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2016: A Year in Review lucid

2016: A Year in Review

(Dec 31, 2016) Eight countries - Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore. It's an odyssey through a mosaic of fascinating people, an array of wonderful places, sumptuous food, abundance, joy, solitude, saturation, emptiness, doubt, and exhuberance! I guess that's how I can sum up 2016.....more »»

Gigantes Island Boat Tour traveling
Gigantes Island Boat Tour
(Dec 31, 2016) The main draw of Gigantes Island is really the boat tour to the nearby islands with their own unique offerings - inland lagoon, viewpoint, scallops, sandbar and of course, the beach....more »»

Visiting the Lighthouse of Gigantes Island traveling
Visiting the Lighthouse of Gigantes Island
(Dec 30, 2016) On the northermost tip of Gigantes Island North is the lighthouse. The original lighthouse built by the Spanish has long been replaced by a new and modern one with the help of the Japanese. But the main charm of the lighthouse is what remains of the Spanish-era building and the stunning view....more »»

Exploring Bakwitan Cave of Gigantes Island caving
Exploring Bakwitan Cave of Gigantes Island
(Dec 30, 2016) Exploring Bakwitan Cave in Gigantes Island North is one of the itineraries in the land tour offered by the locals. After a short hike up the cave opening in the mountain, human bones could be seen. It is not sure how far they date back but this cave has traditionally been sanctuary to the locals to ward off against pirate attacks even before Spanish rule.....more »»

Overnight in Carles, Iloilo traveling
Overnight in Carles, Iloilo
(Dec 29-30, 2016) Carles, Iloilo is a sleepy coastal town that's known as the jumping board to get to the famous Gigantes Islands. Having missed the 10am boat for Gigantes, I spent the night in Carles. It was also my chance to get to explore the place and perhaps discover something often overlooked by many travelers....more »»

Revisiting Roxas City traveling
Revisiting Roxas City
(Dec 22-29, 2016) Continuing my southbound journey on the east of Panay after Tambak, I came upon Roxas City. I love this place and I have fond memories of it from my last visit in Nov 2012. I remain curious what awaits me this time.....more »»

Savoring the Oysters of Tambak Tambak oyster
Savoring the Oysters of Tambak
(Dec 21-22, 2016) In Kalibo, the word is, there is a new up and coming place in the next municipality where people come in droves to savor the oysters - Tambak. It was virtually a ghost town just 3 months ago, but now, trendy restos and hotel resorts are beginning to line-up the coastal town.....more »»

Visiting the Finds Museum in Kalibo art
Visiting the Finds Museum in Kalibo
(Dec 21, 2016) Finds Museum is one man's extensive collection ranging from Chinese graphic and vases, matches, religious sculpture, die-cast metal cars, etc. They were acquired in the last 25 years as the collector scoured the world on his global travels.....more »»

Climbing Tigayon Hill of Kalibo traveling
Climbing Tigayon Hill of Kalibo
(Dec 21, 2016) 3 kilometers from the town center is the only hill in Kalibo, Tigayon Hill. It is a limestone outcropping with 2 caves and serves as a spiritual pilgrimage site during Holy Week. It's supposed to be a viewpoint for the river but the top has too many trees to enjoy a view with.....more »»

Visiting the Bakhawan Eco-Park of Kalibo traveling
Visiting the Bakhawan Eco-Park of Kalibo
(Dec 18, 2016) The Bakhawan Eco-Park in Kalibo is a perfect template on how to deal with the country's mangrove forest. By planting mangrove trees back in 1990, what was once a muddy flat has become a thriving habitat for birds, crabs and fish. It opens up to the sea with a resto deck serving tamilok...the worm inside rotting wood!....more »»

Defaulting to Kalibo, Aklan traveling
Defaulting to Kalibo, Aklan
(Dec 17, 2016) Kalibo was not in the plan. From Caticlan, I was to go to Buruanga as a final destination in covering the North West Panay peninsula. But my shoes fell apart. I didn't want to explore caves and waterfalls on flip-flops. Assured I'll get Merrell shoes in Iloilo, I boarded the bus but got restless with the 6hr ride and just got off in Kalibo - and then it rained hard. What the heck am I doing here?....more »»

Visiting the Wind Turbines of Nabas traveling
Visiting the Wind Turbines of Nabas
(Dec 16, 2016) One of the most imposing presence in Nabas are the 18 wind turbines in Pawa - with 7 more to go, completing an array of 25 gigantic wind turbines lined-up along a mountain ridge. Getting to it up close is a steep ascent on a motorcycle where the fog drapes the scenery at a temperature cold enough to chill a beer.....more »»

Dipping at Nabaoy River traveling
Dipping at Nabaoy River
(Dec 14, 2016) Just a tricycle ride from Caticlan is Nabaoy River. It is Malay's cleanest river and popular among the locals. There are shallow portions and deep sections well suited for a refreshing swim. Along its banks are also some water springs. A few resorts line up along the river offering picnic huts, food and refreshments.....more »»

Visting Pangihan Cave of Malay caving
Visting Pangihan Cave of Malay
(Dec 14, 2016) Pangihan Cave is right smack within the Malay Poblacion. It has 8 connecting chambers although the guide with only take you to 2 bat-filled chambers. It is muddy with stone steps but has no subterranean stream. Total length is 275 meters with stalactites and stalagmites.....more »»

Revisiting Caticlan traveling
Revisiting Caticlan
(Dec 12, 2016) Caticlan has always been known as the gateway to the world-famous Boracay Beach. But a closer look at its municipality, Malay, brings the spotlight on the many ignored attractions overshadowed by Boracay. As a traveler, in search of new and exciting destinations, it's ironic that such a place is just under our noses.....more »»

Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs Immersion traveling
Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs Immersion
(Dec 11, 2016) In this day and age of bottled water and all these technological buzzwords that go with it - carbon filtering, distillation, reverse osmosis, etc., at the end of the day, what I'm looking for is good old fashioned mineral water coming out of the spring....more »»

Dipping at Bungan-Bungan Spring in Libertad traveling
Dipping at Bungan-Bungan Spring in Libertad
(Dec 9, 2016) Bungan-Bungan Spring is actually a small river coming from the spring deep inside Maanghit Cave. After the grimmy cave visit, it's the perfect place to dip, immerse and soak! It's so convenient, you actually pass it on the way back.....more »»

Exploring Maanghit Cave in Libertad caving
Exploring Maanghit Cave in Libertad
(Dec 9, 2016) Maanghit Cave deserves its name (translates to Armpit Cave) from the smell of bat dung. The cave is deep, cavernous with a running stream from a spring that has yet to be sourced. It hasn't been fully explored. There is plenty for the cave explorer and to cave divers!....more »»

Visiting Ati Cave in Libertad caving
Visiting Ati Cave in Libertad
(Dec 9, 2016) The Ita people used to live in Ati Cave but now, it is used by banig weavers during the hot summer months. Ita Cave is a brief trek into the woods from the dirt road. It has an impressive openning but doesn't go deep.....more »»

Exploring Libertad, Antique traveling
Exploring Libertad, Antique
(Dec 8-10, 2016) Next promising town from Pandan is Libertad. Its biggest draw is Maanghit Cave, although not as popular as Malumpati or Malalison. That's what I came for, but after getting assistance from the tireless staff of Libertad's tourism office, I got plenty more!....more »»

Exploring Malumpati Spring with Phaidon Beach Resort Tours traveling
Exploring Malumpati Spring with Phaidon Beach Resort Tours
(Dec 5/7, 2016) Not too far from Boracay is the town of Pandan, home to the increasingly popular Malumpati Spring. I hear from people that it's the cleanest river (spawned by a spring) and that the water is therapeutic. Coming from Sebaste, Pandan is a short trip away. Time to pack-up!....more »»

Beach Life at Phaidon Beach Resort traveling
Beach Life at Phaidon Beach Resort
(Dec 6-8, 2016) After spending 2 nights in a P100/night room with galvanized sheets for a ceiling, I was already on the way out of Pandan with no more than P400 left in my pocket. But I needed to stop by Phaidon Beach Resort to briefly talk to its owner. Little did I know I'll be spending the next 2 nights in pampered luxury plus having some loose change...more »»

Exploring Pandan, Antique traveling
Exploring Pandan, Antique
(Dec 4-6, 2016) Not too far from Boracay is the town of Pandan, home to the increasingly popular Malumpati Spring. Instead of lodging in Malumpati, I decided to find a base in Pandan and just make a day-trip to Malumpati Spring. Coming from Sebaste, Pandan is a short trip away. Time to pack-up!....more »»

Visiting Igpasungaw Waterfalls waterfalls
Visiting Igpasungaw Waterfalls
(Dec 3-4, 2016) In Culasi, while having batchoy, I came upon a spontaneous conversation with Connie, a resident of Sebaste. She talked about the Igpasungaw Waterfalls in her hometown. The die was cast after that. After Malalison Island, I boarded the Ceres bus bound for Sebaste, a municipality north of Culasi...more »»

Exploring Malalison Island traveling
Exploring Malalison Island
(Dec 2-3, 2016) The travelers I talked to back at Kayak Inn were making a travel itinerary which included a stay at Malalison Island. That's also the reason why I came to Culasi. After 3 days at the town proper, it was time to take the boat to check out Malalison Island.....more »»

Exploring Culasi, Antique traveling
Exploring Culasi, Antique
(Nov 30-Dec 2, 2016) I got stoked in Tibiao. It's uncanny that there are many things to do here that are never-heard of in Manila. After Tibiao, I decided to explore the rest of Antique. Next nearest destination? Culasi, just a few kilometers north...more »»

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