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2021: A Year In Review 2021: A Year In Review
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2021: A Year in Review

2021 was a full year of being in Chiang Mai, spanning its full spectrum from abundance to social survival. Living in a boutique hotel closed from Covid, I had the whole place to myself with no rent or utilities payment - Mike wouldn't take whatever money I earned to give him. I hosted regular coffee sessions with friends and new acquaintances. Towards the end of the year, I was blind-sided as victim of Cancel Culture.

peoplescape people
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Chiang Mai Peoplescape (Nov-Dec 2021)

The last 2 months has been a great departure from my usual peoplescape. From one end of the spectrum, I spanned its entire length to the other end, where I found solace and bearing.

The Complete Book Of Vinyasa Yoga yoga
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The Complete Book Of Vinyasa Yoga:
by Srivatsa Ramaswami

Srivatsa Ramaswami was a direct one-on-one student of the legendary Tirumalai Krishnamacharya for 33 years - longer than the Master's more popular students - Patthabi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Indra Devi, TKV Desikachar and AG Mohan. This book includes Ramaswami's in-depth experience with the Master, encompassing yogic elements of asana, sequencing, breathing, mindfulness, and therapy.

Learning Python Programming for Web Development learning
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Learning Python Programming for Web Development

I've always felt a low ceiling with my front-end web development simply because I cannot do programming. But a conversation with Nut about Python programing inspired me. I began researching on Python until I got a sense of how easy it is to learn, how its popularity for web development is increasing, its extensive library and community support, and its existing frameworks. Now, I feel confident this is the right programming to complement my front-end web skills.

Watering the Plants Hands-Free teaching

Watering the Plants Hands-Free

(Dec 12, 2021) If you need to be away for a few days and cannot find someone to water your plants, here's a simple way to keep the plants watered and happy.....more »»

Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filter coffee

Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filter

(Dec 2, 2021) Given the myriad of coffee brewers out there from French press, the ibric, espresso machine, Moka, etc., the most versatile perhaps is the modest and unassuming Vietnamese Phin....more »»

Emptiness Meditation meditation

Emptiness Meditation

(Dec 1, 2021) The concept of emptiness conjures an imagery of being alone in complete, absolute and total darkness. Not exactly a very inviting place or state of being. Thankfully, that is not what emptiness means. Let us dispel the myths first....more »»

Tummo Yoga yoga

Tummo Yoga
Codified Practice

(Dec 1, 2021) When I fist heard of Tibetan yogis drying a wet towel wrapped on their bare backs as they were exposed outdoors in the dead of winter, I could hardly believe it. I didn't even know what yoga they were practicing. I learned it was Tummo Yoga. But where do I get research materials for it? It wasn't easy, but I found one. Time to roll up my sleeves and generate some heat. My litmus test? Melt the ice on my ice bath and even turn the water warm or even hot.....more »»

The Bliss of Inner Fire books

The Bliss of Inner Fire
Book Summary and Review

(Dec 1, 2021) Getting credible materials on Tibetan Buddhist yoga is very hard to come by, let alone being authored by a renowned lama from a long lineage dating back from Tilopa. The Bliss of Inner Fire, better known as Tummo Yoga, is the first of the Six Yogas of Naropa - a tantric yoga practice where internal heat is generated to develop bliss and wisdom in pursuit of enlightenment. This is a powerful DIY practice but quite challenging to understand and follow....more »»

British Hobnob Cookies recipes

British Hobnob Cookies

(Nov 22, 2021) Looking for a cheesecake recipe by Jamie Oliver, I stumbled upon his Banoffee Cheesecake that required Hobnob cookies and a dulce de leche. Ironically, I ended up doing Hobnob Cookies from scratch and dulce de leche, but not the banoffee cheesecake.....more »»

New York Cheesecake recipes

New York Cheesecake

(Nov 22, 2021) Instead of buying a block of Mozzarella cheese for my pizza, I decided to buy a block of cream cheese instead, not knowing what I'd do with it. Simona mentioned New York Cheesecake. Ha-ha, time to roll-up my sleeve and make my first ever, cheese cake.....more »»

Pizza Nite with Simona and Nat food Pizza

Pizza Nite with Simona and Nat

(Nov 11, 2021) Pizza Nite came to a halt as I was fighting a Cancel Culture attack. Now that things are quiet, it was time to resume this culinary gathering amongst dear friends. Who's on the shortened short list? Only people who matter, starting off with Simona and Nat.....more »»

Stepping Forward / Reaching Out people

Stepping Forward / Reaching Out

(Oct 31, 2021) With tourism down, Chiang Mai's peoplescape fairly remained constant - not too many tourists and the remaining faces becoming more familiar. I lost 2 of my good friends and thought I lost a best friend. As if that wasn't bad enough, I was savagely attacked online by an angry mob over fabricated allegations that was manipulated by a vindictive group admin.....more »»

TV Mini Series Review: Wild Wild Country (2018) movies

TV Mini Series Review: Wild Wild Country (2018)

(Nov 11, 2021) This docu-series would seem like a balanced presentation between the clash of the locals and the disciples of Bhagwan that culminated in a plot to kill. Each side was represented with their compelling accounts of why they are right.....more »»

Cancel Culture Attack lucid

Cancel Culture Attack

(Oct 31, 2021) These are crazy times and a neo-McCarthyism called Cancel Culture is warping the US social landscape and finding it's way across the oceans and into Thailand. But what exactly is the Cancel Culture?....more »»

Chiang Mai 'Must Experience' Cafes coffee

'Must Experience' Cafés of Chiang Mai

(Nov 30, 2021) Nearly all cafes have attitude - that's part of their charm. Here is a list of cafes that I think best represent the personlities they exude from charming, pedestrian, rustic, stylized, opulent and simply over-the-top!....more »»

Spinal Mobility yoga

Spinal Mobility

(Oct 7, 2021) We are only as young as our spine is flexible. A yoga class with choc-full of forward bends, side bends, back bends and twists.....more »»

23-Minute Ice Bath yoga

23-Minute Ice Bath

(Sep 27, 2021) After a 23-minute ICE BATH, I thought I would just come out shivering like all my other ice baths. I wasn't prepared for what happened next. 24 hours after, I'm still recovering...feeling fragile from that ordeal.....more »»

Just Bring 2 Chinese verbatim

Just Bring 2 Chinese

(Oct 3, 2021) You have to see this video by US Senator Graham Allison about the way things are done in China, to fully appreciate this remar, 'just bring 2 Chinese'....more »»


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