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Yoga Classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Yoga Classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand

abs Yoga Classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand

NOTE: Only private classes are offered.

Days/Times: students determine this depending on their availability
Location Google Map: Nawa Saraan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand
LINE Contact:

The Class

Classes can be traditional yoga offerings OR classes focused on specific areas - lecture (chakra, 8 limbs, mudras, etc.), optimum digestion, healthy eyes, power/strength, weightloss, breathing, therapy and/or meditation.

Classes are offered 1-on-1 for a tailor fitted program or developed for a group class. They are conducted with explanations on what we are doing and why we are doing them - it's important for any student to know the underlying principles of yoga. One session usually lasts 90 minutes.

Classes usually consist of the following:

  1. yoga talk - theories and concepts in yoga
  2. asanas - can be a combination of yoga postures, HIIT, point-of-failure holds, calisthenics, dynamic tension
  3. pranayama - regulated breathing
  4. kumbhaka - breath-hold
  5. bandha - energy locks
  6. mudra - energy seals
  7. meditation - can be anapana, vipassana, trataka, chakra focus, emptiness, etc.

Fee: Baht 1000/session
Note: RSVP, bring your mat, come 5 minutes earlier to settle down, we start on time
Teacher availability: GREEN area are the available time slots (as of this writing)

9:30-11:00am yoga nimman yoga nimman ice
6:30-8:00pm combat
yoga nimman

GREEN = available and open


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The Burden of Gift Giving lucid

The Burden of Gift Giving

(Dec 12, 2017) With the holidays just around the corner, it's gift-giving season once again. We give gifts to those we hold dear, to those who expect it, to those we owe or to those gatherings where it's expected of us. This conjures vivid memories of gift-giving episodes that reflect the warped convention that was molded and spawned by this practice....more »»

WORKS IN PROGRESS Hatha Yoga Pradipika yoga Book Review
Coming Soon!

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

While nearly every yogi I meet talks about Patanjali's Yoga Sutras as his/her basis for their practice (which is mostly asana), Patanjali's Sutras actually only mentions one asana - a seated pose that can be held long and comfortably. Obscured from the modern dissertation of yoga is the one book that actually focuses more about the asanas - Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Qortal Web Hosting Learning
Coming Soon!

Qortal Web Hosting

Since my priority with Qortal is to develop and host a website within its blockchain, my immediate task after reading its introduction and tutorial was creating even a simple dummy website just to acclimatize its interface and features. When the website is in place, I'm sure my mind would once again be racing on what to do with Qortal next.

The Complete Book Of Vinyasa Yoga yoga
Coming Soon!

The Complete Book Of Vinyasa Yoga:
by Srivatsa Ramaswami

Srivatsa Ramaswami was a direct one-on-one student of the legendary Tirumalai Krishnamacharya for 33 years - longer than the Master's more popular students - Patthabi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Indra Devi, TKV Desikachar and AG Mohan. This book includes Ramaswami's in-depth experience with the Master, encompassing yogic elements of asana, sequencing, breathing, mindfulness, and therapy.

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Neti Pot yoga

Neti Pot

(Sep 26, 2022) Neti Pot or nasal cleansing is one of the 6 major shatkriyas in yoga (purification process). Neti pot kriya clears the sinuses, dislodges stubborn mucous and opens up the nasal passages. You won't know the wonders of this kriya until you try it - even though you think your nasal passages are already clear...more »»

Can A.I. be Sentient? lucid

Can A.I. be Sentient?

(Sep 22, 2022) I'd been soaking up talks, podcasts and interviews about A.I. (artificial intelligence). More specifically, I'd been in debates about the Google Lamda conversation with Blake Lemoine (Google's QA on A.I. bias) where Blake was drawn to conclude that Lamda has now become sentient. But is the question even relevant to begin with?....more »»

Movie Review: Captain Fantastic movies

Movie Review: Captain Fantastic

(Sep 16, 2022) Captain Fantastic is about a family who lived off-the-grid until they were constrained to come back to the default world for the mother's burial. The kids are introduced to this seemingly contrasting world...more »»

Carrot Cake recipes

Carrot Cake

(Sep 12, 2022) I panicked when my eyes got so strained after being in front of my laptop for 2 rainy days, that I started seeing double. Immediately, I went to buy 5 kilos of carrots for some mega-dozes of Beta Carotein. But after being inundated with carrot juice, what do I do with all the pulp? I still have enough carrot bread stored in the freezer! Hmmmm...carrot cake!....more »»

Aug  Snapshots snapshot

Aug Snapshots

(Aug 31, 2022) Slice of life in Chiang Mai. Life reveals itself in our day-to-day surroundings - the poetry, the abundance, the grace, etc. But only if you're mindful enough to capture the moment in pixels....more »»

Desiderata | Wear Sunscreen lucid

Desiderata | Wear Sunscreen

(Aug 22, 2022) As an impressionable teenager back in the day, Desiderata was probably the moral Zeitgeist of the time. I lived by it, and I would quote it whenever the need presents itself. Yes, I am a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, I have a right to be here. Fast forward several decades later, a modern-day version came out - Wear Sunscreen!....more »»


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