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Astral Projection

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Resuming Astral Projection Jan 17, 2017

Resuming Astral Projection

Location Google Map: Camotes Islands (municipality), Cebu (province), Philippines

A Different Kind of Traveling
Having this golden 30 days in Camotes Islands frees me to go back and resume a lot of things I wanted to pursue but had to put on hold due to constant movement. One of them is astral travel. If there is such a thing, then it's another way to travel and another destination to explore - but yes, of a very different kind.

Resuming Astral Projection
staying lucid in a dream environment

As far as science goes, there is no such thing - it's an esoteric claim by mystics and sages that cannot be proven by empirical data, therefore, it remains simply an anecdotal claim. In my humble opinion though, how much does science really know about reality and the universe at large? .0001%? And science tries to explain the world within the context of that .0001%. If it doesn't fit the mold, it's dismissed. Yes, I am skeptic about scientific disclaims - specially after learning that it also disclaims a cure for cancer when the big pharmaceutical companies could not patent natural cures and therefore cannot make money on it. In short, scientific disclaims can be influenced by who funds the project - and could therefore be suspect.

First-Hand Experience
The only way for me to ascertain the existence of the astral plane is to actually make the journey and come back to validate and write about it. It's not easy, otherwise everyone would have an astral projection story to tell. Oftentimes, it happens involuntarily during a near-death experience, an accident or during meditation. But experts in the subject have spent years with countless experimentations to develop and refine various techniques to induce astral travel. I rely on these experts in mapping out my journey.

Binaural Beats
This is perhaps the latest incarnation of techniques to aid in astral projection. Binaural beat is a non-existent sound created and 'heard' by the brain as a result of listening on the headphone with one channel on a certain frequency and the other channel just a few frequencies below or above (e.g. - 100 hertz on the left and 104 hertz on the right). The brain somehow tries to reconcile the phase difference and creates a third beat, the binaural beat, at 4 hertz - a frequency that does not exist on either of the 2 sounds. The brain now resonates to the binaural beat at 4 hertz which induces it to perform activities in the Theta range. It is this brain action that changes how it behaves and it is claimed that in the Theta range, the brain aids in deep meditation and lucid dreaming which results in astral projection.

brain waves
brain waves

It is important though to learn meditation first because it is in deep meditation that binaural beats work best. With my background in Vipassana Meditation, I could readily relax my body as I listen to binaural beats on my ear phones before going to sleep.

Body Asleep, Mind Awake
When we sleep, the mind falls asleep first and the body follows. The basic trick to astral projection is to let the body sleep first while the mind remains awake, lucid and vigilant. It comes to a point when the mind is aware of the sleeping body. At that point, some Exit technique can be activated on to trigger the Exit of the astral body from the physical body. On this note, I have never successfully induced astral projection from a waking state using this technique.

Lucid Dreaming
To the extend I have done an out of body experience (OOBE), it would be through lucid dreaming. To most people this is a traumatic experience as it is equated to a nightmare when the dreamer thinks he's dying in his sleep. Lucid dreaming is accompanied by sleep paralysis - you wake up inside your dream feeling this vibration that renders you paralyzed and in fright. Nearly everyone tries to break free from the paralysis out of panic. Most people have gone through this experience at one point in their lives.

Riding the Dream Paralysis
But what if you don't panic? What if you simply observe what happens during that episode as you ride it through? That's what I did back in the day, not knowing if I could come out of it alive. The journey was like a frightening roller coaster ride that eventually stopped - and I was still intact! After that, I had the assurance I would not die so I remained calm and collected next time it happened, aware of what I needed to do to Exit the body.

Out of Body
So this evening, I meditated to put my body in a very relaxed mode while listening to binaural beats. Using the rope technique, I tried to pull my astral body, but nothing happened. I just fell asleep in the process. The binaural beat continued to play as I put it on a loop. While asleep, I had lucid dreaming...the familiar shaking and near-fright feel. Collected, I tried to pull on the imaginary rope again but failed. When I let go, that's when I felt lifting up into a black environment illuminated only by a futuristic-looking lit dome with ancient markings.I became concious of my flight and plummeted down. It really felt like I was going to smash down like a pumpkin, but somehow, I regained controll and swooped back up. When I looked back, I saw an entire (city) of white domes, very elegantly laid-out...then I woke up. But I remember everything like it actually happened. But it was too short!!!

Ending Thoughts
I know for certain that I had a lucid dream as I woke up inside my dream, but I'm not sure if I actually had an OOBE as I didn't see my body from where I was. It happened so fast and short before I could make sense of it. I am drawn to a few conclusions based on what happened:

With my 30 days left, I can commit myself to the pursuit of this phenomena. I hope to have more OOBEs and gain more control as I deepen my immersion. I already have a few places to go to in the astral plane when I can actually exercise full control. I am more than excited!

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Reader Comments:

ChinquiChinqui Philippines
(Feb 2, 2017) I saw your article on OBE. Try using crystals - blue calcite is supposed to facilitate OBE. The shop in Cebu- "Janice Minor" sells blue calcite for less than P300. On your way back to Camotes, you can drop by their main branch near corner between A.S. Fortuna & Talamban.

AnnaAnna Philippines
(Jan 18, 2017) I think quite a number of my dreams may be astral travel. Interestingly I woke up this morning suspecting I just came out of one, and here is your post. I think of these worlds as parallel universes. One of my best ones was a trip to a world with at least 2 moons. I felt I had come home. Waking up was hard, though. The body takes time to adjust.

"...these worlds as parallel universes" -- Anna Maria M. Gonzales
(Jan 17, 2016) From my readings, that is the assertion. They exist within our same space but a different dimension. To ascertain if you actually had an OOBE instead of a simple dream, you can shuffle a deck of cards and face-up the top card without looking at it. Put the deck of cards more than 15 feet away from you (don't ask me why 15 ft...that's the prescription). When you have an OOBE, go to that deck of cards and look at the face card and immediately go back to your body, wake up and write it down. Then compare. If it matches, then you probably had an OOBE.

Fritz BlackburnFritz Blackburn
"...these worlds as parallel universes" -- Anna Maria M. Gonzales
(Jan 17, 2016) Yes, Anna, parallel universes, but a recognizable geography. Every night we live there, but remember very little.

Anna Maria GonzalesAnna Maria Gonzales
"...these worlds as parallel universes" -- Anna Maria M. Gonzales
(Jan 17, 2016) And I didn't need to do or ingest anything special. Just kept my mind clear most of the time. And did my best to get a good night's sleep. heart

"I didn't need to do or ingest anything special" -- Anna Maria M. Gonzales
(Jan 19, 2016) I wish it were that simple for me...without the binaural beat, without the tricking of the body, without the induced exit, etc.

Fritz BlackburnFritz New Zealand
Travel Parenting
(Jan 18, 2017) yes, a great way to travel! Castaneda is good for technique. There is a bird on Bohol that can project you into past Filipino societies in your sleep. I wrote about it in "Travel-parenting". Sleep by the Lobok river in "Nuts Huts" and listen nights, then sleep. When waking, I spoke ancient Filipino and remembered a lifetime of living there. They sang rather than just spoke..."Dire mi, dire mo" was their good-bye song when I left...

Maricel MansanoMaricel Mansano
(Jan 19, 2017) How's your spiritual journey Gigit?

"How's your spiritual journey?" -- Maricel B. Mansano
(Jan 19, 2016) hmmm....I would say it's a grounded and pragmatic spiritual journey....very Vipassana-based in clearing the clutter and seeing reality almost with a black-and-white clarity between right and wrong, good and bad, need and want, etc. It simplifies the choices I make given the filtered exercisable options available. That's as much as I can condense it. And yours, my dear Maricel?

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Astral Projection Tips
  1. do it early morning like 5am when the Seratonin is high instead of at night when you are tired and likely to fall into normal sleep
  2. do not attempt to Exit during the vibration phase. Stay relaxed and let it settle down. When it gets quiet, that's the time to induce the Exit
  3. OOBE is likely to happen if you sleep in your normal position - it doesn't have to be on your back. You can sleep on your side
  4. keep the room completely dark and quiet
  5. meditate for about 10 minutes before going to bed. This relaxes the body and mind and allows better sleep
  6. while going to sleep, visualize the environment you want to be in...see the colors, feel the texture, smell the air. Or, read your dream journal and relive your previous night's dream. Tell your mind this is not real and that you are already in a lucid dream. Give yourself permission to live your fantasies - fly, stay under water, etc. As you fall into sleep, keep saying that you will have a lucid dream.
  7. set up an alarm around 4am. Wake up and do some work for about 20 minutes and go back to sleep. This return to sleep hastens lucid dreaming.

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