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Revisiting Roxas City Dec 22-29, 2016

Revisiting Roxas City

Location Google Map: Roxas City, Capiz (province), Philippines

Van Mafia in Kalibo
Continuing my southbound journey along the east coast of Panay after Tambak, I proceeded to Roxas City. I love this place and I have fond memories of it from my last visit in Nov 2012. Getting to Roxas City from Kalibo is not easy as the white vans control the transport - call it the white van mafia. Ceres buses are not allowed. Thus everyone had to be squeezed tight inside the van - 4 people + luggage into a space for 3 people! I wonder what kind of political maneuvering they did to get away with this. As usual, it's the non-complaining public held hostage again.

Mercedes HotelMercedes Hotel
As I was boarding the jeep from the bus terminal in Roxas City to the city center, I saw this hotel right after Gaisano Market Place. It appealed to me. I got off, went to the hotel and had the chance to talk to the owner. She liked my online marketing package for the hotel and we shook hands on it. She was forward-thinking and appreciated what I could do for her. At least I didn't have to worry about a roof over my head for the holidays.

I can't ask for more. My room was big with a balcony overlooking the river. Cable channels were adequate and tv resolution was clear. I had closet space and a working table. Nice and comfortable. Location-wise, I was walking distance to Gaisano Mall and the public market. Transport access was in front of the hotel.

Revisiting Roxas City
the 'Baybay' is one of Roxas City's charming sections for beach and seaside grill

Meeting Old Friends
I checked out Facebook on who of my friends were from Roxas City. I touched base with Angel whom I met the last visit and Tin, a yogini I had a workshop with in Cebu with my teacher Veer. It was good seeing Angel again and seeing him head the SSS office of Roxas. Tin introduced me to her yoga friend, Wee. I felt at home immediately in Roxas City. In my headspace, you know you're in the right place when there is no struggle - when good things fall into place.

I conducted my first yoga class to Tin's yoga friends at the Grand Gazebo across the street from the baybay. This included Wee, her 13 year old daughter, her mother in law and Den-Den, a nutritionist. I defaulted the class to what I coined, Vipassana Yoga (like I said, I just coined the term - there is no official Vipassana Yoga), integrating the tents of Vipassana meditation and Yoga asanas. They found it refreshing. My arrival seems timely as a yoga teacher will be leaving. I resonate with this group. It adds dimension to how Roxas City unravels itself.

One of the most note-worthy experience in Roxas City is eating seafood along the Baybay (coast). It's a charming area along the beach stretching for more than a kilometer with restos and grills offering oysters, grilled fish, pork and spirits. Locals frequent this place for meals, socials and just to be by the beach. This is the most charming area of Roxas City (IMHO).

Ending Thoughts
I'm just grateful I found Mercedes Hotel to be my comfortable sanctuary as I momentarily pause my travels, collect myself and finish up all my writings for 2016 before I herald the coming year. Roxas City remains charming and special. It's big enough to allow diversity but small enough to be intimate and personal.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Google Map Roxas City, Philippines

tourist attractions in Roxas City tourist attractions
  • Cadimahan-Libotong River in Roxas City Cadimahan-Libotong River - river cruise while savoring seafood specialties
  • People's Park in Roxas City Baybay - a long stretch of beach area lined-up with restaurants serving seafood and meat dishes
  • People's Park in Roxas City People's Park - green space by the beach connected to Baybay. Restos serve grilled seafood and meat
hotels in Roxas City hotel shopping in Roxas City malls / shopping
  • Gaisano Marketplace Gaisano Marketplace
  • CityMall CityMall
  • Robinsons Place Roxas Robinsons Place Roxas
  • Gaisano Boulevard Gaisano Boulevard

How to Get to Roxas City

  1. from Odiongan, Tablas, Romblon - by sea, this is a newly opened route by Super Shuttle Roro 2, arriving via Culasi. Departs Odiongan Port 1am, Wed/Fri/Sun, 7 hours, P655
  2. from Kalibo, Aklan - by white van at City Mall terminal, 2 hours, P120. Note - there seems to be a white van mafia in Kalibo restricting Ceres buses to ply to Roxas City from Kalibo. You are forced to take the white van where they squeeze everything and everyone into what space is available. They'll fit 4 people + luggage into a row for 3 people! If you cannot take that, then take the Ceres bus for Passi City and tell the driver to get you off the junction for Roxas City - you take 2 bus rides. You will be dropped-off at the bus terminal in Roxas City where you take a jeep bound for Lawaan / Capitol to get you to city center, P8, 15 mins

How to Get to Iloilo from Roxas City

  1. Ceres Bus leaves Roxas City to bus terminal in Iloilo P158, 3 hours. To Iloilo Airport from SM, take van P70 to airport 25 mins.

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  6. Capiz - Roxas City
  7. Carles | Estancia - Gigantes Island Boat Tour, Lighthouse of Gigantes Island and Bakwitan Cave of Gigantes Island
  8. Iloilo - Batchoy Indulgence
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Roxas City Essentials

Roxas City hotel
Mercedes Hotel
Grand Gazebo
Grand Gazebo