moreover, the YogiVeers will be there to keep the fire burning.

--- TheLoneRider

Yes, Veer, we are indeed lucky to have you here as our teacher! Many many thanks!

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Veer & Claire Rana Private Yoga
Ashram International Initiative, Cebu Vaibhav Rana

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Reader Comments:

Medalaine PelegrinMedalaine Pelegrin
(Apr 12, 2014) raw, honest and beautifully written. thank you Git. I am happy to be part of a group so committed, focused and supportive. extremely privileged to be a YogiVeer!

Mona Michelle MartinsenMona Michelle Martinsen
(Apr 12, 2014) Thank you, Git, and all my ates for inspiring me every time I go to class

Apple OlitresApple Olitres
(Apr 12, 2014) to the Yogiveers!

Yves Lorraine FernandezYves Lorraine Fernandez
(Apr 12, 2014) Tnx Git!

Jamaica GayJamaica Gay
(Apr 12, 2014) awesome article! such an honor just being in the claas, thank you so much for bringing me here!! :))

Vaibhav RanaVaibhav Rana
(Apr 12, 2014) :)

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Apr 11, 2014

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