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Fun Time in Dumaguete at Harolds Mansion Sep 6-13, 2012

Fun Time in Dumaguete at Harolds Mansion

Site Update Training Seminar
After 2 luxurious days at Eden Resort, it was time to cross the Tañon Strait to Dumaguete for work and fun. I was to conduct a training seminar on website updates - this way, an organization can update their website without having to hire a web designer - pretty empowering, actually. I wasn't sure what to expect this time as I had too much on my mind - lots of kinks to iron out.

Harolds Mansion
I defaulted to the backpacker party place - Harolds Mansion. I stayed here for 3 weeks a little over a year ago - it was the best 3 weeks of my Dumaguete life. This time, there are commuter bikes for free use and the once bare roofdeck is now covered with lounge facilities and a billiard table - cool! Internet connection is much improved. They probably have the fastest internet connection of any hotel I'd been to - great move Harold (yes, there really is a Harold at Harolds Mansion)!

I couldn't visit Dumaguete without stopping by my old residence - Valencia. This municipality is just 16 minutes by jeep from Dumaguete going towards Mt. Talinis. It has a lot of charm - laid back, very fertile land, abundant with fruits and vegetables, cool climate given its elevation, and friendly people. I have many Manangs to see and say Hi to. I used to have my meals in their carinderia, have coffee and tablea at their nooks. I actually feel a greater sense of belonging from them than from the place itself.

Dauin Poblacion District 1 Marine Reserve
Despite damage to the corals brought on by the typhoon, this coral reef is still one of the best - and one of my staples. It was fab to see Mr. Grouper (a 10kg Lapu-Lapu)again. I'm glad the oversized Titan Triggerfish were not spawning. They were huge and scattered all over the reef. Still, I kept my distance. I just noticed, just 5 meters from the shore where the water is about 5 feet, a group of colorful fishes would approach you and if you don't do anything to startle them, they'll come to your hands and nibble on your fingers. I guess tourists are feeding them so they all think you have something for them. It was fun (even though I don't subscribe to feeding animals in the wild).

Mainit Marine Reserve
Because of its thermal underwater vent, visibility in this area is always poor. But that doesn't stop me. First, it has one of the best reefs system, second, the hot vents are just perfect to warm you up after a chilling snorkelling. Third, on a nearby house, there is a well with hot spring water to rinse on. That's a total package for me. Additionally, the Liquid Dumaguete dive and beach resort is just there where I can chill for a coldie on their 2nd floor cabana overlooking the pool, cottages and the beach. I know the owners - cool couple, Zoe and Tim!

Ending Thoughts
I didn't get to see most of my friends. I didn't even get to party much at Harolds - blasphemy! But I got to do all the things I set out to do in Dumaguete - pretty productive actually. I got restless. It was time for me to move on again. Next destination? Moalboal!

--- TheLoneRider

disclosure - Harolds Mansion and Liquid Dumaguete are clients, but this blog is not to pay lip-service - I never do that.

Harolds Mansion Backpacker Hotel Dumaguete      Liquid Dimaguete Dive Shop and Beach Resort

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