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Fun Day with Crocodile Sonny and Sports Unlimited Dynamic Duo, Dyan Castillejo and Marc Nelson Aug 15, 2013

Fun Day with Crocodile Sonny and Sports Unlimited Dynamic Duo, Dyan Castillejo and Marc Nelson

Location: Davao City

Davao Crocodile Park Davao Crocodile Park N07 05.869 E125 35.967
Davao Zip City Zip City N07.091524 E125.568697
Davao 199 Off Road House 199 Off Road House N07 06.488 E125 33.661

TheLoneRider Thought Bubble: In the boardroom, he is Philip Dizon, a savvy businessman expounding on ROIs and Moving Averages. In the wild, he morphs into Crocodile Sonny, the Wild Man of Mindanao

TheLoneRider Thought Bubble: Dyan Castillejo is a total package - brains, beauty and fitness. With her work, she meets the most interesting people - industry movers and shakers, powerful community leaders and trend-setting celebrities. It must be tough being Dyan Castillejo's husband. How can you make yourself interesting to her when she meets the most interesting people in her line of work?

Davao Crocodile Park
Still reeling from the activities from Sonny's Samal resort, Maxima Aquafun, I got another invite from him to join him and the Sports Unlimited production crew including the dynamic duo, Marc Nelson and Dyan Castillejo. Meeting at the Davao Crocodile Park, it just dawned on me - with Sonny's flair for the outdoors and working with crocodiles in his park, who needs a Crocodile Dundee when Davao already has a Crocodile Sonny? Shortly thereafter, Dyan, Marc and the production crew arrived. Everyone was cool. First stop was Pangil, the largest croc in the park, probably the largest in the country now that Lolong is gone - long live Lolong! While walking around the park, I realized it's not just a crocodile park - it's a zoo with reticulated pythons, orangutans, exotic birds, even tigers! I'm not a fan of caged animals, but sadly, their best chances of survival are now in captivity. At least at the Crocodile Farm, they get professional management, treated well and fed well.

Zip City Bar and Cafe
After a hearty lunch at a Chinese restaurant (thank you, Sonny!), we proceeded to Zip City. Perched on top of a mountainous area but only 45 mins away from the city, Zip City offers a refreshing view of the city while serving beer and burgers. It's the perfect getaway from the city as you hang-out there watching the sunset while downing a few coldies. Later at night, the city lights illuminate the horizon as the chilly mountain air makes it conducive to sharing human warmth.

Hang-Over Drop and the Zipline
Of course, the main deal at Zip City are its two adrenaline-pumping Hang-Over Drop and the Zipline. With the Hang Over - you climb up a steel scaffolding, then you're strapped with full body harness and hooked-up into a belay system while a guy down below controls the dynamic rope as you go into a free-fall. It's a rush! If you're drunk, maybe it gets you back to your senses. If you're an atheist, maybe you'll believe there's a God as you feel the bottom lid pulled out from underneath you. The zipline is no less exciting. Its harness system is such that you can do an inversion while going Mach 1 (don't take it too literally!).


TheLoneRider Thought Bubble: When Moses passes, the Red Sea parts. But when Marc Nelson passes, the ladies get soaked! Dude, you gotta gimme some of that mojo!

199 Off Road House
After downing the juicy cheeseburger, we rushed to the playground of the 199 Off Road House. This crew goes all-out pimping out their wicked off-roaders. They built a special course that defy the imagination. Patriarch Johnny Ferrazini took the time to describe in detail how it's negotiated. Still, I was shaking my head. Too bad there wasn't enough light to see it done.

Dynamic Duo
Not contented in being passive passengers on the off-road jeeps, Dyan and Marc took the wheels and ripped through the course themselves. Yeah, these guys aren't just pretty faces for the camera. They take the bull by the horns and white-knuckle it from there. Marc, a seasoned off-roader, couldn't complement the jeeps enough - for handling, power and driver-friendliness. Dyan has never done a 4X4 off-road, but that didn't stop her. These guys know how to have fun. It was already dark by the time we left. Sonny invited for dinner, but I had to attend to pressing matters on the web...or pressing matters at The Royale House Travel Inn?

Ending Thoughts
It was a fun-filled day with the crocs, the ziplining and the 4x4s. Add to that the X-factor brought-in by the Sports Unlimited crew and it was pure Rock 'en Roll. Sonny outdid himself again by pulling rabbits out of a hat making sure the day is choc-full-of-adrenaline surprises...wonder what he's got under his sleeve for next. Thank you Crocodile Sonny!

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you want me to objectively cover your resort for this website (beach resort, mountain resort, island resort, etc.), email me.

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2929Crocodile Park 3030Crocodile Park 3131Crocodile Park 3232Crocodile Park

How to Get to Crocodile Park

  1. take a jeep bound for Ma-a and ask the driver to drop you off the habal-habal station for Crocodile Park, P12/pax, 30 min
  2. take a habal-habal all the way to the Park, P30/pax, 10 mins

Google Map Davao City, Philippines

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Great Things Going for Davao City

  • one of the cleanest potable water in the country
  • smoking is banned from commercial establishments
  • pineapple samurais are endemic here and nowhere else in the country (pineapple vendors who cut-up whole pineapples into chunks with just a few strokes of their carving knives)
  • public utility drivers conspicuously display their IDs
  • durian Mecca of the Philippines (not to mention Marang, Mangosteen and Sweet Pomelo)
  • you want to add some more? please submit on the form below

Not So Great Things Going Against Davao City

  • the weighing scale of fruit vendors specially the durian push cart vendors are a blatant cheat - showing almost twice the actual weight

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Reader Comments:

Consolacion ZaldivarConsolacion Philippines
(Sep 27, 2013)I have not been to Maxima AquaFun Resort and Wild Water Rafting, but I've been to Crocodile Farm. I enjoyed the show, the tribal dance, and the fire dance. I wish though that they will give Davao residents or better yet, local tourist, a discount.

Philip DizonPhilip Dizon
(Aug. 19, 2013) Wow what a descriptive write up.. Thanks!

Aug 15, 2013
Davao Crocodile Park
Zip City Davao
199 Off Road house

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