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2017 archive

January 2017 Blogs

Back to Basics lucid
Back to Basics
(Jan 26, 2017) People are always in search of the cutting-edge cure for disease, most nutritional food, best tax-deferred investment vehicle, etc. without being mindful that they haven't addressed the foundational basics yet. And no one seems to point out that big elephant in the living room.....more »»

Tapping into the Holographic Universe quantum mechanics
Tapping into the Holographic Universe
(Jan 22, 2017) People ask me how I manage to live my life the way I do, and get away with it. For a guy who is homeless, little money, no job, no property, I get to travel extensively non-stop, meet magnificent lives, eat sumptuous food and seem to land in the right place at the right time to manifest my other desires. In the last few days, I believe I have stumbled on a conceptual background to explain the phenomena - the enigmatic hypothesis of a holographic universe, as presented by the leading quantum physicists, neuro-biologists and theoretical physicists.....more »»

Resuming Astral Projection astralprojection
Resuming Astral Projection
(Jan 17, 2017) Having this golden 30 days in Camotes Islands frees me to go back and resume a lot of things I wanted to pursue but had to put on hold due to constant movement. One of them is astral travel. If there is such a thing, then it's another way to travel and another destination to explore - but yes, of a very different kind.....more »»

Exploring Camotes Islands of Cebu traveling
Exploring Camotes Islands of Cebu
(Jan 13-14, 2017) After Danao, my logical destination heading south was already Cebu City. But I didn't want to get to the big city before Sinulog. Fortunately, there is a boat leaving for Camotes Islands from the port. I haven't been there but somehow curious. Even though the rainy weather was not conducive to being on a beach, I decided to take my chance.....more »»

Defaulting to Danao traveling
Defaulting to Danao
(Jan 12-13, 2017) Still finding no lodging in Carmen, I defaulted to Danao in search of a place I could stay for the night. There is one at P500/night - Benedict's Hometel. Still out of my budget, I had no choice since I was running out of daylight. It was also an opportune chance to discover this place that has become synonymous to 'Durano' and 'paltik'.....more »»

In Search of Guiwanon Cold Spring traveling
In Search of Guiwanon Cold Spring
(Jan 12, 2017) From Bogo City, the next logical southbound destination seemed Tabogon, another obscure destination on the east coast of Cebu Island. What made it appealing was Guiwanon Cold Spring. After Malumpati and Hurom Hurom, I was a big fan of cold springs. Tabogon, here I come!....more »»

Exploring Bogo City, Cebu traveling
Exploring Bogo City, Cebu
(Jan 10-12, 2017) I had to leave Bantayan Island as soon as the ferry resumed operations or risk being stranded again due to Typhoon Auring. Malapascua was no longer appealing, given the weather. Where to go? From the map, I saw a blip, not too far away from the San Remigio mainland port...Bogo City. Not knowing what's there, I defaulted to it.....more »»

Visiting Virgin Island, Bantayan traveling
Visiting Virgin Island, Bantayan
(Jan 7, 2017) One of the main attractions in Bantayan Island is a boat tour to Virgin Island where snorkeling can be enjoyed. For a lone traveler, it was difficult getting there as there is no regular passenger boat that goes there. I had to charter an entire boat or tag along a bigger group as a joiner. Luckily, the group in my hotel allowed me to join them...more »»

Demystifying Bantayan Island traveling
Demystifying Bantayan Island
(Jan 4-9, 2017) Bantayan keeps getting mentioned by travellers. Despite my repeated and long stays in Cebu City, I never got the chance to visit. From Gigantes Island, I saw on the map that Bantayan wasn't too far away. I abandoned my quest to circumnavigate Panay and instead head for this isolated island north of Cebu.....more »»

3 Days in Estancia, Iloilo traveling
3 Days in Estancia, Iloilo
(Jan 2-4, 2017) From Gigantes Island, I took the boat to Estancia to catch another boat for Bantayan, Cebu. But I had to wait 2 more days for the boat. Luckily, I ventured into town and talked to the owner of Paon Beach Club who liked my online marketing program. This would be my sanctuary for the 2 nights I would stay in Estancia.....more »»

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North Ville Beach Resort, Bantayan, Cebu

North Ville Beach Resort

beach front bungalows
Google Map | Facebook | Tripadvisor
GPS: 11°09'40.0"N 123°48'21.8"E
Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines

Paon Beach Club, Estancia, Iloilo

Paon Beach Club

first resort in N. Iloilo, olympic size swimming pool, beach front with view deck
Google Map | Facebook | Tripadvisor
GPS: 11°27'40.89"N 123°09'26.88"E
Estancia, Iloilo, Philippines
011 63 33 397 0444

Camotes Islands, Cebu

Bantayan, Cebu

Bantayan Beach Resort
North Ville
Beach Resort

beach front

Estancia, Iloilo

Estancia Resort Hotel
packaged tours to
Gigantes Island
Estancia Resort Hotel