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mountain biking

Riding Around Siquijors 86km Coastal Road with Kram and MarApr 3, 2012

Riding Around Siquijor's 86km Coastal Road with UP Mountaineers Kram and Mar

Biking With Benefits
A year ago, UP Mountaineers member Kram Bacharo has embarked on a Holy Week fundraising pilgrimage on a bicycle that took him around the Visayan Islands. His cause, Biking with Benefits, helps indigent families in Sagay with their rising medical costs. It has become an annual event with this year's route covering 750 kms in 8 days traversing Negros Occidental, Negros Oriental, Siquijor, Bohol and Cebu.

Since he is passing through Dumaguete, I offered to be his host and then join them on the Siquijor leg of their ride. He is joined by another UPM, Jhunmar Tan. We had to be at the port as early as 4am to ensure we get tickets for the first trip - a slow 1hr 45min boat ride on the Jaylann. We were welcomed by Kram's in-laws in Siquijor where we were treated to breakfast and a place to stash our gear - it was a big plus not having to bring our heavy stuff with us. At 9:30, we started our coastal ride starting from Siquijor Town going counter-clockwise on the island.


Siquijor's Tourist Attractions
The ride was relatively flat with a few inclines and downhill runs. It was the heat the got the better of us. Instead of wearing my helmet, I wore a wide-rimmed straw hat...made all the difference in the world! It was Mar's first time in Siquijor and Kram was playing tour guide as well. We stopped by The Danish Lagoon to say Hi to an acquaintance, Johnny who owns the place - gave us compli bottled water! Next rest stop was the centuries-old Balete Tree. At Lazi, we made a little detour to enjoy the Cambugahay Falls. The locals fastened up a natural vine to a tree where you can swing ala-Tarzan and dive down on the awaiting plunge pool - very cool indeed! Next recreational stop was the Salagdo-ong Beach, known for it's crop outcropping where people can cliff-dive from 2 platforms. We all took our turns - what a rush!

Making Full Circle
It was about to get dark by the time we made full circle and back to Siquijor Town. Again, we were treated to dinner by Kram's in-laws. Later, we lodged ourselves in an air-conditioned municipal meeting room where our host, the Siquijor Town itself, arranged beds for us.

Off to Bohol
Kram and Mar left early the following day for Bohol as I stayed behind to do a little more business in Siquijor on my own. My butt was sore like crazy...hmmm...must be the ride...I don't recall dropping the soap :)

--- TheLoneRider

donateTo donate to Biking With Benefits, simply text Kram for your pledge and he'll make that announcement on Facebook. Kram: 0909.890.3000 or email him:

Siquijor / Dumaguete Boat Trips

  • Ocean Jet - 255.7560,,
    • Dgte-Siquijor 7:30am / 10:30am / 3:30pm (best to call first)
  • Delta Fast Ferry - P160, 45 mins, (035)400.6043, +(63)917.532.3588
    • Dgte-Siquijor Town 9am / 10:15am / 1:30pm / 4:30pm
    • Larena-Dgte 5:35am
    • Siquijor-Dgte 5:55am / 10:15 / 12:30 pm / 3:00pm
  • Jaylann - P120, 1-1.75 hours depending on boat, 3 boats, dialy trips except Saturday, (035)480.5534, +(63)915.891.1426
    • Siquijor-Dgte 5:50am / 7:00am / 9:30am / 1:00pm / 3:45pm
    • Dgte-Siquijor 5:45am / 10:15am / 12:00pm / 2:00pm / 4:30pm

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