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Covid 19 and the Conspiracies Mar - Apr, 2020

Covid 19 and the Conspiracies

Location Google Map: Nong Khai, Thailand

Covid 19 Update
As the world is gripped by Covid 19, international borders were locked-down. People were quarantined. The army patrolled the streets. No one is using the word, but this is Martial Law. Thailand issued a nationwide lock-down effective Mar 26. Curfew was imposed. Malls and markets were closed down, except for those selling food and essential goods. People were discouraged from going to public gathering places. Practically everyone wears a mask and you can be denied entry to pharmacies or even fresh markets without one. There has been a mass exodus of locals out of Bangkok back to their hometowns. Nong Khai keeps steady and calm despite the global panic. Tourism is dead. Hotels and restaurants are empty. The only foreigners you see about town are the resident expats - mostly retired guys with Thai girlfriends. But even for them, it's tough as all bars have closed down. Here at Mut Mee Guest House, the hotel officially closed down but the few remaining guests were allowed to continue their stay. We were advised to keep social distancing between guests and avoid the food stalls by the hospital.

Who Gets Hit?
Young and healthy people who contracted the virus experience a bout of flu symptoms, but recovered - they don't die, but by going through the ordeal, they develop the immunity from the virus. The glaring exception to these are the caregivers who are on the frontlines. It's understandable. Analogy: if you are healthy, you can survive a few stings of the dreaded African Bee. But if you are inundated by stings from the entire colony, you don't stand a chance. That's how it is for the frontliners - bless them for their service to humanity. Super healthy people contract the virus but show no symptoms. They develop immunity to it even though they were unaware they got it. Of course, they were still liable to pass it on to others - thus physical distancing remains a must for them. Moral of this narrative? Just stay healthy. Develop healthy habits - eat right, sleep right and think right. You want a competitive edge? Pranayama!

This might sound callous, but while I am strong, I would rather contract the virus now and develop immunity to it so that when the next wave hits, I'm already safe. And this is how humanity has survived the plagues of the past and continued as a species anyway.

Covid 19 and the Conspiracies
David Icke, 5G, vaccination, pangolin

Surrounding Conspiracy Theories
Because of its global magnitude, everybody is talking about Covid 19. Conspiracy theories abound. There are many, to wit:

  1. 5G - this theory is very popular now especially after Youtube shut down the London Real interview with David Icke. It is proposed that 5G is a very strong electromagnetic wave that poisons the cell - very much like how microwave and x-ray poison the cell. For its survival, the cell secretes this poison - thus a virus is created and can propagate. A virus is not a living organism - so you can't kill it. It's a poisoned protein/solvent that can attach itself to healthy cells.

    I met an Israeli who is very sensitive to electromagnetic waves and whose life is being debilitated by it. He even left Israel because there were too many G5 transmitters installed like a matrix. Experts had been warning us that G5 is hazardous to our health - long before the Covid came out.
  2. Prerequisite to a Mandatory Global Vaccination Program to De-Populate the World - this ties-up with David Icke's allegation of a conspiracy. While this may sound like a stretch, it makes sense given the aggressive campaign by Bill Gates for a mandatory global vaccination program. From out of nowhere, from being the Microsoft guy, Bill Gates is now the virus/vaccination expert spearheading the World Health Organization on this initiative. Him, together with Henry Kissinger are both outspoken in their narrative to depopulate the world. They use the word "global depopulation" when what they mean is "third world depopulation". Of course, they are just the spokesmen for a much bigger, faceless and nameless elite cartel. This leaves me asking, "What the heck is in that vaccine? Something to sterilize the population? Something that will cause an early death?" It all ties up according to their eugenics mandate.

    If this conspiracy is true, it is the most alarming. Why? Because it means the Covid 19 virus was developed and designed for a global pandemic to warrrant the forced vaccination. What's in the vaccine? That's a carte-blanche as you could put many things there. Aside from a genocidal drug to depopulate the third world, nano-chip can be inside which can track you and control you. In the late 1990s, long before anyone heard the word nano, the CIA was already using using nano technology. Once that vaccine is injected in you and in everyone else across the globe, I'm afraid it's GAME OVER - they have essentially won and we are now modern day slaves at their mercy.

    Only a very powerful group purveying a New World Order can orchestrate this heist at this scale and magnitude.
  3. Developed and Unleashed by the Chinese - the virus began in Wuhan's wildlife market, near the research site where biological research and development are ongoing. Studies showed that the Covid 19 strain had exactly the same amino acid as the SARS strain - which means the Covid 19 did not come from nature, but was developed in a laboratory.

    Why would the Chinese do this? This is my speculation. The Chinese are hell bent on dominating the world. But the US will not allow that, and the US has a stronger military. So, how do you defeat a more superior country? Unleash a debilitating virus to weaken the enemy. Of course, it goes without saying, that before unleashing the virus, the Chinese already has the vaccine. This became obvious when Xi Jinping visited Wuhan, ground-zero for the outbreak, wearing only a mask, while healthcare frontliners all over the world wear full body protection from head to foot.
  4. Biological Weapon - a reputable doctor remarked that the damage on the human lungs does not resemble that of any known virus. The lungs were starved of oxygen. Analogy: from sea level, you were brought up quickly to the summit of Mount Everest with no acclimatization (for perspective, the summit is as high as the cruising altitude of a 747 plane where cabins are pressurized).

    What does this mean? It means the pandemic is not caused by a virus but made to look like a virus. It also means it is man-made and designed to be used as a biological weapon.
  5. Brought by the US Army to Wuhan - only the Chinese make this claim and only as an aftermath after Trump called the virus, the Chinese Virus. This is perhaps the least credible. If the Chinese really believed this to be the case, they would have aggressively launched a global campaign to make this known. But they didn't and even quietly retracted the claim.
  6. Bat / Pangolin - this was the initial explanation but somehow drowned by the latest theories. China's wildlife trade continues unabatedly despite causing the SARS outbreak that devastated the globe in 2002-2004 with confirmed 8,096 deaths. Accordingly, wildlife is stacked-up vertically in Wuhan's wildlife market. The droppings from one sick species to the next cause the cross-species transfer of the virus. Chinese people eat these wildlife and get infected. They travel like most Chinese nowadays, and that's how the virus propagates globally.


Mainstream Media Overkill
I know it's serious and people have died. But those who died were old people in their 70s who had compromised immune systems to begin with. Why not just keep them protected and isolated from the outside world without disrupting the lives of everyone on the planet? Already, borders have closed, schools have been canceled, businesses have shut down, countries are on lockdowns and people are practically on house arrest. The mainstream media are pouring gasoline into the mayhem by casting fear and panic. When the mainstream media goes all-out to sell something, that's my cue that there is an underlying agenda. It's an overkill. The public has shown no resistance nor exercised critical thinking. At this point, they will even beg to be vaccinated. And I could almost be sure that the vaccine was already developed even before this outbreak began. It's all playing out like a script. This all seems like a dress rehearsal to size-up public compliance for a "Phase II". This is too Orwellian towards a global new order - call me a conspiracy theorist, but the seemingly unrelated events all point out to the desired outcome of global control.

David Icke
Most of the conspiracy theories are plausible. But from all the arguments presented, I find David Icke to be the most compelling. He was publicly ridiculed on national tv when he came out with this conspiracy theory 30 years ago. He was a laughing stock and widely regarded a cuckoo. But what he has been saying for the last 3 decades is playing now like a script. His dire warnings are now prophetic. Today, people come out in droves to fill stadiums just to hear what he has to say. He has become so influential now that Youtube even pulled down his interview by Brian Rose. To those who still dismiss him, he is in his full right to say, "I told you so! You had been warned."

Elite Cartel
Equally important, who are the ones branding him a cuckoo? These are the same guys representing the elite cartel. They invaded Vietnam over the Gulf of Tonkin incident (the incident never happened). These are the guys who invaded Iraq on their claim of WMD (which were never found). These are the same guys who collapsed Building 7 in a controlled demolition (never hit by a plane).

The very words "conspiracy theorist" was coined none other than the CIA to discredit its detractors. I am of the opinion that those who still believe that their governments are acting on their best interest are grossly naive. The elite cartel has corrupted governments - it doesn't matter if the president is Democrat or Republican, doesn't matter who makes the law. Just look around - "too big to fail", corporate bailouts, ancient civilizations bombed out of the map in the pretext of freedom and democracy. A high school dropout would see through that.

Orwellian Order
If this is a calibrated move towards an Orwellian world order, then I guess the public has shown complicity to validate the 'next step', whatever that may be. In the end, I think the Chinese system of a no cash society will be globally adopted where people who toe the line are given social credits - they would be essentially pushed out of the grid or become social outcasts if they do not comply. Refuse to be vaccinated or refuse the chip implant, and that's where you end up. You have the digital card but no establishment will accept you. Where do you buy food, clothing and pay for shelter?

Do the Work
I don't feel the need to do a play-by-play of how these things reveal a dire picture. I'll give you a set of links that are either fact-based or simply too compelling to ignore. But don't stop there. Look around. The word is already out there to anyone who wants to know more. There's a glut of conflicting versions out there and it's hard to discern which broadcast is deceptive propaganda, which are fraudulent studies, and which are psychological operations. But be informed and make an intelligent conclusion on your own. Don't let mainstream media make that decision for you.

  1. David Icke Interview by Brian Rose on London Real
  2. David Gates / Henry Kissinger on Global De-Population
  3. Brian Rose on Freedom of Speech
  4. Dr.Shiva on Citizen Science, WHO, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, etc.
  5. The Big Club by George Carlin

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Reader Comments:

Rimu AtkinsonRimu New Zealand
(Apr 13, 2020) David Icke visited a psychic who he said told him he had been placed on earth for a purpose and would begin to receive messages from the spirit world. These events led him to announce the following year that he was a 'Son of the Godhead' and that the world would soon be devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes, a prediction he repeated on the BBC's primetime show Wogan. The show turned him from a respected household name into the subject of widespread public ridicule.

(Apr 13, 2020) What happened to him 30 years ago is a matter of public record. But what he has been saying for the last 30 years has been unraveling like a script. Forget about David Icke. It doesn't matter if the tooth fairy is delivering the message - it's prophetic and a call for a reawakening. You don't see it because you are stuck from 30 years ago. Stay there if that is your choice. Subscribe to 5G and get the vaccine. No one is stopping you from making those choices.

(Apr 13, 2020) There is no 5G in my town and no vaccine.

>>What he has been saying for the last 30 years has been unraveling like a script.<< Even the part about the reptile robots?

(Apr 13, 2020) I don't believe everything he says. But David is a smart guy - that can be discerned from his interviews. And he publicly states that his arguments will be more believable, more compelling and more persuasive if he would only shut up about his reptilian claim. But he doesn't because it's part and parcel of the big picture. People who have something to say but afraid to come out go to him. And he ties up the pieces together to see the big picture. I will stop at saying he knows much more than we do.

Alright. I've already spent enough time with you and your heckling. Until you make the effort to know the arguments on the other side (which you flatly refuse), you're just a heckler. Enjoy your 5G and when it rolls out, enjoy the vaccine.

Daniel IckertDaniel Germany
Genuine Human
(Apr 12, 2020) Thanks for sharing this important information!

Nicola SymonsNicola South Africa
Nix Dawn Yoga
(Apr 12, 2020) Thank you Lone Rider for this article on the Covid 19 and Conspiracies.

Tom MiniusTom USA
The Meditator who Cried Foul!
(Apr 11, 2020) Inspiring and eye opening interview on London Real! One more proof that nothing is as it seems. We as present being have the duty to stand up and bring conscious energy to this world as long as we live. Namaste

ReAnne GamboaReAnne Philippines
(Apr 11, 2020) Agree! I also follow Jason Christoff.

Ace RevilAce Philippines
(Apr 11, 2020) Kuya Git, I also saw David Icke's video about the extraterrestrial race reptilian intervening in our worldly affairs. I believed extraterrestrials after I saw unacknowledge on netflix.

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