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Bashar as Channeled by Darryl Anka Oct 26, 2020

Vibrating to a Higher Self

The Channel
The first time I stumbled upon Bashar, I was taken by the compelling relevance, logic and sense of urgency of what he was saying. It was after the talk when I realized that he was an alien from the future channeling through Darryl Anka. I was completely turned-off and even embarrassed, having listened to what I thought was a fruitcake. But then, I came back to my senses. The message is sound, so why should I let the messenger nullify the message? From that point on, I began listening to him. His message is really simple and can be summed up in a short sentence:

"Act on your excitement to the best of your ability without any expectation of outcome."

Let's break that down:

  1. act on your excitement - that is how the universe talks to us in a language we understand. By universe, I'm talking about power and intelligence much bigger than ours - so best to listen
  2. to the best of your ability - go the whole 9-yards in pursuing this excitement. Commit yourself. No half measures
  3. without any expectation of outcome - your expected outcome is not necessarily the intended outcome. So don't be disappointed if the result turns out to be 'disappointing'. By not expecting an outcome, you don't lose the balance of your mind and you don't limit yourself to an even bigger intended outcome. The whole experience served its intended purpose whether you realize it or not. You'll simply have to trust this process.

    Sharing my personal experience: When I was chosen to be one of 18 castaways out of 32,000 who auditioned for the role, I thought I was special and would be the next Survivor winner. I dreamt about tours, book deals, celebrity life, showbiz glamour, etc. When I was the 3rd voted-out, I felt publicly humiliated that I sunk into depression. If I simply acted on my role as a survivor castaway without any showbiz expectation, I would not have lost the balance of my mind. That was a humbling lesson for me.

Powerful Lessons from Bashar

  1. Feeling negativity towards anything - everything is neutral. It only becomes loaded (positive or negative), when we put our own bias into it. So when you don't like anyone, it means there is something about yourself you don't like, that you see in this person. A therapist-friend who ego-shamed me is actually too full of ego herself - but she thinks she has no ego. Another acquaintance who accuses others of being narcissistic is actually a narcissist - but doesn't see it. People are in denial that they are in denial. Often, this discomfort is conveniently projected to others instead of being admitted.
    Call to action: when I don't like someone, I ask myself what I don't like about him. Then I look inside me to see if I have those negative qualities. When we feel negativity, it's an apportunity for us to know ourselves better
  2. Reality shifts through us billions of times per second - this sounds woo-woo, but Theoretical Physics say the same thing about infinite parralel universes due to the non-locality of the electron. Like a motion picture that only has still frames but moves at 64 frames/second, we see movement and not the still frames. How we think determine which reality we shift ourselves into.
    Call to action: instead of being reactive, think about the person you would like to be. Act, especially in difficult situations, how your idealized self will react, and your reality shifts so that you become that person. Our thoughts architecture our reality. How you feel about people or the world is a reflective mirror of what goes on inside you

When Bashar was still building up a base, his videos were long, informative and comprehensive. Now that he has 'arrived', his videos have become short snippets largely marketing the next pay-for event. Yes, the channel, Darryl Anka decided to monetize his increasing popularity. It's hard to find those long videos anymore. Luckily, some third party channels on Youtube (some of them using Chinese characters) have preserved them for viewing. I am posting those videos here. No guarantee how long they will stay up since nearly all the past links no longer work.

Nearly all the long videos of Bashar are gone and have been replaced by long interviews of Darryl Anka. Now, the rock star is Darryl and not Bashar. Is this an ego-move by Darryl? Before, he was just the instrument for the messenger. Now, he is the messenger and the spotlight is on him. Another "guru" gone rouge? In fairness, Darryl does not deviate from Bashar's message.

Ending Thoughts
Of course, Bashar doesn't stop at self-transformation. He talks about other 'woowoo' stuff like alien life, indigo (crystal) kids, unlimited energy, non-linear time, etc. Do I believe them all? Let's put it this way. Everything he has said so far that I could verify is true. So, I will have to consider those 'out there' stuff as noteworthy of pondering. Why is this? To disbelieve him is to believe the mainstream (as controlled by very powerful and influential entities or groups) version that there are no UFOs, no alien life, etc. But these are the same entities who have lied to us all these years - Gulf of Tonkin incident (that never took place) that started the Vietnam War, weapons of mass destruction (that were never found) to start the invasion of Iraq, Building 7 (collapsed without being hit by a plane on 9/11). Moreover, as of this writing, the Pentagon officially came out that UFOs really exist, and they are corroborated by high ranking military officials with videos, audio and pictures. So, this is another admission that the mainstream lied to us - they simply cannot be trusted. Going back to Bashar. Yes, until proven to be false, I would consider his message as noteworthy and warrants consideration.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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