Restaurant Review: Neva's Pizza Thursday April 25, 2024 EDT 
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restaurant review

Neva's Pizza Apr 28, 2010

Neva's Pizza

Rating: star star star star star 5 stars (out of 5)
Food Type: pizza + pasta
Location: Hibbard Ave, corner Amigo Subdivision, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Tagline: Home of the Kuripot Pizzas
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Local Tel: 226-2580

UPDATE: (Jul 21, 2010) Neva's Pizza opens up it's fully air-conditioned 2nd floor space today providing Dumaguete's lunch crowd a comfortable venue to enjoy a sumptuous meal with. Try the Wednesday and Thursday brick-oven special - lechon de pugon!

Love at First Bite
I discovered this by chance while waiting for a prospective apartment owner who scheduled a meeting at this joint. Neva's Pizza seemed to me like an ordinary obscure neighborhood pizza biggie. I didn't think too much of the pizza but ordered one anyway since I was using their table while waiting. I was pleasantly surprised after taking the first bite. If they can make their cheapest pizza taste this good, I can't wait to try their top-of-the-line!

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Kuripot Deal
Interestingly enough, the menu had a Special (uses Mozzarella cheese) section and a Kuripot (cheap, uses Cheddar) section. I thought it would be funny to bring a date over and order the cheapest Kuripot pizza on the menu, look her in the eye and tell her she's special...LOL! Yes, that's a dare! Bring a date over and order the Hungarian Kuripot pizza at P82. He-he, can't wait to try that on Char.

Owner's Suggestion
On a serious note, I was talking to Daphne, the owner. She suggested trying the Seafood Pizza (P167) or the House Special at P222. I haven't tried any of those as of this writing, but my cross hairs are on those for my next visit.

Things that really work for this place:

  • excellent pizza - you might argue that's a given. No! I'd been to many pizza places that can't seem to get it together...soggy crust, plain lousy flavor, carton-like texture, etc. Usually, the problem is with the crust.
  • affordable price - I can mention a few pizza chains that serve decent to very good pizza...but they cost an arm and a leg - California Kitchen, Yellow Cab, Pizza Hut, Shakey's. As a bang-for-the-buck guy, exceptional value has to be there to qualify for a 5-star rating.
  • wood burning brick oven - this is where you separate the men from the boys. Unless you're using a wood burning brick oven for pizza, you're just a hobbyist. Sorry!
  • ambiant conversation-friendly piped-in music - it's rare nowadays to go to a place that actually encourages conversation by putting old-world music in the background (and not IN YOUR FACE). More often than not, there's a loud live band, cheesy elevator music or blaring rock (hey, I like rock, but not in all places). At any rate, you end up competing with the sound to make conversation. This joint plays Nora Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and similar artists of the same genre. Totally chill!
  • the pizza makers can be crowd pleasers. If asked to perform, they can toss the pizza dough high up!
    Other Stuff on the Menu:
  • if you're really hungry, you can try the rice meals - lechon de pugon, roast beef...price range from P70 - P109.
  • pasta (chicken al pesto, putanesca, etc.) - P47 to P70
  • burger sandwiches - P57 to P89
    Things They Can Improve On:
  • all their bamboo chairs need to be reinforced...they all have a forward-backward play

If you're thinking of something else while eating, and the food grabs your attention, that's saying something. Trust me, I know pizza. I used to host pizza parties at my place...and I know where all the best pizza joints in town are. I go out of my way for good pizza. And I have to say, at Neva's Pizza, they know what they're doing. I would put Neva's Pizza in the Dumaguete-Must-Try category.

--- TheLoneRider

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Neva's 042810

Reader Comments:

Missy CheahMissy Cheah
(Nov 10, 2010) You should see the Facebook post of our friend whom we brought there the day after. He's practically selling it to his friends. :)

Jovee SeeJovee See star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Nov 9, 2010) Super sulit ng Neva's Pizza! =) Ang sarap and ang mura! Suggestion ko lang, to include appetizers like soup, fries, chips in the menu so that we can eat something while waiting for the pizza to cook =)

Efren CorduraEfren Cordura star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Oct 19, 2010) Ambiance could be improved

Bing Cordura
(Oct 19, 2010) I'm not really a pizza person, but their seafood pizza is TERRIFIC!

Claire Madarang star rating star rating star rating star rating
(Jul 20, 2010) Neva's Pizza. Love their cheap and delicious big pizza from the brick oven! For a "kuripot" pizza, the taste is very good and the ingredients are generous! Thanks to TheLoneRider who welcomed us to Dumaguete and introduced Neva's to us.

(May 10, 2010) Aha... I will try this soon!

Ai Tanaka
(May 7, 2010) I didn't think I can eat delicious pizza like this in the Philippines. I had pizza in Manila and Siquijor and I couldn't find it there.

(May 4, 2010) Thank you so much for that beautiful review. Anis and I were laughing about that "date dare" part. Natawa kami kasi yung first radio ad na pinagawa at na-air namin e ganyan ang tema. May nagd-date tapos ang request pa nung girl e ang kuripot pizza ang kainin nila at nagpa take-out pa ng lima!

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Nevas Pizza

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