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Mantak Chia: Multiple Orgasm Guru May 17, 2020

Mantak Chia
Multiple Orgasm Guru

"sexual energy is a very powerful healing energy"

My personal comments in RED.

Mantak Chia (MC)
Mantak Chia is essentially a qigong master. But I can't blame him for marketing himself as a multiple-orgasm guru. Hey, SEX sells, and you're not exactly lying or even exaggerating. BKS Iyengar admitted in a candid interview that he did the same thing to market his yoga when he was still an impoverished yoga teacher. But to limit Mantak as a sex teacher is to short-change him. He is a wealth of practical knowledge and know-how.

73 years old and still looks like 50, Mantak Chia has been teaching qigong (prana in yoga) for 4 decades now but he's better known as the sexual guru. For guys, it's about knowing how to reach orgasm multiple times without ejaculating, and using that pent-up energy to heal the body! He said we harness qigong from outside (unlimited but unaligned electromagnetic energy), align it with ours (aligned bio-electromagnetic energy). Once we align the energy, it follows us. We can then use it for our purpose - this is the essence of qigong. How do we align this outside energy? By regulating the breath (or pranayama, in yogic parlance), visualization and feeling positive energies. (I find this interesting because since I experienced the Superman-Effect from a pranayama overdose, I have always wondered where that extra energy came from. I looked it up until I came upon Yoga Makaranda by Tirumalai Krishnamacharia that said we are all born with a finite amount of qigong. We don't get it from the air we breathe in pranayama, but simply activate it within ourselves. Although plausible, it somehow didn't nail it for me. The energy was so powerful, almost coming from an inexhaustible source. How could all that come from just me, when my prana is limited to begin with. Mantak Chia's explanation makes more sense to me. Also, that's how I felt about it - that by doing pranayama, I was able to harness energy from outside and fuse it with my own for that Superman-effect.)

Mantak Chia: Multiple Orgasm Guru
Mantak Chia interview on London Real with Brian Rose

Successful People
MC said that successful people are the ones who manage to focus and concentrate their energy for a desired outcome - unsuccessful people may have the same energy but unfocused and not concentrated.

The Gut
Human energy is stored in the gut (not in the brain, not in the heart). The digestive system is a powerful and multi-functional organ. It digests food, absorbs nutrients and eliminates waste. That's a lot of work for one organ. The digestive system is structured like a battery with alternating + - + - + - energy (aligned with positive and negative) to store energy. Humans are living batteries that can be charged to store energy. And when energy is stored here, you won't get sick. (This is powerful! I was not aware that the gut is the storage silo of human energy. We can actually top-up our energy reserves (like depositing money in a bank) and use it when we need it (like when there is a pandemic). I'd been taking care of my gut since I heard that all diseases start from the gut and simply find its way throughout the body. As such, on a daily basis, I would drink 1.2 liters of structured water with sea salt and juice of one lime first thing in the morning and then do my yogic nauli shatkriya (stomach-churning). In fairness, my elimination has been optimized (3 meals/day means 3 visits to the toilet/day) and I hardly ever get sick, no medication or even supplements whatsoever, no diet restriction, and I sometimes feel the strength of a raging locomotive [like doing a 2-knuckle handstand]handstand)

Emotional Storage Space
More than just an energy storage, the gut also stores emotions - positive and negative. The liver stores anger, envy, and frustration. When you get angry, the liver takes that anger and stores it. Fear is stored in the kidney. The heart stores love, hatred, compassion, etc. When garbage accumulated in these organs is not cleaned out first, you can't clean up the mind. (Some energetic healers even contend that when there is too much garbage in the liver and kidney, stones begin to form and adversely affect health.)

Second Brain
The gut is composed of several organs - stomach, pancreas, liver, spleen, gall bladder, small and large intestine. Like a symphony, they need to be orchestrated. Who does this? MC says the body has a second brain in the gut that synchronizes all activities. This area needs to be kept warm. (Keeping the gut warm has been expressed in several texts, mostly worded that you shouldn't drink cold water. Or that levels of enlightenment are checked by the temperature of the food and water ingested.)

MC says it's ok to feel anger as long as it's not too much and balanced with love - balance is the operative word. Love as much as you hate - there is balance. But extreme hatred he says, is an all-consuming negativity that overrides all. It's hard to balance extreme hate with anything, so it's best avoided at all cost.

It's interesting that "keeping your balance" comes up in nearly all disciplines, but worded differently.

  1. yoga asana - in yoga asana, you keep your balance by doing the counterpose
  2. Bashar - Bashar says that everything in reality is neutral - it's the value we put into it that gives it meaning. But by being aware things are neutral, we maintain our balance
  3. meditation - in meditation, we observe the habit pattern of the mind with no reaction. By doing that, the movies we play in our minds about pain from the past or worries about the future, no longer affect us. Thus, we keep the balance of our mind
  4. Sivananda - this is the paradigm that works best for me and allows me to remain calm and non-judgemental even if there is an asshole that's annoying the hell out of me.

    The teaching says that everyone is given a role to play in life (essentially, a karmic pre-disposition). So, if a guy is behaving like an asshole, he's not necessarily bad - he's just playing the role he was given to play - so look at him as a fellow actor. Like it or not, we're also playing a role - different roles to different people. Same thing with Immigration people who detained me for not having an onward flight - they're not bad people. Just people doing their jobs. By keeping this perspective, I maintain your balance.

    I would like to take this one step further. It means whatever my behavior is, is also the role I'm playing out - so I'm really no different from that asshole. But does that doom me from being locked into a template? No! With awareness, I can modify my behavior so I don't have to auto-pilot mindlessly. But doing that, I'm exercising free will and seeing exercisable options that are available to me. In fact, the only time we can exercise free will is by being aware and mindful. Without the awareness, everything we do is an auto-pilot response. If I transcend my usual behavior into one that is more positive or spiritual, then I am evolving as a human being.

Chi Flow
MC demonstrated a few breathing exercises to enhance chi flow. One was moving chi from the sacrum to the cranium. He claims that we have 7 pumps in our bodies. One is located on the sacrum - thus if we sit too long, the pump stops working. That's when we begin to feel getting tired too easily. (I completely agree with this. I'm on my laptop for the most part of the day, sitting down. There are days when I am unexplainably tired even while I'm at rest. Now, I put a timer to alarm every 10 minutes. It's my reminder to stand up and walk a bit before sitting down again.)

MC also claims that 2/3 of our fluid is in the gut. If this fluid stays stuck, then sickness arises. He breaks down the tummy into 3 sections and conducts breathing techniques to make the chi flow. 4 sets of 9 reps for each section (as you keep smiling) - hard but slow squeeze. This optimizes digestion, absorption and elimination. (This concept is practically the same as moving prana vayu.) At night, MC suggests relaxation and feel the warmth and chi in the system. First, it's focusing on the presence of the chi. In later stages, he suggested moving the chi - and blood follows.

Inner Smile
Mantak emphasized the inner smile - turning focus inward and smiling at every organ in the body, feeling love, caring and gratitude for all the work they do - one organ at a time.

Sexual Energy: Arousal, Orgasm, Love and Compassion
Without these 4 components, there is no practice. But when they are all combined, the DNA splits and multiplies under the right condition - this is growth and increased health.

Male ExercisesTo develop sexual proficiency, just like anything in life, it needs practice. Repeated and regular practice makes perfect.

  1. sharpening the knife - soak a towel with hot water, wring it dry and if warm enough, cover the penis to warm it up and stimulate blood flow. Rub oil on the hands, pull the skin of the penis towards the base to make it taut, then stroke the penis from the base to the tip. Do this daily 50 times for each side - left, right, top, bottom. This desensitizes the penis and gives you more control (of not coming too soon).
  2. contracting the prostate gland - while pissing, try stopping the pee in mid-stream. This is how you contract the prostate gland and discern the difference between contracting the perineum (Mula Bandha), contracting the anus and contracting the prostate gland. Do this 300x/day, every day until you gain mastery (of being able to do this instead of ejaculating). When you contract the prostate, you should feel energy activated to the head because the prostate gland is the g-spot for males. Massage the testicles after doing this - at this point, the hand already generated a lot of energy and you pass it on to the testicles.
  3. penis pulling - similar to the Lion's Breath Pranayama, stick your tongue out and lengthen on the exhale while pulling your penis and testicles down. When the lungs are empty, pull the tummy (Uddiyana Bandha).

The vagina, especially after child-birth, becomes loose. This also means energy is escaping - like an open door during winter, a lot of heat is lost. Lost energy on the part of the woman means accelerated ageing - more wrinkles on the face, feeling tired too easily, everything begins to sag, etc. MC advocates the jade egg exercise - women put this inside their vaginas and practice squeezing on it. This tightens the vagina walls and seal-in the energy. The woman stays young, looks young and feels young. (The concept here is similar to the practice of bandha in yoga. Bandha is an energy lock and retains the energy within. There are 9 bandhas in yoga, the 3 most popular are Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Jalandhara Bandha.)

Female Orgasm: the 3 Gates
Before you even enter a woman, three gates need to be opened first in chronological order - and they all take work.

  1. clitoral ejaculation - although diminutive in size, the clit is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire pelvic area is a sexual organ. Use finger and tongue for this (not your penis). The longer the tongue, the better (see exercise). Make sure this gate opens by giving her clitoral ejaculation. If this gate doesn't open, the 2nd gate (below) will not open. The energy from this orgasm (or any other orgasm) can be pushed-up to heal specific organs.
  2. g-spot (mysterious gate) - it's on the prostate of the woman located just above the vaginal wall. The way to stimulate this is to use the middle and index fingers, put them inside and slightly bend them as you pull them out, the tips of the fingers slightly rubbing the upper wall of the vagina. There is a specific spot (G-spot) for this, and this spot changes - it's like looking for an Easter Egg. Don't use the tongue or penis because it needs a curved instrument to rub the upper wall.
  3. cervical side-wall (uterus orgasm) - when the 2 gates are open, this third gate opens up. If the man goes-in the wrong way, he hits the cervix which creates pain and infection to the woman. The man has to lie down and let the woman go on top and do the work (pelvic thrusting and grinding). The uterus goes lower, right smack on the head of the penis and releases energy that goes up the brain. The uterus contracts during this orgasm and squeezes the man's penis. The man now feels he died and went straight to heaven! Also, uterus contraction keeps the reproductive organs tight and functional for extended years. Orgasm here leads to much less incidence of uterus and breast cancer, but 85% of women never experience this. The way to develop uterus contraction for women is to pinch their nipples hard (like a baby sucking milk out of it) until the uterus contracts in unison - repeat the contraction 300x/day!
  4. Go back to Gate 1 (clitoral orgasm) and repeat the process all over again. Sex should last more than an hour.

Orgasm for Healing
Along this process, there will be multiple orgasms (without ejaculation), and on every orgasm, the energy can be moved to different organs in the body to heal and increase efficiency. This is how sexual energy is used to heal the body.

Ending Thoughts
The rule of this game is "ladies first". So guys, be patient and giving - sacrifice your irrepressible urge for the greater good and glory of multiple orgasms. Maybe it's best to keep the paradigm, "this is not about me, it's about her". I know, easier said than done. I'd be the first one to plead guilty.

What Mantak Chia is saying is not so different from so many modalities I've already tried - yoga, meditation, pranayama, bandha, visualization, etc. But he narrows down the focus on something specific - sexual orgasm and healing. Now, I could see how a sultan can service his 600 concubines, 20 wives and the queen. Before, I thought it wasn't humanly possible. Now it's within reach. Let's face it. Mantak Chia's sex lessons are very powerful. Kings have abdicated and empires imploded over sex. Wouldn't it be grand to have mastery of it?

Even though this video is only 2 hours long, I took it as a workshop - doing the exercises (whenever possible), stopping my pee in mid-stream, doing the breathwork, playing the video from start again, etc. So it took me 4 days to finish this blog. Does it work? I don't know. I'd been alone since the lockdown 🙂.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Watch the Video: Jun 4, 2017: 46:05 mins
Mantak Chia: Sexual Healing: The Multi Orgasmic Man

Reader Comments:

Izak Raphael GreywolfIzak New Zealand
(May 18, 2020) I've been practicing Mantak Chia's techniques for more than 10 years. Do you remember the technique I tried to teach you on Harold's rooftop? That was Mantak. His techniques are the best out. Practical, ancient, and effective. Especially the multiple orgasms 🙂

(May 18, 2020) Ha-ha, the wildest parties in Dumaguete were happening on Harold's roof deck. Those episodes are just a blur now. But the teachings of Mantak are also validated by what I know now about yoga, pranayama, bandha, and kumbhaka, among others. It's not surprising that he's still around after teaching this for 4 decadeshandstand

Izak Raphael GreywolfIzak Raphael Greywolf
(May 18, 2020) Yea, Harold's was the place to be for sure. Now it looks like a jungle of edible organic herbs! He's done it up real nice. Master Chia's books claim that the knowledge was passed down secretly for thousands of years (10,000!). I would guess that all these energy-work systems came from a common source in our distant past. Good stuff stands the test of time!

Greg HutchinsonOutback Greg Australia
Tribal Adventures
(May 18, 2020) I'm really impressed, Gigit. I was extra interested to read about the gut, which unduly takes a backseat. Thank you. Stay well!

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