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Yoga Journal

My Jun Yoga Practice: a Journal Jun 1-30, 2023

My Jun Yoga Practice: a Journal

Location Google Map: Lazi, Siquijor Island, Philippines

Juggling Yoga

  1. Hatha Yoga Pradipika - June should be focused on Chapter 4, Samadhi. I will continue to sync my HYP with Hemi-Sync so the 2 of them progress together. There should be synergy in that.
  2. Personal practice - I thought I would OBE in May through repeated sessions in my daily practice. But it didn't happen. Even so, it made me proficient in my meditation. This doesn't dampen my resolve. I will continue my daily progression in Hemi-Sync until I finish the program.

    Where I am now, the perfect yoga session would be (3 elements should always be there):

    1. Asana - a Bryan Kest Power Yoga video 1, 2 or 3 + Headstand
    2. Pranayama - I now develop Kriyas that incorporate Pranayama, Kumbhaka, Bandha, Mudra and Asana. It could be Maha Vedha Kriya, Mandukasana kriya or Wim Hof kriya. This list will grow. I find this approach to be more powerful than a stand-alone Pranayama
    3. Meditation - Hemi-Sync

    My Jun Yoga Practice: a Journal
    Headstand (Sirsasana) as my mandatory mudra. Headstand aids in Vajroli mudra, neutralizes the cummulative effect of gravity on the body, activates Sahasrara chakra, reduces inflamation (hemorrhoids, varicose veins and hernia), redirects Bindu back up, promotes youth (gray hair turns black, wrinkles go away) and vitality.

    June 1, 2023 - Thursday

    Today, my eyes were badly strained that I saw sparkling periphery. I closed my lapton for the day.

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    I should begin Chapter 4, Samadhi this June

    Personal practice
    Forging ahead with Hemi-Sync together with my overall yoga practice, developing more Kriyas but my eyes needed rest, so all reading and laptop work had to stop.

    6:30 am / bed, Siddhasana
    Wave 4 Track 6: NVC 3 (Non Verbal Communication 3)
    Same as the other NVC but this time, you send messages and perceive messages that are non-verbal. You emote the feelings of "eager, hello, goodbye, I'm leaving"

    First thing in the morning and my mind was fully awake and sharp. I sent out 'eager', 'hello', 'I'm open' and visualized new teeth, black hair, youth, fresh eyes. No OBE, no 'messages' received.

    5:30 pm / seawall, Siddhasana
    Trataka, terrace through the hole, no tears, but when I closed my eyes (30 mns?), tears flowed on both eyes. This was a great refresher for my tired and weary eyes.

    Wave 4 Track 6: NVC 3 (Non Verbal Communication 3), went through all the motion, but no messages, no OBE

    8:30 pm / seawall, Siddhasana
    Wave 4 Track 6: NVC 3 (Non Verbal Communication 3), went through all the motion, but no messages, no OBE

    10:00 pm / bed, Siddhasana
    Wave 4 Track 6: NVC 3 (Non Verbal Communication 3), 4th and last for the day, went through all the motion, drifting in and out, but got on track when Monroe spoke. But no messages, no OBE

    June 2, 2023 - Friday

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Have to be careful with my eyes, so no reading yet.

    Personal practice
    Pursuing my practice but being careful of my eyes (no reading, minimal laptop)

    7:30 am / bed, Siddhasana
    Wave 5 Track 1: Advanced Focus 12
    I reinforced my previous physique patterning - youth, black hair, new teeth, sharp nose, strong physique, no hernia, no vertigo, fresh sharp eyes. For place patterning, I was on my yoga ashram overlooking the ocean, lots of shady trees, and a water spring source. I tried going to Mars to see the 'face', but no OBE, no messages from beyond.

    8:30 am, roofdeck, Siddhasana

    Big3M (Maha mudra, Maha bandha, Maha vedha), Wim Hof, Mandukasana

    Wave 5 Track 1: Advanced Focus 12
    (June 2, 2023, 10:30 am, roofdeck, Siddhasana) exact simulation of the above, exact same result.
    Trataka, 20 mins, right eye lots of tears, left eye moist, syncing with OM audio

    10 pm, bed, lying down
    HS, Wave 5, Track 1, and then I continued with the 'extended' Hemi-Sync until I fell asleep. I woke up with my ear hurting for having the earphone there the whole time.

    June 3, 2023 - Saturday

    Personal practice
    Easy on my eyes

    6 am / bed, lying down
    HS, Wave 5, Track 2, intuition. I evoked the NVC feeling of intuition to make it more familiar and accessible.

    Shatkriya: tears

    I made futile attempts to practice, but I was off. I stopped trying.

    June 4, 2023 - Sunday

    Personal practice
    My eyes are still weary. I should do Trataka today and everyday. Also Headstand. They should be my daily yoga staple together with Hemi-Sync. Today is Wave 5, Track 3. What I had been doing is instead of going back to Focus 10 (from Focus 12), I switch the audio to the extended HS with no narrator. This way, I can prolong my session, if I'm still in the mood for it.

    June 5, 2023 - Monday

    From Focus 12, we were taken to Focus 15 as we free ourselves from the constraints of time. We are now boundless and free to roam past and future. I went through the motion - visualization, feeling it, etc., but no OBE and no realization. Frustrated, I listened to other non-Hemi-Sync audio for Astral Travel. Some were guided meditation, some were guided with binaural beats, but I stayed where I am.

    June 6, 2023 - Tuesday

    In Focus 15, free from time, you attempt to create and manifest - up to you how you want it, but best if you use the previous NVC lessons. Again, I defaulted to my basic patterning to manifest youth, new teeth, fresh eyes, black hair. Additionally, I tried to go to Mars to look at the face. I'm supposed to be on the advanced stages of the Hemi-Sync program where I transcend the limits of space and time. But still, I haven't managed any OBE or even the 'trembling' that precedes it. It's been over 5 weeks of daily practice with no results. I'm wondering now if I should continue. But there are only a few days left before the program is over, so I'll go through it.

    June 7, 2023 - Wednesday

    Personal practice

    I have this increasing concern that I'm not doing as much Asana as I can. Asana keeps me strong.

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Finished reviewing and writing my Ending Thoughts on Chapter 3. Tomorrow, I start on Chapter 4, Samadhi.

    Wave 5, Track 6, Focus 15, Siddhasana. Exploring the source of intuition and our true essence. I've done 2 sessions today 8 am and 8 pm. Nothing remarkable.

    8 am / roofdeck
    Asana + Pranayama:
    Headstand, Big3M, Mandukasana kriya, Wim Hof kriya, Leg raise

    June 8, 2023 - Thursday

    To restore my strength back through Asana, Trataka until my eyes become refreshed again

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Began Samadhi, Chapter 4 and finished V7 - Samadhi is attained when the mind gains a single focus, Samadhi opens one to a limitless array of perceptions (not just 5), Samadhi is attained when Shakti unites with Shiva (when Kundalini energy goes up the Sahasrara and unites with consciousness).

    Wave 6 Track 1 on Focus 12, Energy Body

    (Jun 8, 2023, 3/8 pm). You feel your energy body within the physical. You extend your non-physical hands to hold something close to you. I tried holding my dive mask and thermot bottle. No OBE.

    Personal practice
    8 am / roof deck
    Bryan Kest 2

    Asana + Pranayama:
    1 min Headstand > Big3M Kriya > 2 min Headstand > Mandukasana kriya > 3 min Headstand > Wim Hof kriya

    Meditation / Shatkriya:
    Trataka, OM chanting, Antara kumbhaka, 20 mins, moist eyes (no tears)

    June 9, 2023 - Friday

    I just did Kunjal kriya in the wee hours and my throat is still hurting and my stomach is still tender. I will fast today, not sure if I can continue my practice.

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Covered V 8-12, Shoonya, Samskaras, Vasana, Karma

    Wave 6, Track 2 at Focus 12, floating the energy body but staying close to the physical body.

    (1 am, roof deck, Siddhasana / 4:30 pm, Siddhasana, terrace) It was a good feel and visualization but no OBE.

    June 10, 2023 - Saturday

    Now that my tummy has settled down, I can resume normal practice.

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Completed V10-20 - Shoonya, karma forgiveness, freewill through spiritual evolution, yuga ages, quieting the mind to steady prana, Kundalini rising to Brahmarandhra...and returning to Muladhara, and Manonmani.

    4:30 am / bed, Siddhasana
    Wave 6, Track 2 at Focus 12. I should have done the Track 3, but I feel Track 2 is important for the 'lift'. It's good visualization but no lift.

    June 11, 2023 - Sunday

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Mercury (V26-27)

    Wave 6 Track 3 at Focus 12

    Personal practice
    6 am / roof deck
    Bryan Kest 3

    Asana + Pranayama:
    interspersed headstand (1, 2, 3 mins), Mandukasana, Big3M,

    Trataka, tears

    June 12, 2023 - Monday

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Laya (28-31): Absorption

    Wave 6 Track 4: Non Physical Friends (Guides)

    June 13, 2023 - Tuesday

    Wave 6 Track 4. Made a few sessions.

    Personal practice
    6 am / roofdeck
    Bryan Kest 3

    Asana + Pranayama:
    Headstand, Mandukasana, Big3M

    6 pm / seawall
    Stretching, L-Sit, Headstand, Big3M, Mandukasana. I had to leave prematurely as the 'gamo gamo' started swarming

    June 14, 2023 - Wednesday

    Wave 6 Track 5. From Focus 12, I was taken to Focus 21 (other energy systems) and into Locale 2 (beyond physical reality). I guess it is their intention to be ambiguous on the details so as not to pre-empt expectations. I just went through the motion...nothing remarkable happened.

    Personal practice
    Trataka (35 mins w/ tears) + Sambhavi (10 mins). An AHA Moment happened while during Trataka. I'll write more about it in length with a name I coined for the technique: Mirage Trataka.

    June 16, 2023 - Friday

    My eyes are still badly strained and I can't do much reading or writing. But I need to practice Trataka regularly to restore my eyes' health.

    Wave 7 Track 1. This takes you to Focus 21 (other realms or systems of reality) where you communicate with your 'Inner Self' and ask it probing questions about your purpose, how many lives you've lived, what your latest life was and what you can do to achieve your purpose.

    Since I just woke up, I was very clear and lucid. It was a good focused session, introspecting into the 'self'. No OBE though.

    June 21, 2023 - Wednesday

    Concerned about gaining weight with strained eyes

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    V34-42, Laya, Sambhavi, Lingam, Khechari

    Indulged in Sri M

    June 22, 2023 - Thursday

    Personal practice
    7 am / roofdeck
    My eyes are badly strained still. Trataka, right eye tear, one hour. Sambhava, 10 mins.

    5:30 pm / roofdeck
    Bicycle, Leg raises, Headstand,

    Mandukasana, Maha vedha

    9:30 pm / bed

    June 23, 2023 - Friday

    Personal practice
    7 am / roof deck
    Headstand, Maha vedha

    Trataka, right eye tear, 25 mins | Sambhavi, 5 mins

    June 25, 2023 - Sunday

    just to resume my practice

    Sri M
    created blog and listened his audio autobiograhy

    Personal practice
    6 am / roofdeck
    Trataka, 45 mins, no tears

    8 pm / roofdeck
    freestyle yoga, headstand, seated, warriors, push ups

    1:4:2:3 Maha Mudra, Maha vedha, Wim Hof

    Trataka, 23 mins, no tears | Sambhavi mudra

    June 26, 2023 - Monday

    continue the momentum

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Khechari mudra, Ajna chakra, Yoga Nidra, Empty Mind, Kumbhaka, Amrita, Duality / Singularity, V43-59

    Sri M
    viewed Part 3

    Personal practice
    6 am / roofdeck
    Trataka, bed, tears on 2 eyes

    June 27, 2023 - Tuesday

    to continue the momentum of resuming my asana

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Mind, Nada v60-66

    6 am, lift-off of energy bubble, then pulling on the rope, no OBE

    Personal practice
    7:30 am / roofdeck
    Asana + Pranayama:
    Headstand, Maha vedha, Wim Hof, L-Sit, Maha mudra, Maha bandha, Bicycle

    Trataka, 28 mins, no tears, facing a wall (doesn't work) | Sambhavi mudra , 10 mins

    6 pm / roofdeck
    Asana + Pranayama:
    stretches, HIIT interspersed with 'Wim Hof Mandukasa'

    Trataka, no tears | Sambhava mudra

    June 28, 2023 - Wednesday

    I'm regaining my fitness back...keep the momentum

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Nada (V64-68)

    6 am, lift-off of energy bubble, pulling the rope

    Personal practice
    6 pm / seawall
    Asana + Pranayama:
    Stretching, headstand, Maha vedha, Maha Bandha (10 mins - good practice), Crunches,


    June 29, 2023 - Thursday

    keep the momentum

    Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Nada Yoga (69-76), Raja Yoga (76)

    Pulled on the rope as I woke up. Since I'm still half asleep, it's a good moment to practice OBE. I even felt a tremor, but still, no OBE

    June 30, 2023 - Friday

    Attempted Focus 21, on the edge of space and on the bridge to the other side. I lost focus somewhere. No OBE.

    Personal practice
    6:30 am / roofdeck
    Asana + Pranayama:
    XStretches, 2 rounds of: headstand, push ups, Big3M, Wim Hof/Mandukasana,

    30 mins Trataka no tears, 10 mins OM chanting

    Ending Thoughts (for June)

    1. Hatha Yoga Pradipika
      This June, I covered Chapter 4: Shiva | Shaktipat | Shoonya | 4 Yuga | Manonmani | Laya | Sambhavi | Khechari | Lingam | Ajna | Yoga Nidra | Empty Mind | Kumbhaka | Amrita | Mind | Nada | Raja Yoga (V 01-84)
    2. Hemi-Sync
      I finished the last audio file in June 19, after nearly 2 months of daily practice. I have to admit, I was disappointed at my failure. I thought I would breeze through it given my yoga practice. But no OBE...not even close. I'll still integrate Hemi-Sync in my practice from time to time, but I think I've already given it enough time and effort. Perhaps it will just spontaneously happen when I'm not too fixated on the outcome.
    3. Personal practice
      Everyday, I wake up feeling some kind of 'obligation' to do my daily practice. I try but sometimes I fall short. So far, June was about Kundalini awakening - mudra (Khechari/Nabho, Sambhavi, Maha vedha, Maha mudra), bandha (Mula, Uddiyana, Jalandhara) and meditation (Hemi Sync, Trataka), whereas in the early years, it was more Asana. I keep remembering HYP saying Asana + Pranayama for strengh and health, but for Siddhi awakening, it's mudra and bandha.

    --- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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    More on Lazi:

    Lazi Local Info
    1. Resorts - Lazi has some beach/dive resorts on its west coast - Gabayan Riviera, Lazi Beach Club, Bahura Dive Resort. However, the popular area for tourist resorts are in San Juan
    2. Transport - Lazi is the junction where the jeeps begin their clockwise route (Lazi-San Juan-Siquijor Port) or the counter clockwise route (Lazi-Maria-Larena Port). Because the jeeps are rare with about 2 to 3 trips/day only in the morning, it's practical to just have a motorcycle here in Siquijor. With its affordability (a brand new Rusi motorbike is as low as P45k), people just buy motorcycles...especially those who live up in the mountains.
    3. The Boulevard - Lazi's main draw is its seaside cobblestone promenade. When the sun goes down, people gather here for eats, drinks, open-air, harbor view and the sunset
    4. Lazi Port - Kho Shipping, the shipping line operating from Lazi Port, has stopped its service to Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran and Cebu. Passengers can go to Siquijor Port or Larena Port for boat services out of Siquijor Island

    More on Siquijor Island:

    Siquijor Island Local Info

    Jeeps - there are only 2 routes for jeeps within Siquijor Island - and they are rare. Most people have their own motorcycle transport.

    1. Siquijor Port to Lazi - last trip leaves at 3pm from station near market
    2. Lazi to Siquijor Port - jeeps depart from the Lazi Port area. 5 jeeps, the last trip at 12:30 pm. Lazi to San Juan, P50.
    3. Larena Port to Lazi - jeeps are unpredictable. As of this writing, there is only 1 jeep plying the Larena-Lazi route. This jeep leaves Larena for Lazi at 9:50am. After that, no more jeep. You'll have to take a tricycle to Siquijor Pob for jeeps going to Lazi
    4. Lazi to Larena Port - 6am (daily) and 9 am (M-Th)

    Food - these were suggested by a local to me

    1. Lechon manok & liempo - roasted pork belly and chicken at Joel's in Siquijor Poblacion. I've tried this myself...yummy, even if the chicken was no longer hot
    2. Bibingka - sweetened rice cake by Fidy's Bibingka (P30) in Sawang, Maria. I've come back for this and I buy for other people as well as 'pasalubong' - they love this
    3. Siopao - at the Rosita store near Thrifty (P25) in Siquijor Poblacion
    4. Peanut butter - by Rene. Just ask around in Siquijor Poblacion. It's popular
    5. Torta - sweet cakish bread at the Thrifty story in Siquijor Poblacion
    Siquijor Island Map
    Siquijor - Dumaguete Boat Trips (as of Jan 2023)
    1. Montenegro Lines - at Siquijor Port, P234.00/pax, P169/bicycle, 7:30am/10:00am/2:00pm/4:30pm

    2. Montenegro Lines, Siquijor to Dumaguete

    3. Aleson Shipping - at Siquijor Port, 6 am and 6 pm daily, 1:30 pm M-Sat, Regular P200.00/pax, Aircon P250.00/pax

    4. Aleson Shipping, Dumaguete to Siquijor

    5. Ocean Jet - 40 mins,at Siquijor Port, 0919.066.5964,,, 6:00am/6:00pm, P350/pax (tourist/open air), P580/pax (business class)

      Ocean Jet

    Siquijor - Tagbilaran - Cebu City Boat Trips (as of Jan 2023)

    En route to Cebu City, the ferries usually make a stop-over to Tagbilaran (Bohol) to pick-up more passengers or unload.

    1. Ocean Jet - 8:20 am, at Siquijor Port
      To Tagbilaran: P800/tourist & open air, 2 hours (arrive 10:20 am), P1200/business class
      To Cebu (Pier 1): P1600/tourist & open air, 4 hours (arrive 12:40 am), P2400/business class
    2. Lite Ferries - at Larena Port, no Senior Citizen discount for online ticket purchase
      To Tagbilaran: T-Th-Sun, 3 hours, depart 7 pm - arrive 10 pm, P475/standard (Tourist, PHP 750)
      To Cebu: T-Th-Sun, 10 hours, depart 7 pm - arrive 5 am, PHP 605/standard (Senior P484), Tourist, PHP 770
    3. Apekoptravel - at Larena Port to Tagbilaran: 1:00 pm, xxx hours, P750
      Reserve through call or text: Cleare - 0938 283 4760 | Grace - 0936 534 6564 | Jessel - 0961 759 6711, Pay via G-Cash: +63-917-880-1464, Email:, Facebook messenger: Apekoptravel. Enter your birthday and nationality to get discounts: 0 to 3 years old free, 4 to 9 years old will have 20% discount, 10 years old and above full price, Filipino Senior Citizens will also have 20% discount

    Siquijor - Plaridel Boat Trips (as of Jan 2023)
    1. Lite Ferries - at Larena Port, T-Th-Sun, 2:00 am, 5 hours, PHP?

    Siquijor - Cebu (Liloan) - Cebu City BUS Trip (as of Jan 2023)

    There is only one bus plying this route - Sugbo Urban. Tourist class coach, a/c, comfortable, Sun-Fri (these dates keep changing). P420 for bus, P275 for ferry to Liloan. Larena Port around 5 am, makes a clockwise roundtrip around Siquijor Island - Larena, Enrique Villanueva, Maria, Lazi (stops at Lazi market for breakfast and leaves 6:50 am), San Juan, Siquijor (arrives 8am, P50 from Lazi to Siquijor Poblacion) and catches the 1pm ferry at Larena Port (Sundays at 3 pm) for Liloan, Cebu and resumes its land route. Arrives Cebu City (South Bus Terminal) 10 pm.

    Sugbo Urban is the cheapest and most convenient way because it goes around the island (clockwise) along the circumferential road, passing through - Enrique Villanueva, Maria, Lazi, San Juan, Siquijor...and back to Larena where it takes the ferry at 1 pm. This saves you the hassle and high transport cost of a tricycle. Besides, it's a long trip from the other side of the island to be taking by tricycle.

    Sugbo Urban

    Sugbo Urban

    Suggested Destinations After Siquijor Island

    These are the nearest popular destinations from Siquijor by boat

    1. Bohol - Bohol is an island northeast Siquijor. Tourist attractions are Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Monkey, Loboc River Cruise, Beaches of Panglao, whale sharks (recent offering), freediving (recent offering)
    2. Cebu - Cebu City is the usual gateway into the Visayas. But in Cebu Island itself, there are many offerings - Whale Sharks of Oslob, sardine run at Moalboal,Thresher Shark of Malapascua
    3. Dapitan (Zamboanga del Norte) - I haven't been there but a lot of island ferries ply this port. There must be something here.
    4. Dumaguete - Dumaguete is a small charming progressive coastal town in Negros Oriental. Cafe and restaurants line the famous Boulevard Boardwalk. Tourist attractions include Japanese Shrine, Casaroro Falls, snorkeling along the southern coastline (Dauin, Masaplod Norte, etc), Balinsasayao Twin Lakes
    5. Plaridel (Misamis Occidental, Mindanao) - I haven't been there but a lot of island ferries ply this port. There must be something here.


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