Life's a Beach at Camp Calauit, Busuanga Sunday July 21, 2024 EDT 
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Life's a Beach at Camp Calauit, BusuangaDec 17-31, 2011

Life's a Beach at Camp Calauit, Busuanga

Da Life
For the most part, life in Camp Calauit where I spent a week, was mostly chilling out on my native pavillion, sea kayaking to the nearby islands, snorkeling in the reef just in front of the resort, or showing up in social events (read: good eats!) within the area in celebration of the holidays. It was a good life of festivity, food, drinks and of course, more exploration.

In Search of the Waterfall
Outback Greg has been hearing word that there's a waterfall tucked within the northern forest of Busuanga. With my coming, it seemed like a good time to start looking for it. We started off in a barangay where it was likely to be found. The locals vaguely knew where it was, but could not articulate exactly where and how to get there. Of course we got lost...and more lost. Finally, we hired a local who hopped onto the van to actually take us there. From where the road stopped, we still had to hike quite a bit into the forest. There was just no way we could have figured that out by mere directions. Finally, there it was - an inviting wide lagoon about 10 feet deep at its deepest. The dip was FUN! We even went back with some crew from Camp Calauit just to celebrate the holidays there. The falls lay hidden on the side and couldn't be seen. We were told not to venture into the small plunge pool as we would be tossed underneath like a rag doll - we heeded.

In Search of the Hot Spring
Again, there was talk of a hot spring somewhere close to Barangay Minuit. Since we were on an exploratory roll, we hopped on our bikes and went to Minuit, asking locals for directions. As usual, we got lost several times. We had to hire a local again to take us there. At some point, we got off our bikes and went on foot along rice fields. Then we were walking on mud and water. I was thinking, "Hmmm....not exactly what I'd call a mountain bike exploration". I stopped. Outback Greg proceeded. By the time he got to the hot spring, he was thigh-deep in watery mud...and the spring was lukewarm, not hot. This one was a write-off.

Neighborhood Socials
It was the holidays and celebrations were everywhere. Outback Greg was the invitee. I was the tag-along. All I had to do was bring my appetite :). We went to the Cheey Barangay Xmas party and danced and ate. They even repeated the program for Outback's benefit since we arrived late. And then there was the Christmas party at Salvacion, the municipal capital. We were seated at the mayor's table with special brandy and of course, an endless array of food. It was night of fattening. On my own, I attended the Christmas party of the neighboring resort, Cashew Grove. It is an ambitious resort with native cottages and a swimming pool. They should be having their grand opening early February. I'm not really a drinker, but with free cold beer, I cut me some slack and imbibed a few coldies.

New Year
New year's eve was celebrated with a whole pig roasted on a spit - lechon. It was a luau - lechon on a beach! It was a good time to be feasting in celebration of the coming 2012.

--- TheLoneRider

Camp Calauit, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Contact:Outback Greg and Lerma
Location:Cheey, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines
Mobile:Outback Greg +(63)917.819.3049 / Lerma +(63)907.524.4864
Website: Camp Calauit Beach Camping Resort

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Google Map Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines

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Great Things Going for Busuanga

  • beaches, islands, snorkeling, scuba diving, wreck diving
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Not So Great Things Going Against Busuanga

  • slow and unreliable internet
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Gibo Trebs LlarenaGibo Philippines
"People in Coron have nice words about you" -- Gigit Sulit
(Feb 4, 2012) Uy maraming salamat! Hehe..i too only have kinds words for them..parang pamilya ko na sila n second home ang coron!

"...I had spent 2 weeks at Calauit Island Game Preserve" -- Gibo Trebs Llarena
(Feb 4, 2012) I planned on going to Calauit Island myself, but it didn't pan out.Buti ka pa! Next time. People in Coron have nice words about you. :)

Gibo Trebs LlarenaGibo Philippines
(Feb 4, 2012) at one point i had spent 2 weeks at Calauit Island Game Preserve...having the gazebo as my temporary home...super miss this place, bro!

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