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2024: A Year in Review Dec 31, 2024

2024: A Year in Review

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2024 in a Nutshell
2024 started out with me wanting to leave Siquijor for interaction and stimulation in a small city. Bacolod and Cebu City had the urban amenities/interaction I was looking for, but they didn't outweigh the abundance in Siquijor.

(Jan-???) 2024 started out with me wanting to leave Siquijor for interaction and stimulation in a small city - one year in an isolated island living a monk's life was enough. I took 10 days in Jan-Feb to visit Bacolod, San Carlos, Toledo and Cebu City.

But I was also torn. In Lazi, Siquijor where I lived, I have 3 magical moments daily that I couldn't have in the city - sunrise yoga by the seawall (expansive alfresco setting, sea breeze, clean air and yoga space), Bolo Bolo Spring (for bike workout destination, dipping, water consumption and laundry rinsing) and sunset yoga by the seawall. These are the main take-aways not to mention eating fresh fish, drinking refreshing natural spring water for my water consumption, drinking pure tuba (fermented coconut sap), sourcing pure tableya (cacao tablet for sikwater drink), and cheap rent at P3k/month.

2024: A Year in Review
Lazi's seawall is always magical at sunrise and sunset

2024: A Year in Review
at my daily natural spring bath

Downside if I continue to stay? Isolation and noise. If I move to a quiet space within Lazi, that's one down. But what if I keep the house in Siquijor and do a monthly workshop in some of the nearby cities? I get my magical spot in Siquijor and get interaction as well. That's probably the best of both worlds.

Call to action? Move to a quiet place in Lazi and develop workshops for Cebu, Dumaguet, Bacolod and Iloio.

Prospects for 2024
I'd like to pursue my online/studio yoga classes with Marky as my business partner. As a general rule, I work alone. But Marky is reliable, honest and easy to deal with. I'll worry about yoga and he'll take care of everything else. He'll be my go-to guy, videographer and marketing guy. Ideally, I'll negotiate the deals with the yoga studios and conduct the workshop.

A milestone was conducting 3 back-to-back Siddhi-Activation workshops in Cebu in 3 different studios (Re:Fit, Bliss Yoga Cebu and Dawata). This was a first for me and perhaps the first in Cebu to have a Siddhi workshop.

Ending Thoughts

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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