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Rafting Davao River's White-Water with Wild-Water Sonny Aug 25, 2013

Rafting Davao River's White-Water with Wild-Water Sonny

Location: from Tamugan to Lacson (13 kms), Davao City, Philippines

Davao Wild Water
It was a promise of another adrenaline-rush when I got an invite from Sonny to join his guests for a day of white-water rafting along the upper Davao River through his outdoor tour company, Davao Wild Water.

Safe at All Times
The day started out at the Crocodile Park with the other guests where we got our helmet, vest and sat-in for an orientation. It consisted of a video feature and talk about do's and dont's in the water. More importantly, the guides managed our expectations. They discussed what might happen and what to do. We expected a capsizing, but the guides made it clear that we are safe at all times. They showed us what to do if we're thrown into the river. With that, there was no panic when the raft actually capsized. Without the orientation, you're likely to feel you're about to meet your maker...and then you may panic. It's like a roller ooaster ride - it scares the shit out of you, but you know you're safe at all times. Good job guides!

Rafting Davao River's White-Water with Wild-Water Sonny

Ask Sonny
The land trip took us along a mountainous road where Sonny stopped a few times to buy durian, mangosteen and other snacks (which he distributed to everyone). He even stopped to check-out a curious-looking berry he saw on a shrub. En route, he explained to us the agri side of durian, bananas, citrus fruits (strains, varieties, challenges), the global demand for Davao's agri exports, invasive species that wreak havoc on Davao's fruit produce, etc. I enjoyed picking his brains - he knows a lot.

White Water Rafting
Arriving at Tamugan, the rafts were put on the river and we were off to an exhilarating white-water adventure. We braced ourselves as we were thrown right, left and overboard running through the tempestuous wrath of Davao River. We paddled, we got soaked, we got banged into each other, we fell on top of each other, we kept afloat while drinking river water after capsizing, etc. This adventure was chock-full-of-fun!

Pictures and Videos
After 3 hours navigating through 13 kilometers of wild water river, it was over, just before it got too much. The van was there at the pick-up point and the guests had enough time to take a shower and freshen-up before heading back to Crocodile Park in time for the afternoon show. The fun didn't end there. The guests were given a dvd copy of the entire adventure (pictures and videos), t-shirt and coupons. What takes the cake is the dvd copy - the still shots were excellently framed on high resolution. The videos captured the rush of the moment. The guides knew exactly where they had to position themselves to get the best shot. Great job!

Ending Thoughts
Wow! That was a lot of fun. My host wears many hats - Crocodile Sonny, Wild Man of Mindanao, etc. After today, he just added one more - Wild Water Sonny! Thank you Sonny for another memorable day.

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you want me to objectively cover your activity for this website (river rafting, mountain climbing, rock climbing, etc.), email me.

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Reader Comments:

Consolacion ZaldivarConsolacion Philippines
(Sep 27, 2013) Well .. he (Sonny Dizon) built the Crocodile Farm which is now a tourist spot, the Maxima Resort with its aqua adventure sports, the Wild Water Rafting which you featured here in your blog, and I heard, he also has this resort in Digos. Although he may have profit as his primary objective (as most businessmen), he stil has done a lot for Davao: employing perhaps a hundred; bringing in tourist money; improving the Davao scenery. All of these has in one way or another, directly or indirectly, improved the lives of the Davaoenos.

Bam BiBam Bi Philippines
(Aug. 31, 2013) Inggit ako!!!

Jackie Garcia DizonJackie Garcia Dizon
(Aug. 31, 2013) Great article, Gigit, I love it! Thank you! I'm glad you had a great time... River rafting is really always an awesome experience.

Philip DizonPhilip Dizon
(Aug. 31, 2013) You wrote it as it is.. Tnx Gigit!

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Davao Wildwater Adventure

Tour Package - Php 2000 per person

FYI / Tips

  1. bring a dry sac (in case you really want to bring some stuff with you on the raft - otherwise, you can leave it in a safe place at Crocodile Park)
  2. wear shoes that you can wet - don't wear flip-flops
  3. remove your watch, necklace, sun glass or even rings - you'll liable to lose them when you get tossed all over
  4. it'll get hot - wear a sun block

How to Get to Davao Wild Water

  1. Davao Wild Water is inside the premises of the Crocodile Park. Best is to cab it, but if you're taking a jeep, take a jeep bound for Ma-a and ask the driver to drop you off the habal-habal station for Crocodile Park, P12/pax, 30 min
  2. take a habal-habal all the way to the Park, P30/pax, 10 mins

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