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WORKS IN PROGRESS !!! Qortal Web Hosting Learning
Coming Soon!

Qortal Web Hosting

Since my priority with Qortal is to develop and host a website within its blockchain, my immediate task after reading its introduction and tutorial was creating even a simple dummy website just to acclimatize its interface and features. When the website is in place, I'm sure my mind would once again be racing on what to do with Qortal next.

The Complete Book Of Vinyasa Yoga yoga
Coming Soon!

The Complete Book Of Vinyasa Yoga:
by Srivatsa Ramaswami

Srivatsa Ramaswami was a direct one-on-one student of the legendary Tirumalai Krishnamacharya for 33 years - longer than the Master's more popular students - Patthabi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Indra Devi, TKV Desikachar and AG Mohan. This book includes Ramaswami's in-depth experience with the Master, encompassing yogic elements of asana, sequencing, breathing, mindfulness, and therapy.

coconut cream
(Aug 09, 2022) I tasted See's amazing homemade coconut pancake yesterday and it excited me. So I went to Chang Phuek Market early this morning to buy hwa kati, the first cold-press of freshly grated mature coconut. I also collected the grated coconut meat for the pancake (which other people don't bother to get).

For brunch, it's coconut pancake!

The universe talks to you in many languages....excitement is just one of many 🙏


Unforgettable Bus Ride sliceoflife

Unforgettable Bus Ride

(Oct 31, 1975) It was already late and I was still in Cubao as the heavy downpour flooded the streets. Cars already stalled by the roadside due to the rising water. Public transport screeched to a halt. There was no way home for me and I was wet, cold and stranded. Do I sleep on the sidewalk? From a distance, I saw this public bus going to my home. It was my last chance. But the bus was overfull. People were literally hanging off the entrance with only one foot on the bus. It was impossible for me to squeeze myself. Then I had an AHA Moment!....more »»

Fleeting Moment of Enlightenment yoga

Fleeting Moment of Enlightenment

(Dec 23, 2002) As a university student sometime back, I came out of my building like coming out of a cosmic threshold with very strange feelings about the world and my place in it. It was divinely surreal...never felt that way before or since.....more »»

Coconut Pancake recipes

Coconut Pancake

(Aug 11, 2022) I tasted See's amazing homemade Thai coconut pancake and it excited me. So I went to Chang Phuek Market the following morning to buy freshly grated coconut meat and 'hua kati', the coconut cream extracted from the coconut meat. With that, I was Rambo with a spatula.....more »»

The Fence Sitters lucid

The Fence Sitters

(Aug 8, 2022) The most health-conscious guy I met is a good friend. But he drags half his body as he walks. Yes, he suffered a stroke paralyzing half his body due to bad diet and bad lifestyle. I cannot help but think, "Before the stroke, you must have felt that something was already wrong. You must have decided to take action but never took the first step. You stayed on the fence too long. Now it's too late."....more »»

Samadhi: 8th Limb of Yoga yoga

Samadhi: 8th Limb of Yoga

(Aug 4, 2022) As the 8th limb in the 8 Limbs of Yoga, it is the final stop. Samadhi translates to 'being together', which could mean bliss, self-realization or enlightenment. Other texts say you forget yourself completely and be one with the object of meditation. Other texts say Samadhi is when you realize that the fundamental nature of reality is emptiness - and you experientially (not just conceptually) go through that process...more »»

Dhyana: 7th Limb of Yoga yoga

Dhyana: 7th Limb of Yoga

(Aug 2, 2022) Dhyana translates as 'meditation'. But being on the 7th rung of Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga, it's a very deep form of meditative absorption where the mind is inextricably absorbed into the object of meditation that nothing else exists but the 2 of them - the rest of the universe simply dissolves into emptiness...more »»

Chiang Mai Peoplescape people

Chiang Mai Peoplescape

(Jul 31, 2022) I seldom invite people over my place anymore. Usually, it's a coffee gathering at My Moka Coffee instead. Neither do I feel the need to invite friends when I'm not with one. I'm more selective and the first sign of someone being psychologically unbalanced or emotionally disturbed, I simply walk away from. My existential cave simulaton continues. Still, I often find myself with tested friends, and continue to meet new ones. It all works out and I'm better off for it.....more »»

Jason, Max and Elizabeth Pizza Nite Pizza

Jason, Max and Elizabeth Pizza Nite

(Jul 28, 2022) Jason just arrived back in Chiang Mai, I just met Max, and quite recently, I also just met Elizabeth. These are good people whose company I enjoy. This is all the excuse I need for another Pizza Nite! more »»

Lumenate: Altered States through Light and Sound learning

Lumenate: Altered States through Light and Sound

(Jul 23, 2022) Lumenate is a free app that provides some free programs using light and sound from your phone to produce altered states of consciousness or transformation. You go into a dark place, place your phone with flashlight facing your face, close your eyes and play the program. With eyes closed in a dark space, you begin to see flashing lights of different colors. You hear sounds that resonate at specific frequencies. The next 10 minutes become an amazing sensory overload experience.....more »»

Inducing a Lucid Dream astral projection

Inducing a Lucid Dream

(Jul 20, 2022) As I've drifted into the soundspace of binaural beats, brainwaves and vibrational resonance, I was likewise pulled into the realm of lucid dreaming. Years back, this was an obsession. But I never got anywhere and the pursuit took a backburner seat for other excitement. But this time, I'm more established on focusing intention, more adept in stilling the mind and more experienced in putting the body to sleep as the mind remains awake, alert and vigilant...more »»

The Silva Mind Control Method yoga

The Silva Mind Control Method

(Jul 18, 2022) Jose Silva was a radio technician. He knew that decreasing resistance along the conductive material increases radio output signals. He used this same analogy in decreasing brain resistance to optimize brain efficiency for psychic abilities...more »»

Sound and Brainwaves learning

Sound and Brainwaves

(Jul 17, 2022) In my search for new knowledge to supplement my yoga practice, I stumbled upon a treasure trove that's reminiscent of a distant past when I first came upon these ethereal teachings that used sound to access the deeper sanctum of our subconscious and bring about altered states of consciousness. I'm talking about sound, frequency response, binaural beats, and brainwave vibrations.....more »»

Icebath at Nawa Saraan yoga

Icebath at Nawa Saraan

(Jul 6, 2022) Walking away from the breathwork/icebath at Alt_Chaingmai opened up my Wednesdays for icebath with friends. I've done it before and it was fun. Resuming the practice also means sustaining the ice therapy and reaping its benefits.....more »»

The Underlying Intelligence in Everything lucid

The Underlying Intelligence in Everything

(Jun 27, 2022) A universal law dictates, 'As above, so below'. Let me take that a step deeper and apply it as a life-hack to architecture reality beyond the popular subscription to the Law of Attraction...more »»

Magic and Mystery in Tibet Book Review Peoplescape Yoga

Magic and Mystery in Tibet

by Alexandra David-Neel
(Jun 12, 2022)
This semi-biographical Buddhist/adventure book is an account of Alexandra David-Neel's sojourn in the hinterlands of Tibet back in 1924 when it was virtually unknown, obscure, unwelcoming and shrouded in mystery.....more »»


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