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Beach Life at Palawan SandCastles Oct 31-Nov 22, 2016

Beach Life at Palawan SandCastles

Location: Cheey (barangay), Busuanga (municipality), Palawan (province), Philippines
GPS waypoint: 12°14'00.7"N 120°02'19.1"E

Home Away from Home
Palawan SandCastles is a rustic beach resort isolated from the hustle-and-bustle of Coron Town. Its northeast location in Busuanga Island where the rare sight of a dugong is confirmed by passing fishermen, makes it a world unto its own. It was home-sweet-home for the last 3 weeks

Beach Life at Palawan SandCastles
lazy hammock afternoon at Palawan SandCastles

Outback Greg
My benevolent host is a long-time Aussie friend, Outback Greg. We used to ride the single-tracks of Sagada back in the day. We love the outdoors and keep the adrenaline running whether it's paddling a kayak, snorkeling the reef or hiking the trails. With him around, it's one adventure after another. Thanks mate :)

Hearty Eats
Food is always a highlight at SandCastles. Breakfast is brewed coffee on a French Press, pan-toasted slices of European bread flown-in from Boracay, fresh farm eggs and jam. Dinner is usually a sumptuous gastronomic showcase with the wood-burning barrel oven where meats and veggies are roasted to perfection. With cold beer or table wine to wash it down, it's a feast fit for royalty.

Keeping Busy
While idyllic and relaxing, it's best to keep busy. A rustic beach resort exudes laid-back chill but behind the scene, there is always work to be done. I try to help out with stuff that excites me at the same time - like putting up an elegant rigging for multiple hammocks using garden hose to house nylon ropes, harnessing to trees using established mountaineering knots, and zip-tie to reinforce the running lines. Additionally, I honed my bike mechanical skills on Youtube and applied new knowledge on 16 mountain bikes for trail worthiness.

Lazy Days
Palawan SandCastles is all about being lazy on a hammock completely oblivious to the menacing repercussion of a Donald Trump presidency. You let the world do its thing without you. Time stops as you lose yourself in self-indulgent reverie. You can do this with wanton abandon knowing fully well you'll be becoming back to the matrix when the time comes.

Guest Staff
I span both worlds at SandCastles - I am half-staff and half-guest. As a half guest, I tag along expeditions and tour itineraries whether on a pump boat, mountain bike or kayak. I interact with a fellow guest.

As half-staff, I try to be useful, suggesting and doing operational efficiencies designed to heighten guest experience. As half-staff, I interact with staff as a self-admitted team member. Outback Greg gives me such latitude.

Ending Thoughts
It has been a charmed life at Palawan SandCastles. It's not a privilege anyone gets to enjoy. I am grateful to this universe, and grateful to Outback Greg together with the SandCastles crew who made life memorable for me.

If that is not good enough, I fly-out with Outback Greg to another paradise - Boracay!

--- TheLoneRider

Next stop: Boracay

yogis can contort themselves in tight situations roasted whole garlic compliments any dinner dish roasted chicken and ribs on a wood-burning barel oven is a dinner staple at SandCastles meeting good friend Al Linsangan on one of my forays into Coron Town
big fish and veggies are also staple at SandCastles Lerma puts the finishing touches on the dinner before it's served dusk brings out a surreal hue on by Outback Greg bonding with yogi Gino, one of the Malaysian guests
dinner at SandCastles is occassion to bond with other guests the hut above the hill offers panoramic view of the nearby islands sunrise gives new flavor to the beach the dinner shack bridging a stream serves as the main chill zone for everyone
catch of the day is served on the dinner plate another day at the office for Outback Greg I tried to make a deal with the local shop for bike parts and labor..well, I tried I get to tag along boat tours and bond with the guests
the wood-burning barrel oven getting primed with resort/camp/tour manager and marketing guru, Tom Measures who juggles a million things to make things happen seamlessly with Cheng, a Singaporean surfer who traveled with me to Coron putting up rigging for hammocks
a relaxed way of watching episodes of Game of Thrones morning yoga by the beach gearing-up for some sea kayaking tagging along island tours
fun moment with Outback Greg keeping busy with 16 mountain bikes off to Boracay  

Google Map > Busuanga

Google Map Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines

tourist attractions in Busuanga tourist attractions hotels in Busuanga hotel, beach house and accommodation expedition in Busuanga tour and expedition
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Great Things Going for Busuanga

  • beaches, islands, snorkeling, scuba diving, wreck diving
  • you want to add some more? please submit on the form below

Not So Great Things Going Against Busuanga

  • slow and unreliable internet
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Oct 31-Nov 22, 2016

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