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Silver Surfer Mar 14, 2011

Silver Surfer

Marvel Super Hero
Silver Surfer is the first non-human to grace the Fab People section. Unlike most Marvel comic heroes, the Silver Surfer doesn't just blast his opponents into smithereens in an action packed storyline. Quite the opposite, he usually soars alone on his impregnable silver surf to the utmost reaches of the intergalactic universe consumed by his thoughts. That's right, he spends a lot of his time contemplating. He is one of but a few intellectuals to grace Marvel's hall of fame (Professor X of the X-Men comes to mind too).

Silver Surfer

Before he was the Silver Surfer, he was Norrin Radd - an implacable iconoclast in the planet Zenn-La. He was a restless soul who would always yearn for things beyond the reaches of his own reality. When the devourer of planets, Galactus, threatens Zenn-La, Norrin offers his life in the service of Galactus if the latter would spare Zenn-La. Galactus accepts and takes Norrin as his herald. Norrin is given the power cosmic, near-indestructibility and the silver surf. He was transformed into the Silver Surfer. When he defied Galactus to save earth, the Silver Surfer was banished to earth, and could not leave its confines.

Living with the Humans
On earth, he interacts more intimately with the humans and find their race too savage for its own good. As a tormented thinker, he carries humankind's foibles on his shoulders. Always wondering why humankind is so cruel against its own kind...why it does things that lead to his own destruction. That defied logic and comprehension for him. Why do they poison the air they breathe? Oftentimes, he is caught in his own melancholy.

Ending Thoughts
Ah yes...the genuine LoneRider! By reading his exploits, I seem to connect with someone cut from the same cloth. LoneRiders seem too few and far and between. By far, I find the Silver Surfer the only 3-dimensional character in the array of Marvel's super heroes. Take his super powers away and he's all human...too human for his own good, perhaps. He can easily be your pondering wanderlust - but add to that his nobility for sacrificing his cherished freedom for the greater good.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Reader Comments:

Johannes FrazierJohannes Frazier Burning Man
(Sep 7, 2006) (a comment from Burning Man....3 Years Later)
You HAVE become the silver one. Traveling lightly on a platform of your own making, like the Silver Surfer, searching for the truth that is ever before us yet calls out from beyond! I congratulate you! It's been so long, yet only a few short Universal moments ago. A thought past. All part of a very long 'day' called life. It's great to hear and read about your thoughts. In the past your email has been returned to me so I am happy that the Universe has brought you back to me.

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