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Bacolod to Reconnect with Kram Traveling

Bacolod to Reconnect with Kram

(Jan 26-30, 2024) Restless in my pursuit to find a place to settle down to, I embarked on an inter-island travel in search of that resonance. With Kram willing to host me in Bacolod, I made it my first stop. Kram is good people to me and I looked forward to reconnect with him...more »»

January Chronicles: Bandilaan Meditation Slice of Life

January Chronicles: Bandilaan Meditation

(January 2024) 2024 started out with synchronicities and insight. I talked about an event that happened in Manila to Dindi and realized it was exactly on the same date 15 years ago. I talked to Marky about pursuing our business partnership for 2024 and intentions are aligned. Finally, I got to see Noel's Balete Tree in Bandilaan Mountain. All this is good to start the year on a promising note...more »»

Jan Snapshots: New Year, Fresh Catch, Sunrise, Earthing Snapshot

Jan Snapshots: New Year, Fresh Catch, Sunrise, Earthing

(January 1-31, 2024) We are enabled because there are people behind the scenes who do the thankless job of paving the way for us. They remain unknown and uncredited for the support they provide. Sure, they get paid, but without them, society comes to a screeching halt...more »»

My January Yoga Practice: A Journal Yoga

My January Yoga Practice: A Journal

(January 31, 2024) 2024 started with new insight and new hacks into my practice. It felt like rediscovering yoga all over again with powerful combinations of pranayama, bandha, mudra, kumbhaka, nada and asana...more »»

Yin Yoga Meditation Yoga Meditation

Yin Yoga Meditation

(January 11, 2024) Yin Yoga is a practice unto itself. But some asanas of Yin Yoga are perfect for meditation. You allow gravity to do its thing as the body sinks into the pose, while the mind keeps awareness on the sensation of the stretch...more »»

Kumbhaka / Nada Meditation Meditation Yoga

Kumbhaka / Nada Meditation

(January 9, 2024) When you hold your breath and meditate on the Nada sound, prana no longer flows along Ida and Pingala - it now flows on Sushumna, the central nadi pathway redirecting prana from Muladhara Chakra all the way to Sahasrara Chakra. Magical things begin to happen...more »»

The 4 Cycles of Yuga Yoga

The 4 Cycles of Yuga

(January 4, 2024) We are at the worst epoch in the 4 cycles of Yuga - Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, degeneration, moral decay and spiritual ignorance. It began 5,000 years ago and things get worse until it ends 400,000 years from now. Hang on to your seats!..more »»

The Ultimate Nature of Reality Yoga

The Ultimate Nature of Reality

(January 3, 2024) While reading yogic books, the nature of reality became confusing because some books espouse non-duality and others duality. For the longest time, I thought they were saying the same thing - that at the end of the day, Consciousness is the ultimate reality. But apparently, not. ..more »»

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