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After the Vote-out:<br>Interview of Survivor Philippines' Castaway Gigit by John Lapuz on Showbiz Central Oct 6, 2008

After the Vote-out:
Interview of Survivor Philippines' Castaway Gigit by John Lapuz on Showbiz Central

Location Google Map: GMA Network, Quezon City, Philippines

Showbiz Central Interview
After being voted out by my Jarakay tribe members in the first season of the Philippines' franchise of the hugely popular US reality show, Survivor, I was set to make my rounds on GMA's show circuit. The interview by John Lapuz on Showbiz Central was the first of many showbiz appearances that gave me that coveted 15-minutes of fame that Andy Warhol so talked about.

Ending Thoughts
After this initial appearance, I appeared in nearly all the shows of GMA - Unang Hirit, DZMM and DZLS Radio, Sweet Life, (with Paolo Bediones), Walang Tulugan (with German Moreno), Maldita, All Star K (with Allan K, Jaya, Cristine Reyes), Pocket Press Conference, Nuts Entertainment (with Joey de Leon), gala premiere of Quantum of Solace, QTV's Moms and Quickfire (with Chef Rosebud), and the all-star cast appearance for the Survivor Finale.

--- Castaway Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Reader Comments:

Kay NomanKay Philippines
(May 8, 2021) What? We had dinner with a celebrity?

Nalinee Nuch PramongNalinee Thailand
(May 8, 2021) Woww

Jim VandekasJim Canada
Moto to Heal Moto to Heal
(May 7, 2021) Thanks for sharing. What an experience!

Mathew GrowdenMathew Canada
(May 7, 2021) Whoa!

Alexander BangcayaAlex Philippines
Lyconet Americas
(May 7, 2021) Idol!!!

Oliver BenjaminOllie USA
(May 6, 2021) Wow! You're famous!

(May 6, 2021) ...for 15 minutes, 13 years ago 🙂

Marky MaligmatMarky Philippines
(May 7, 2021) I watched this interview before when I was in my grade school.

Marivi RojasMarivi Philippines
(May 6, 2021) I did not know you were part of Survivor Philippines!

Paapu Chutarat KaewsoiPaapu Thailand
Paapu House
(May 6, 2021) Cool Gigit, you're brighter than a fire!

nicole scheidNicole Canada
(Mar 12, 2021) Omg I didn't even realise that you did this. What a great experience! I wouldn't have voted you out, that's for sure!!!

Dave JoudreyDave Canada
(Mar 12, 2011) Cool stuff man, and you look great. Hope you're still having a blast!

Zoe Valones ArugayDoc Zoe Philippines
(Oct. 5, 2008) I just watched you. Safe ang sagot mo re: who was the mastermind :) have a good week!

Reggie AquinoReggie Philippines
(Oct. 5, 2008) looking good! feeling wow! panay nga ngiti mo (at pungay ng mga mata). and maganda mga sinabi mo. it's so you.

Raisa EspinasRaisa Philippines
(Oct. 5, 2008) Saw your interview at Channel 7. Twas so you. ha-ha. Was really surprised that you were chosen to leave the tribe. You were, I think, the greatest threat in the group.

Andrew MitchellAndrew Canada
(Sep 28, 2008) That is beyond cool man. Let me know if there is a way I can watch episodes online somewhere. Even if I can't understand what you guys are saying, I can at least watch the competitions. Keep Burning!

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