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Cancel Culture Attack Oct 31, 2021

Cancel Culture Attack

Location Google Map: Chiang Mai, Thailand

NOTE: this article is NOT about the nasty exchanges that happened but more about insights gained and lessons learned from that explosive episode.

These are crazy times and a neo-McCarthyism called Cancel Culture is warping the US social landscape and finding it's way across the oceans and into Thailand. But what exactly is Cancel Culture? I didn't even know this word until a friend messaged me and said, "You're a victim of Cancel Culture". I said, "Cancel what?" I had to look it up.

What is Cancel Culture?
Cancel Culture is a corrosive social cancer that eats up its host - society itself. It's a rabid attack by a loud minority to collectively cancel you out by riling up the public against you - cancel you out of your career, out of your social circle, out of family and out of society. You can be attacked for almost anything they deem unacceptable - a harmless tweet from years back, a remark taken out of context, or even from a fabricated lie. When you'd been pushed out of the grid in shame, you'd been CANCELED. Victims lose their jobs, careers are shattered, friendships are broken, families are torn and some take their own lives. It creates a chilling climate of fear and produces a paralyzing effect on society at large. It feels like walking on a minefield - even the most benevolent gesture can be weaponized against you. Worse, mainstream society, for fear of this vicious attack, plays along and casts innocent victims as collateral damage. Yes, this is f$#%king serious!

This plague has spread like a virus and polarized US society on what just might become a civil war. There is now talk of cessation from the union to create a separate country called the Republic of America.

Cancel Culture Attack
getting 'CANCELED'

How It All Began for Me
Before you read any further, this is NOT about the nasty exchanges that happened, but about the events that led to it (as a background).

An acquaintance complained about a sore back. In my eagerness to help, I gave her a loud chopping massage on the back - like what barbers do. It was done in an open public area at Thapae Gate in front of all our common friends - hardly what you would call a creepy massage. It made her feel uncomfortable but made no mention of it. I had no clue. It wasn't about the massage but about her trauma history - she said so herself. While she didn't voice that out, she told everyone else behind my back that I gave her a 'creepy massage'.

My mistake was not having asked her first - that's my only mistake. It spread like wildfire that I gave her a creepy massage. People just jumped in without verifying what exactly happened. Before you know it, I was already the sexual predator. Yes, as absurd as it sounds, that's how it all began. The lady has since apologized and fully retracted what was said. But another lady, knowing fully well that there was already an apology and a retraction, used that incident as a pretext to maliciously fabricate lies to smear my character.

I have done nothing wrong and I'm being publicly attacked? It was already too much for me. I have nothing to hide, so I aggressively fought back by publicly posting a play-by-play of what happened, of behind-the-scenes manipulation by my attacker and backed it up with telling and powerful screenshots. When given compelling proof, the community slowly morphed and began to see things in clear light. People have come forward in support - some were not even close friends, just acquaintances. This is when my attackers stood silent.

Why Me?
I'd like to think I live a very decent life where I sleep well knowing I didn't short-change anyone. I make an effort to live in harmony with everyone and everything around me. I wasn't always this way. But with my yoga practice, I see clearly in no uncertain terms that the optimum way to live is to stay on the positive side.

So, that being the case, why is this firestorm happening to me? I could think of a lot of people more deserving of this nightmare. Why me? I can only speculate, some speculation bordering on arrogance.

  1. Strong opinions - it's safer to keep strong opinions to yourself. I can't. Some people are inadvertently ruffled by that. It's human nature - it's easier to hate someone who is 'opinionated' than someone who has 'no opinion'.
  2. I asked for it - I've always considered it a waste of space if I went through life not going through some very powerful human experiences. Would you like to go through life not knowing what it feels like to fall madly in love? Or go through life not experiencing what it's like to have your heart broken into a million different bits? And this firestorm is no less powerful than those, despite its nasty unpleasantness. That is exactly how I see it. I asked for it, now I got it.
  3. Because it had to happen and I am uniquely qualified to take it - yes, it sounds arrogant, but I have to be honest with how I see things - arrogant or not. I have seen men victimized by this Cancel Culture for no wrong-doing. Instead of fighting back, they cowered, took their tail between their legs and cocooned in a cave until it was safe to come out. I actually met one who stayed out of the radar for 3 years! When he came out, he was irreversibly damaged. Life was never the same. It was like walking with a permanent limp.

    My yoga/meditation practice has kept me strong - strong enough to weather this onslaught with awareness that everything is impermanent. Instead of being bent, twisted and damaged, I came out of this a much stronger individual.

    It had to happen to me because I will talk about it and expose the social cancer in our midst that people may not even be aware of.
  4. Like me or hate me - people who know me either like me or hate me. I don't come across as neutral. Those who don't like me, found their chance to jump in and join the feeding frenzy.
  5. Because I'm genuinely happy and they are not - again, that's human nature. Friends will desire your well-being and happiness as long as it does not exceed theirs.

Shifting Reaction
Through the entire process of this firestorm, my reaction/feelings shifted and morphed from one form to another. I remained aware of this gradual and sometimes oscillating shift.

  1. Angry - at first, I was very angry and wanted to inflict pain and retribution to everyone out to harm me
  2. Wanting it to stop - after a week or so, the anger shifted into a genuine desire to make the madness stop. Yes, it was extremely unpleasant but also, it made no utter sense. It was simply mindless madness - ironically from 'conscious' people who are 'aware' and 'mindful'. I just wanted people to begin thinking critically and shed this mob-mentality.
  3. Let it burn - finally, instead of making efforts to make it stop, I simply let go and let it burn as much as it needs to - I have the strength to carry on, I have the endurance to stay for the long haul, and I'm willing to take the heat. Let it burn until there is nothing left to burn. I'll even pour gasoline if need be. Only then can new growth happen and the healing commence.

Insight Gained
To most victims, such an unpleasant experience is best swept under the rug and forgotten - moving on with life (however damaged). But, if you look back mindfully and examine the play-by-play and understand the domino-principle of cause-and-effect, this otherwise traumatic experience can be a treasure trove of powerful lessons and insight.

  1. Real friends - I have always maintained that your real friends are those who defend you when you are being mud-slinged behind your back. Let me add to that. Real friends are the ones who step forward and let their support be publicly known. There is always a risk that an angry mob will attack them in turn. It takes strength, integrity and courage on their part to assume this risk.

    And in a triumph of the human spirit, some people who were not even close friends but merely acquaintances, also stepped forward to shed light on the warped narrative. They didn't do it out of friendship, but out of integrity and strength of their character.

    And to the very few who stepped forward and exhibited resolve, words are not enough to convey my gratitude and my unflinching support when your time of need comes.
  2. Jaded about Humanity? - without mindful thinking, it's easy to be jaded and simply withdraw from people - because the people you shared good times with were nowhere to be found during the firestorm. It's easy to feel betrayed. But this is a repeating pattern across human history. It cannot be their fault. I simply look at people-behavior in a more simplistic way - they behaved that way because it's in their nature...through millions of years of genetic programming. I simply have to realign my expectation - to make it real instead of sentimental.

    So, what about the people then who stepped forward? In the same way we all evolve to self-realization, these people have transcended that primordial programming and have acted with critical thinking and resolve. Again, it makes them a cut higher from the rest.
  3. Benevolent universe - almost nightly, a good part of my meditation is a heart-to-heart talk with my universe, my guides and all the deities, sages, saints and seers. While I remain willing to stand my ground knowing I have done nothing wrong, I humble myself and ask for the following:

    1) strength - to carry on
    2) stamina - to go the distance
    3) courage - to take the heat
    4) wisdom - to make right decisions
    5) tethered to my universe - so I don't feel alone fighting a lonely war

    I would wake up in the middle of the night with an Aha Moment on my next move. As I fight the battle, I could feel my strength getting amplified (at some point, I asked myself if I was beginning to enjoy this). In a few of my unguarded moments, something gets triggered and I suddenly feel I wasn't in this alone - I knew I was being looked after. The exhilaration sometimes felt like riding the chariot of the Gods. Once again, I felt the power of the Big Bang behind me. I felt unstoppable.
  4. Negotiating from a position of strength - if I am trapped into a corner, I would lash out and claw myself out regardless who gets hurt or how they get hurt. It's survival. That's when I'm dangerous where even I cannot control my instincts.

    However, from a position of strength, when I know I have enough ammunition to destroy the enemy, I realized it was easier to be more tolerant and forgiving. Example? If I were a lethal martial arts expert and some dickhead makes fun of me, I can easily laugh it off and walk away not feeling chicken. Why? Because I know I could readily break every bone in his body - without proving it.
  5. Equanimity within a firestorm - being in the middle of this firestorm when I was consumed by anger, the hardest thing to do was to observe this explosive outrage with a calm and equanimous mind. Despite the raging turbulence, I stayed yogic and took it as the perfect test for equanimity. I tried - sometimes I could contain it, sometimes I could not (especially when the nervous impulses become overwhelming). But I remained aware. This mindfulness kept emotions from running amok. My ice bath practice where I observe pain and suffering while the freezing water from 40 kgs of ice electrified my entire body, certainly helped a lot. It was a different kind of pain, but it was the same equanimous mind observing it.
  6. Going Tantric with emotional outbursts - before this firestorm, I was going deep into the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Tantric Yoga (no, it's not a pretext for sex the way it's being adversely practiced today). Instead of remaining equanimous from craving and aversion, tantra intentionally capitalizes on these powerful instincts to accelerate self-realization. In my bandhas, I used my rage to generate more heat. I used my anger to boost my prana vayu to shoot into a white light up to my head. I was already milking this trauma for everything it could do for me.
  7. Yoga Outside the Mat - lastly, I was aware the whole time that this unpleasant episode was an ideal opportunity to apply everything I know about yoga. Do I run away or fight back? Do I act out of anger or out of a sincere desire to end this in a speedy, peaceful and productive manner? Can I remain equanimous while my nerve impulses are shooting all over my body? Again, this is authentic yoga - crying on the mat and laughing in the battlefield. Yoga goes way beyond perfecting an Upward Dog.
  8. Absence of Critical Thinking - I used to think that when you throw logic or truth into anything confusing or misunderstood by others, clarity and rational thinking will prevail. I'd been proven wrong most of the time. People generally follow:

    a) what is comfortable to them - a good example is the rigged quiz show in the 1950s where the handsome and telegenic participant, Charles Van Doren kept winning - to the astonishment and awe of his charmed fan-base. It was later found out he was being given the answers in advance. When this was exposed, the public did not vilify Charles. They vilified the whistleblower. It was not comfortable to the adoring public to think that their beloved Charles was actually a cheat.

    b) triggers from their trauma history - I realized that many people who seem 'normal' as they go about their daily lives, carry with them a trauma or pain that somehow left them damaged. This is not obvious. But when this is triggered, rational thinking is abandoned. If it means following a herd-mentality to find safety in numbers, then that's how it will be.

    c) gossip mongers - even with some of my yoga friends who are self-admitted 'evolved', 'conscious' devotees of the spiritual path, default to gossip at some point in the conversation. They can't help it. I think gossip is somehow embedded in the human DNA - people generally default to this...perhaps with its roots in primordial times when it was an essential element to survival.

    d) cognitive dissonance - as simple as the truth might seem, they can't see or comprehend it - it deviates too much from what they have accepted as truth.

    e) karmic process - this is just me. Some people (or group of people) need to go through the process and learn it their way in their own time - not through some logic thrown at them by someone.

Apology and a Retraction
Is it over? No. I could have ended it sooner, but without any apology and a public retraction for their unfounded allegations, I walked away from the peace talk. They have to be accountable.

A Message from the Universe
Even before this firestorm, I already saw the writings on the wall. My Chiang Mai bubble-of-abundance was slowly disintegrating. Through no one's fault, I lost 2 of my best friends. I no longer felt the warmth of my benefactor-friend despite his continuing support - because I refused the vaccine? I don't know. My movie deal was rescinded due to a policy change. Yes, the paradise I architectured was crumbling.

This is a familiar pattern - a clear message from my benevolent universe that I should start packing up because Chiang Mai has already served its purpose and a new destination will soon be revealed. It didn't take long before that new destination became apparent.

Ending Thoughts
The past 3 years in Chiang Mai is perhaps the best life I've ever had. I enjoyed a free stay in a boutique hotel with use of all its facilities - bakery, cafe, yoga space, etc. I practiced yoga every day, I invited friends over for coffee gatherings, Pizza Nites, nightly blues music, free movies, etc. But as good as it was, I knew nothing was permanent, and a time will come I will have to say goodbye. Awareness of impermanence allowed me to enjoy the moment without being attached. Now, I brace myself to what awaits as I prepare for a new chapter. Thank you Chiang Mai, thank you M.

Below is the link to the play-by-play on how I was maliciously smeared and how I fought back.

The Open Letter to the Community

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Reader Comments:

Shelby TannenbaumShelby USA
(Dec 11, 2021) Bravoooo! 👏👏👏

svarupa_prathamaSvarupa USA
Met-t-a Sangha
(Dec 10, 2021) Great read! Congratulations on standing your ground - you just might have burned off some significant karma doing this 🙂 🙏

Suzi SuchiSuzi USA
(Dec 3, 2021) Sorry this happened to you, but also so glad it happened to YOU and you've made the most of it 🙂

Mark RatcliffMark USA
Mark Ratcliff Photography
(Nov 12, 2021) It's a terrible behavior and one which should be called out more often. Great words and I empathize with your situation. You sound stronger than most - I know that's not why you shared the story but it may help me if I need inspiration. It's more important than ever to stay strong during these times.

DFFitness Trainer USA
(Nov 9, 2021) Wow. That is a fantastic write up. This is the way we must deal with the madness that can manifest in the human realm. Well done that you were able to use this event and incorporate it into your practice. This is the way. Your write up is a very useful cheat-sheet for me as I make my way though these times. Bravo. Thank you.

KDYoga Teacher UK
(Nov 8, 2021) I'm really glad you are doing well and feeling stronger. I really hope some of the bandwagon jumpers can see the error of their ways. I hope as many people as possible will see the grotesqueness of making someone a scapegoat for nothing. Hope to see you soon, friend. Big hug

TMYoga Teacher USA
(Nov 7, 2021) Very well written. I appreciate the way you’ve been able to draw strength from such a horrible experience. I suppose it’s like you said, a true test of your yoga and everything you practice.

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  • crop-burning season in Chiang Mai is between late Feb to early April. But laws change everytime. This year, 2019, there is a 61-day ban on burning so the farmers started burning early. When my plane was approaching Chiang Mai on Jan 24, 2019, there was already a thick blanket of smog covering the entire city (and beyond). But within the city itself, you won't feel it (but that doesn't mean the air is healthy). To monitor air conditions in real time, refer to site: Chiang Mai Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)
  • hot season begins March and lasts until June
  • wet season begins July and lasts until September
  • best time to visit Chiang Mai is mid-September to mid-February - after the monsoon and before the burning
  • you have to try Khao Soi, this is north Thailand's culinary staple
  • the tourist area where most of the hotels, restaurants, ticket offices, tour operators are, is located in the Old City
  • to exchange your dollars to Thai Baht, the Super Rich Money Exchange give the best rates. There are many branches scattered around Chiang Mai
  • get a red cab (songthao) outside the train station for Baht 50 (instead of paying B100 if inside the train station) to Old City - if you haggle nicely enough...I did!
  • shared red taxi (songthao) - B30 standard fare plying all over Old City
  • for only B50/day, best to rent a bike to go around the Old City - it's a 2.5km2 with lots to discover
  • FREE daily yoga classes from 9:00am to 10:15am at Nong Buak Hard Park (southwest corner of Old City). Resident and passing-through teachers take turns conducting yoga classes.
Blues/Jazz Bars in Chiang Mai
  1. North Gate Jazz Coop - at Chang Phueg Gate, great Tuesday jam session, Blues on Sundays at 11pm by the Chiang Mai Blues band
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  3. My Secret Cafe - near Wat Phra Singh. Tuesdays at 7:30pm for the changing front-act and 9:00pm for the Panic Band
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  • B50 noodle soup with meat
  • B50 coffee
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  • B30/kilo wash-only laundry
  • B50/kilo wash+iron laundry
  • B100-150 dorm bed/night
  • B250 fan room/night
  • B30 internet cafe/hour
  • B170-190 Movies Sat-Sun and public holidays
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  • B360 Green VIP bus, Chiang Mai to Mae Sai (Thai border town for visa run to Tachileik, Myanmar)
  • B50 bicycle rental, 24 hours
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  • B273 #51 sleeping train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
  • B638 #7 a/c train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
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  • B2000 full day elephant sanctuary
  • B750 Chiang Rai one-day tour
  • B1500 mountain biking scenic ride
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  1. Chiang Mai trains for Bangkok - 2 day trains, 3 night trains, daily schedule
  2. Train 14 to Bangkok - departs 5pm daily, arrives BKK 6:15am, 1st class and 2nd class sleeping accomodation, Special Express
  3. Chiang Mai trains to other destinations -
Chiang Mai to Bangkok Trains source:
  1. Check Train Schedule & Fares
  2. Book Online - direct booking with State Railway of Thailand. Best to register first. If going to BKK from CNX, click "Northern Line".

    note -- big difference between booking direct with the State Railway and booking with an online 3rd party agent. 12GO was charging B1330 for the same trip that only cost me B941 with the State Railway.

    note -- Oct 2022, I took the #10 Train from CNX to BKK, upper berth, 2nd class, a/c, sleeper, B941. The train was clean, fast, comfortable and modern. If you have heavy luggage that will cost more money in flight checkin, I would suggest this train. Otherwise, the flight now is so much cheaper it doesn't even make sense to take the bus or train.
Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Train from Bang Sue Train Station

For more train info: Bangkok to Chiang Mai trains - departing from Hua Lamphong - MRT (Bangkok)

(I'm using Bang Sue as a starting point because I was closer to it, but you may be closer to the Hua Lamphong station)

  1. take the MRT train to Bang Sue Station. Take the #1 Exit to the north provincial trains
  2. Proceed to Counter 2. You will see an information booth, a train schedule chart and the ticket counter. Choose the train and pay at the ticket counter.
  3. daily train schedule:
    • 8:48am - #7 Train, arrive Chiang Mai 7:30pm, not sleeper, B638
    • 2:06pm - #109 Train, arrive Chiang Mai 4:05am, sleeper
    • 6:31pm - #9 Premium Train, arrive Chiang Mai 7:15am, sleeper, B938 upper deck, B1038 lower deck
    • 7:56pm - #13 Train, arrive Chiang Mai 8:40am, sleeper, B768 upper deck, B838 lower deck
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  1. From Loei town center, take a tuk-tuk ride to the bus station, B30. There is only one bus station.
  2. As of June 28, 2020 (still on Covid schedule), there are only 3 night trips: 8:30pm, 9:30pm and 12 midnight. 9 hours, B470.
  3. The bus makes the following stops at the following times from a 9pm Loei departure: Phu Ruea (9:50pm), Phitsanulok (12:40am), Uttradit (2:20am), Lampang (4:35am)
  4. Final bus stop is at the Red Bus Arcade, Chiang Mai, 9 hour-trip, arriving 6am (from 9pm Loei departure).
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  89. Pizza Nite with Jackson, Goi and Paapu Sep 6, 2021
  90. Chiang Mai Peoplescape Aug 31, 2021
  91. Making Homemade Kombucha Aug 30, 2021
  92. Wrong Question to Ask This Crowd Aug 29, 2021
  93. Pizza Nite with Tom, Chunyah and Goi Aug 20, 2021
  94. Pizza Nite with Moms and Kids Aug 15, 2021
  95. Bahya Kumbhaka (breath-hold on the exhale) Aug 14, 2021
  96. Everybody's Only Friend Aug 13, 2021
  97. Vanillekipferl (German Vanilla Crescent Cookies) Aug 11, 2021
  98. Fighting Infection through Yoga Aug 3, 2021
  99. Too Close for Friendship Aug 2, 2021
  100. Manifesting: Epicurus' Pursuit Jul 31, 2021
  101. Homemade Rum Raisin Ice Cream Jul 30, 2021
  102. Ice Bath at Nawa Saraan Healing Space Jul 25, 2021
  103. Pizza Nite + Slack Line + Hammock Jul 23, 2021
  104. Yin-Yoga & Hypnosis with Christine Thiel Jul 20, 2021
  105. Pizza Nite with James and Nat Jul 19, 2021
  106. Antara Kumbhaka on Nadi Shodan Pranayama: Yogic Breath-Hold on the Inhale Jul 17, 2021
  107. Moving and Cashing-Out Bitcoin Jun 2 - Jul 11, 2021
  108. 'The Bow' Yoga Jul 7, 2021
  109. Yoga Classes with Calum Mar 27 - Jul 4, 2021
  110. Hike to Wat Pa Thammachat Waterfall Jul 2, 2021
  111. Pizza Brunch with the Yogis July 1, 2021
  112. Continuing Friendships in Chiang Mai Jun 30, 2021
  113. On the Brink of Hunger, the ENABLERS Come to Light Jun 21, 2021
  114. Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Katharine Day Jun 17, 2021
  115. Pranayama Basics II Jun 16, 2021
  116. 36-Hour Love Life Jun 11, 2021
  117. Pranayama Basics I Jun 9, 2021
  118. Biohackers Meetup in Chiang Mai Jun 6, 2021
  119. Learning How to Breathe Jun 2, 2021
  120. Not the Usual Day-to-Day Life May 31, 2021
  121. Morphing Peoplescape of Chiang Mai May 31, 2021
  122. Breathwork & Ice Bath with Jason Ryer of Zen Strength May 23, 2021
  123. It's Raining Bell Peppers May 7, 2021
  124. Yoga Classes with Nana Apr 20, 2021
  125. You Want to be Wonder Woman? Apr 8, 2021
  126. Kunjal Kriya / Vamana Dhauti (induced vomiting) Apr 1, 2021
  127. Coffeemates, Breadmates and Yogamates in Chiang Mai Jan-Mar 2021
  128. Varisara Dhauti (cleansing of the entire digestive tract) Mar 26, 2021
  129. Spiritual Backpacker Interview by Napasorn 'Cherry' Suvarnapradip Mar 23, 2021
  130. Private One-on-One Yoga Classes with Doriana Feb 17 - Mar 14, 2021
  131. Transformational Life Events Mar 13, 2021
  132. Guess Who's Coming to Bread Day? Mar 1, 2021
  133. Mula Shodhana (anal cleansing) Feb 27, 2021
  134. Are You My Queen? Feb 25, 2021
  135. Breaking the 5-Minute Breath-hold Barrier Feb 25, 2021
  136. Kirtan with Chiang Mai's Khun Thai Seekers Feb 7, 2021
  137. Breaking the 4-minute Breath-hold Feb 7, 2021
  138. Pranayama Primer Feb 2, 2021
  139. Heartbreak in every Song Jan 24, 2021
  140. The Silent Killer is Baaack! Jan 12, 2021
  141. Learning the Thai Language Jan 9, 2021
  142. 2020: A Year in Review Dec 31, 2020
  143. Reversing/Slowing Down the Aging Process Dec 30, 2020
  144. Hike to Huay Keaw Waterfall Dec 20, 2020
  145. Yoga Mat Dec 19, 2020
  146. Hiking to Wat Pha Lat along the Monk's Trail Dec 19, 2020
  147. Am I Psycho? Dec 9, 2020
  148. Muffin Man Dec 8, 2020
  149. Polyamory Dec 4, 2020
  150. The Wim Hof Ice Bath Dec 3, 2020
  151. RSVP Nov 25, 2020
  152. High Intensity Interval Yoga (Yoga + HIIT) Nov 14, 2020
  153. Cleansing the Nadis (Energy Pathway) Nov 13, 2020
  154. Yoga for a 360-degree Core Nov 6, 2020
  155. Edward Witten: 'the smartest living physicist' Nov 4, 2020
  156. Srinivasa Ramanujan: Mathematician of the Divine Oct 27, 2020
  157. Bashar as Channeled by Darryl Anka Oct 26, 2020
  158. Vinyasa Krama and Ashtanga Yoga with Aida Yoga Oct 18, 2020
  159. Deepak Chopra: author, lecturer, healer Oct 12, 2020
  160. Facebook Friends Oct 1, 2020
  161. Chiang Mai Peoplescape Aug-Sep 2020 Sep 30, 2020
  162. Siddhis (yogic super powers) Sep 30, 2020
  163. Learning the Import/Export Trade Sep 4, 2020
  164. Music and Magic at Justin's Birthday Bash Sep 3, 2020
  165. Biggest Stone in his Shoe Sep 1, 2020
  166. Abandoned Aug 25, 2020
  167. Intelligent Romantic Break-up Aug 25, 2020
  168. Dad-Zoned Aug 18, 2020
  169. Public Display of Affection Aug 9, 2020
  170. Gabriella's Birthday Bash at Mothership Resort Aug 8-9, 2020
  171. Shifting Peoplescape of Chiang Mai July 31, 2020
  172. Yoga Class for Strength and Muscle Jul 30, 2020
  173. Yoga Class for Optimum Digestion July 29, 2020
  174. Yoga Class for Healthy Eyes Jul 27, 2020
  175. Hippie Night at Nawa Saraan Healing Space July 24, 2020
  176. The Podcast Series: Alan "Heart Math" Strydom Jul 17, 2020
  177. Prana Vayu Adhitthana Yoga Class July 11-12, 2020
  178. Coming Back to Chiang Mai Jun 29, 2020
  179. Goodbye Chiang Mai Jan 23, 2020
  180. Prasnopanishad: Understanding Prana Jan 17, 2020
  181. Hiking the Monk's Trail Jan 15, 2020
  182. Chaturanga Jan 10, 2020
  183. You Spooned Me Jan 3, 2020
  184. 2019: A Year in Review Dec 31, 2019
  185. Friends, Coffeemates and Breadmates (Dec 2019) Dec 31, 2019
  186. Visiting Mae Sot Dec 27-30, 2019
  187. Let's Make it About You - an Epiphany Dec 17, 2019
  188. Shut-Up! Dec 7, 2019
  189. Roasted Red Bell Pepper Puree Dec 3, 2019
  190. Coffeemates and Breadmates (Nov 2019) Nov 30, 2019
  191. Bhujangini Mudra Nov 25, 2019
  192. Mathangini Mudra Nov 24, 2019
  193. Kaka Mudra Nov 23, 2019
  194. Pasini Mudra Nov 20, 2019
  195. Aswini Mudra Nov 18, 2019
  196. Sambhavi Mudra Nov 16, 2019
  197. Manduka Mudra Nov 15, 2019
  198. Tataka Mudra Nov 14, 2019
  199. Sakti Calana Mudra Nov 10, 2019
  200. Vajroli Mudra Nov 9, 2019
  201. Coffeemates and Breadmates (Oct 2019) Oct to Nov 5, 2019
  202. Yoni Mudra Nov 1, 2019
  203. Viparita Karani Mudra Oct 31, 2019
  204. Khecari Mudra Oct 30, 2019
  205. Mahadeva Mudra Oct 28, 2019
  206. Sacred Cacao - Chakra Dance Journey Oct 26, 2019
  207. Partner Healing with Natascha Oct 24, 2019
  208. Maha Bandha Mudra Oct 24, 2019
  209. Point-Of-Failure Birthday Workout Oct 22, 2019
  210. Mula Bandha Mudra Oct 21, 2019
  211. Hugfest at Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai Oct 19, 2019
  212. Anushasan Mudra Oct 18, 2019
  213. Ling Mudra Oct 17, 2019
  214. Jalandhara Bandha Mudra Oct 15, 2019
  215. Learning Thai with Cee Oct 13, 2019
  216. Uddiyana Bandha Mudra Oct 10, 2019
  217. Nabho Mudra Oct 9, 2019
  218. Maha Mudra Oct 7, 2019
  219. 20 Essential Mudras by T. Krishnamacharya Oct. 6, 2019
  220. Mindfulness Gong Bath by Vee (Veerayuth Pongsiri) Oct 3, 2019
  221. Cuddle Party by Abundant Love CM Oct 1, 2019
  222. Vayu Mudra Oct 1, 2019
  223. Visa-Run to Tachileik, Myanmar Sep 28, 2019
  224. Sankalpa Mudra Sep 27, 2019
  225. Surya Pradarshini Mudra Sep 26, 2019
  226. Eye-Gazing at Heart Space Sep 20, 2019
  227. Prana Vayu (Pranic Wind) Sep 20, 2019
  228. 2-Week Yoga Challenge by Agnese Erba Sep 17, 2019
  229. The Mudra Project Sep 13, 2019
  230. Sunday Vinyasa Flow with Marina Forster Sep 8, 2019
  231. Shamanic Breathwork by Rachel Constantino Sep 4, 2019
  232. The Conscious Peoplescape of Chiang Mai Aug 31, 2019
  233. Of Winos and Yogis Aug 26, 2019
  234. The 9 Jhanas of Buddha Aug 22, 2019
  235. Wicked Game: Anger and Pain August 19, 2019
  236. Full Moon Ceremony at Heart Space Aug 15, 2019
  237. Yin Yoga - Water Element by Martina Barabas Aug 15, 2019
  238. Hatha Mix Yoga with Christin Aug 13, 2019
  239. Boy Blues Bar Rocks Chiang Mai Aug 5, 2019
  240. Back to my Beloved Chiang Mai Aug 1, 2019
  241. Kaleidoscope of Chiang Mai's Peoplescape July 27, 2019
  242. Secret Sunrise: Nelson Mandela International Day July 17, 2019
  243. Farewell Picnic with Alan and Nicola July 15, 2019
  244. Secret Sunrise: Water July 3, 2019
  245. Hotel Review: Arun Suite June 27, 2019
  246. Bruce Lipton: Epigentics to Transcend Genes June 24, 2019
  247. Optimizing Life thru Heart Math May 8, 15 and 22, 2019
  248. Connective Cacao and Sound Journey June 12, 2019
  249. Chiangmai BLUES June 6, 2019
  250. Hatha Slow Flow with Neil Jefferson June 3, 2019
  251. Meditating with One Million Meditators Movement June 1, 2019
  252. Vinyasa Happy Flow Series by Vaida May 31, 2019
  253. Muay Thai at the Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium May 30, 2019
  254. Yoga Flow Through the 7 Chakras by Sabrina Pilz May 30, 2019
  255. The Outsiders (people you need to push out of your sacred circle) May 31, 2019
  256. Fascinating Peoplescape of Chiang Mai May 22, 2019
  257. World Meditation Day at Heart Space May 21, 2019
  258. Abs Yoga by Gigit May 12, 2019
  259. Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga with Nicola Symons May 10, 2019
  260. Secret Sunrise Interactive Dance May 9, 2019
  261. Tok Sen Massage from Ying May 8, 2019
  262. Bruschetta: Nawa Saraan Style Apr 22, 2019
  263. Thai Cooking at Pra Nang Thai Cookery School Apr 20, 2019
  264. Bonding with the Elephants in Chiang Mai Apr 11, 2019
  265. Ziplining in Chiang Mai with Eagle Track Zipline Apr 10, 2019
  266. Getting Thai Massage from Chiang Mai's Best (Lar Thanakrit Khamtanong) Mar 21, 2019
  267. Being the Soul of Nawa Saraan Hotel Mar 18, 2019
  268. Peoplescape of Chiang Mai Jan 24 - Mar 13, 2019
  269. Curing Cancer with Yoga? Feb 21, 2019
  270. International Training Massage School (ITM): Level 1 Feb 11-15, 2019
  271. Sandesch Album Launch by Christoph Joerg Feb 13, 2019
  272. Meditation in a Sensory Deprivation Tank at Float Chiang Mai Jan 29, 2019
  273. Reiki Share at the Mastermind Brain Spa Jan 26, 2019
  274. Resuming Life in Chiang Mai Jan 24, 2019
  275. 4 Days in Chiang Mai at Nawa Saraan Hotel Jan 2-6, 2019
  276. Mike Chong Aug 8, 2018
  277. An Intimate Conversation with my Universe in Chiang Mai Aug 8, 2018
  278. Kneaded and Pampered at Zira Spa Aug 4, 2018
  279. Savoring a Baht 3,500 Birds Nest Soup at Natural Bird Nest by Burapa Aug 3, 2018
  280. Yoga Exploration at The Yoga Tree with Gernot Aug 1, 2018
  281. Laughter Yoga with Saffiya Arnous July 31, 2018
  282. Yoga with Adam at Hidden House Yoga, Chiang Mai July 29, 2018
  283. 2 Weeks in Chiang Mai July 25 - Aug 7, 2018
  284. A First Timer in Chiang Mai Apr 9-23, 2016
  285. Chiang Mai's Amazing Peoplescape Apr 9-23, 2016
  286. Dance Mandala in Chiang Mai at The Yoga Tree Apr 19, 2016
  287. Songkran Waterfight Festival in Chiang Mai Apr 13-15, 2016
  288. Border Crossing from Siem Reap (Cambodia) to Bangkok (Thailand) to Chiang Mai April 9-10, 2016

Travel Tips for Thailand

How to Get a 60-Day Thai Tourist Visa and then Extend by another 30 Days

This process is BEFORE Covid 19. Not sure what it is now.

    60-Day Thai Tourist Visa

    NOTE: There is no need to go back to your country to get the Thai tourist visa. Any major city with a Thai Embassy will do. Apparently there is also no need to have an invitation from a Thai establishment to justify the visa.

  1. Bring the following to the Thai embassy:
    a) proof of money (bank statement will suffice)
    b) flight booking to Thailand
    c) onward flight back to your country from Thailand
    d) filled-in tourist visa form
    e) 2 passport pictures
    f) hotel booking in Thailand (they didn't ask me for this but better be safe)
    g) passport with at least 6 months validity
  2. After handing over all the documents, they will ask you to come pick your passport with the visa the following day from 4 to 5pm. That's it!
  3. NOTE: after 2 successful attempts, I was already questioned the 3rd time.

    30-Day Extension

    NOTE: When your 60-day visa is close to expiry and you want to extend your stay. No need to leave Thailand.

  1. bring the following to the Immigration Office:
    a) passport (make sure your Tourist Visa hasn't expired yet)
    b) Baht 1900
    c) photocopy of your passport + visa duration date stamp + TM6 card (white immigration card) and sign all the copies
    d) completed TM7 visa extension form (available at the Immigration Office)
    e) one 4cmx6cm passport picture
  2. submit the above to the Front Desk. They will give you a stub with your number on it. Take a seat and wait for your number to be called
  3. when your number is called, your picture will be taken. Then go back to your seat. They will call you again.
  4. when they call you again, they'll give you your passport with your extended visa. That's it!
  5. when there are no lines, the whole process can take only 10 minutes
Book Train Tickets in Thailand

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General Travel Tips
  1. arrive early - in case there is a snag (visa snag, documentation snag, transport ticket snag, etc.), you will have ample time to troubleshoot the problem if you arrive early (to the airport, to the bus terminal, etc.)
  2. put detailed itinerary on the Calendar apps of your smart-phone according to timelines - this is where you do all your thinking and planning. Once written down, you don't have to think anymore while you are on the just follow the steps. This frees your mind for something else that might happen while you are already en route
  3. avoiding scams - as a general rule, I ignore the touts or anyone I don't know who call out to me. The calling comes in many forms - "Hi! Where are you from?", "Excuse me! Excuse me!", "Where are you going?". I don't look them in the eye and I remain non-verbal with them. If you reply to them, you just gave them an 'in' to hound you. In order not to look rude, I smile and wave the 'not interested' hand to them, without looking at them.
  4. power bank - hand-carry your power bank. Do not check it in. You can be called in when you are already inside the plane to go all the way to the loading dock so you can personally remove the power bank...and chances are, you'll have to surrender it to them. And you might delay the plane departure!
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