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Exploring Bukilat Cave, Camotes Islands caving
Exploring Bukilat Cave, Camotes Islands
(Feb 28, 2017) With its cathedral-like expanse and its 'light of Bethlehem' emanating from its top openings beaming down on you as a divine sign, Bukilat Cave makes for an interesting stop in Camotes Islands....more »»
Exploring Tudela and Busay Falls, Camotes Islands traveling
Exploring Tudela and Busay Falls, Camotes Islands
(Feb 21, 2017) Exploring Tudela on a bike, I saw a sign to Busay Falls. Having biked 12 kms under the heat, it was too tempting. From the paved road, it was still a hike along single foot tracks crossing 2 streams until I reached it. It was a refreshing dip to say the least.....more »»
Settling Down in Camotes Islands traveling
Settling Down in Camotes Islands
(Feb 19, 2017) After a month in Camotes Islands, I decided to renew my stay by another month. I'm ok to think I'll be here on a month by month basis - that's as far as I can stretch my here-and-now. Accordingly, I've settled quite comfortably in my rented room, developing my own routine, and even buying essential household things. This is as close as I get to having a home.....more »»
Clam Chowder Pizza from Scratch on a Rice Cooker recipes
Clam Chowder Pizza from Scratch on a Rice Cooker
(Feb 15, 2017) Bringing my small rice cooker with me from Cebu City, I'm back to being a guerilla chef in Camotes Islands. Armed with a Swiss Army knife, a little tenacity and a childlike curiosity, I play alchemist in my small room/office/kitchen. With the abundance of fresh picked clams by the sea, I roll-up my sleeves for my first ever Clam Chowder Pizza.....more »»
Exploring Holy Crystal Cave of Camotes Islands caving
Exploring Holy Crystal Cave of Camotes Islands
(Feb 9, 2017) Camotes Islands offer just about everything - secluded beaches, mountain-top views and caves. There are many caves but only a few established ones open for tourism. With my push-bike, I took a ride and stumbled upon Holy Crystal Cave.....more »»
Forgiveness meditation


(Feb 3, 2017) When we are wronged, hurt or betrayed, it's painful and it's not easy to forget or forgive. When we forgive, does it mean it was ok? Does it mean weakness? But who suffers when we keep that anger inside?...more »»

Invasive Thoughts meditation

Invasive Thoughts

(Feb 2, 2017) How to break free from unpleasant thoughts from the past or worries about the future through meditation....more »»

Anapana Breathing Meditation meditation

Anapana Breathing Meditation

(Feb 1, 2017) I learned Anapana Breathing Meditation while attending the Vipassana silent meditation course. Anapana is about observing the breath without reacting to it, without regulating it (so it's not Pranayama). It can end there to still the mind, or it can be a primer to put the mind into a meditative state to progress and go deeper into a more specific type of meditation.....more »»

Coming Back to Cebu City traveling
Coming Back to Cebu City
(Jan 27-Feb 6, 2017) From Camotes Island, I took the 2-hour boat to Cebu City and got reunited with dear friends. The compelling reasons for me to go back to Cebu City mounted - seeing a Vietnamese friend in Cebu, eating my fruit cake, attending a birthday party and course, seeing my dear friend, Jeanne again.....more »»
Celebrating Friendship in Cebu City Fabulous People
Celebrating Friendship in Cebu City
(Jan 27-Feb 6, 2017) Cebu City offers many highlights but none more compelling than meeting up with dear friends I have the good fortune to bond with on every visit. Moreso, it underscores my travel statement that at the end of the day, it's not about the waterfall or the cave but the lingering people connection that adds dimension to any destination...more »»

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Aladin White Beach Resort, Camotes Islands, Cebu

Aladin White Beach Resort

Aladin White Beach Resort Beach Resort | investment Retirement Investment
beachfront property, swimming pool, modern amenities and facilities
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GPS: 10°42'04.3"N 124°18'53.7"E
Esperanza, San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines
+63 949.997.5707