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Consciousness Creates Reality? Mar 6, 2023

Consciousness Creates Reality?

Desiring and Manifesting
The more I desire an outcome, there is a correlating increased likelihood that it will happen. And it has, on so many occassions. I'm drawn to conclude that consciousness influences the way reality unravels.

Quantum Mechanics
In the 1927 Solvay Conference attended to by the world's most brilliant minds (Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrodinger, Niels Bohr, etc), the quantum physicists disclosed what should have been a bombshell - that the presence of their minds was affecting the outcome of their experiments. They were observing a phenomenon and the fact that there was an observer watching, the results of their experiments were altered. This later on became the famous and mind-boggling double slit experiment. They are saying that for reality to happen, there needs to be an observer. Therefore, reality as we know it has no objective existence.

1927 Solvay Conference
1927 Solvay Conference with the most brilliant minds in attendance - Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrodinger, Niels Bohr

Swept Under the Rug
That was powerful and should have radically changed the way we do things....from a position of empowerment. But somehow, this insight was relegated as academic soundbite and left to the technical people to make sense of it. Its profound ramification was not filtered down to the huddled masses. The marginalized and the disempowered continued to be pathetic victims of life.

Bio / Mind Hacker
As a conceptual tinkerer who has a pinnache for hacking ideas, my mind started racing. If the presence of a mind can influence the outcome of reality, what more if you add intention and gratitude to a desired outcome? And what if you turbo-charge that intention by meditating on it? Wouldn't that be exponentially more powerful? As a practicing yogi with increased awareness on day-to-day life, I see this correlation / causality. When I desire something, I still do the due-diligence, but I'm resigned to the fact that it will happen, most of the time, with nothing to do with my 'effort'. What if consciousness actually creates reality...not just influencing it, but manifesting reality as we architecture it with our desire, visualization, intention, gratitude and meditation?

Consciousness Creates Reality?
in meditation, I can intention, visualize, feel, and be grateful for the intended outcome

Dream Analogy
All of reality can just be a perception - meaning it has no objective existence. How is that? Have you ever dreamt of being with a 'best friend'? In your dream, you shared a long, tried-and-tested history, where either of you would even take the bullet for the other. And there is nothing you would not do for this person. Your friendship goes deep down.

And then you wake up. And you realized you haven't met this person - he never existed. His existence was all perception that resided only in your mind.

So what if this waking reality is just another dream we just haven't awaken from? Who is to say that everything we experienced here and everyone we met, would turn out to be non-existent as well, when we 'wake up'?

So, if this waking reality is just perception, then we can architecture our own version of this reality. How? Again, by putting intention, visualization, feeling and gratitude of the outcome!

Simulation Hypothesis
While abstract even to men of science, the leading proponents of this thinking, who happen to be the most brilliant minds alive today (Leonard Susskind, Neil deGrasse Tyson, David Bohm) are saying that the data supporting this hypothesis is too compelling that dismissing it outright would be reckless.

Essentially, it's saying that reality as we experience it has no objective existence. Reality is a computer simulation. Compelling arguments posit that matter is quantized, therefore it's computational. Super Symmetry advocate, Jim Gates even claimed that he discovered an underlying computational code defining reality.

Ending Thoughts
Consciousness creating reality. I know it's abstract. Science cannot even begin to apply empiricism to this. It's beyond woo-woo to the 9-5ers.

It was equally abstract to me when I first stumbled upon this concept. But so far, everything I read about yoga, about quantum mechanics, about Buddhism and spirituality, say the same thing - that the true nature of reality is emptiness. Everything else is just perception - the body, the memories, feelings, the external world, ego, sense of 'self', they are all perception to give us a human experience so that we learn what we need to learn - and that's why we are here...that's why we exist. Otherwise, we're just occupying space in this vast universe.

The more I wrap my mind around this concept, the more I test it, the more I'm drawn to conclude that yes, consciousness creates reality...or a perception of reality.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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