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2016 archive

November 2016 Blogs

Trekking to the Rice Terraces of Tibiao traveling
Trekking to the Rice Terraces of Tibiao
(Nov 27, 2016) I thought the Banaue rice terraces of the Mountain Province has a monopoly of rice terraces in the country. But while trekking to the Bugtong Bato Waterfalls, I caught glimpses of a few rices terraces. I was told that there are more, but hidden from the trail. With Edwin, manager of Kayak Inn, as my guide, I saw a grander scope of Tibiao's rice terraces....more »»

Tibiao Town Tour on a Bicycle with Vida traveling
Tibiao Town Tour on a Bicycle with Vida
(Nov 26, 2016) Vida, my guide from Kayak Inn, took me on bike tour around Tibiao Town - the pottery, fish spa, the beach and Tibiao Bakery....more »»

Hot Kawa Bath at Kayak Inn, Tibiao traveling
Hot Kawa Bath at Kayak Inn, Tibiao
(Nov 24, 2016) Kayak Inn's hot kawa-bath started the hot-kawa trend here in Tibiao (perhaps in the Philippines). It was recently featured in Kim Atienza's Matang Lawin TV program as well as Smile flight magazine. Now, a lot of establishments joined the fray. With Outback Greg's invite to join him on the kawa, we made the short trip from Boracay to Tibiao's Kayak Inn....more »»

White-Water River Kayaking at Kayak Inn kayaking
White-Water River Kayaking at Kayak Inn
(Nov 24, 2016) I've done white-water rafting on river and kayaking on the sea, but white-water river kayaking? That's a first. I couldn't pass off the opportunity at Kayak Inn. With Tibiao River relatively shallow, it was a beginner run I could try my hands on.....more »»

Exploring Bugtong Bato Waterfalls, Tibiao traveling
Exploring Bugtong Bato Waterfalls, Tibiao
(Nov 24, 2016) Bugtong Bato Waterfalls has 7 levels. The first 3 levels are walking distance from the Barangay center of Tuno. The 7th level is quite a distance away further up in elevation - it requires a different route through the mountain, but it's visible from the rice terraces area. The trek, rope climb and plunge pools in the first 3 levels alone make it a complete experience altogether.....more »»

2 Nights in Boracay traveling
2 Nights in Boracay
(Nov 22-24, 2016) It has been 10 years since my last visit to Boracay. I've heard so much about it since and was prepared to see drastic change to the place. With Outback Greg's travel invite to Boracay and stay at SandCastles The Apartments, I would once again be at this party place often referred to as 'Makati on a beach'....more »»

Beach Life at Palawan SandCastles traveling
Beach Life at Palawan SandCastles
(Oct 31-Nov 22, 2016) Palawan SandCastles is a rustic beach resort isolated from the hustle-and-bustle of Coron Town. Its northeast location in Busuanga Island where the rare sight of a dugong is confirmed by passing fishermen, makes it a world unto its own. It was home-sweet-home for the last 3 weeks....more »»

Mountain Biking the Trails of Busuanga with Outback Greg of Tribal Adventures mtb
Mountain Biking the Trails of Busuanga with Outback Greg of Tribal Adventures
(Oct 31-Nov 22, 2016) With high-performance mountain bikes at Tribal Adventures, Outback Greg and I hit Busuanga's trails again - sandy single-tracks, river crossings and roller coaster dirt roads....more »»

Yoga at Palawan SandCastles, Busuanga yoga
Yoga at Palawan SandCastles, Busuanga
(Oct 31-Nov 22, 2016) beach yoga first thing in the morning in a rustic beach resort as the sun rises is as cliché-perfect as it gets to starting the day right - only at Palawan SandCastles...more »»

In Search of Dugong traveling
In Search of Dugong
(Nov 21, 2016) Dugong is increasingly becoming rare. It's easier to spot a whale shark than it is to see Dugong in the wild. Here in Busuanga Island, the rare spotting of a Dugong is in the Northeast area - you'll never see one in Coron. When a group of 4 Germans booked a Dugong Tour at Palawan SandCastles, I tagged along hoping luck is on our side....more »»

3-Day Circumnavigation of Coron Island by Kayak kayaking
3-Day Circumnavigation of Coron Island by Kayak
(Nov 17-19, 2016) Tribal Adventures' 3-day kayaking expedition around Coron Island entailed beach camping, low-tide entry to limestone lagoons, snorkeling on coral reef and paddling on angry swells....more »»

Exploring Culion traveling
Exploring Culion
(Nov 5-7, 2016) The name Culion conjures imagery of leprosy, being the leper colony of Southeast Asia for decades. To this date the place suffers from this stigma. Tourism is low despite Coron offering Culion tours to travelers. What exactly is the deal on this place now? Only one way to find out.....more »»

Traveling with Cheng traveling
Traveling with Cheng
(Oct 31-Nov 8, 2016) I have waited a long time to see Cheng again, since we met in July 2013 in Siargao. She was my Good Samaritan who offered to store my stuff and use her washroom while I slept on my hammock on Cloud 9. We kept our friendship by email through the years. Now, we both had free time so I suggested we meet in Coron. Luckily, she said yes...more »»

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