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Survivor Philippines S1

Survivor Philippines Survivor Philippines
Weeknights until December 2008

QTV MOMS Oct 24, 2008 (taping date)
Nov 4, 2008 (airing date)


Guests: Survivor Castaways Gigit, Niña, Patani and Chev
Location Google Map: GMA Network, Quezon City, Philippines

Emotional Roller Coaster Ride
When I was informed by GMA that 4 castaways were slotted for the taping of QTV Moms, I thought it would be interesting to be interviewed by mothers about the island experience, and to be viewed by mothers, mostly homemakers. I could only speculate that the slant will not be on adrenaline exploits but more on the emotional roller coaster ride. To make it more interesting, I'll be the lone guy as I will be joined by 3 female castaways - Chev, Patani and Niña.

full-cast shot

Lory Cipriano
Backstage, I had a great time talking to one of the guests, Lory Cipriano, a pastoral minister in family and counseling. She was to talk about parenting, family and sexuality. I wasn't surprised at all to find common ground with her thinking and experience. We were joined by another celebrity in the discussion, but her name escapes me.

Likewise, I had a candid chat about the 'ropes' in showbiz with another celebrity, Stef. She had her start at Star Talk and now enjoys her own show. Young, beautiful and driven, she'll be going places.

Survivor Friendship?
I don't remember much about the questions asked except the feeling that my answers were too pointed, too cold and too harsh. I was aware of my predicament, but could do little to soften it up. I remember being asked what friendship we developed on the island. While the 3 ladies named names, I couldn't. I viewed the other castaways as colleagues I had to work with in order to get the job done - enhancing camp life, winning challenges. etc. Besides, Survivor Philippines, by its very nature (deception, betrayal, sell-out) is not the event to be in search of a lifelong friend.

No Comment
Another question was asked, "When you left Manila to be away for 39 days on an isolated island, who did you leave behind?". The question was designed to be a tear-jerker. Niña almost bawled out while talking about her kids. I begged off and passed the mic to the next castaway. I think it was Sherilyn who remarked, "...Direk, ayaw sagutin". It's not for lack of an answer but I felt that my answer would have been insensitively harsh...a sharp departure from what the others were saying.

The People I Have Yet to Meet
Let me answer the question here. I'd been nomadic the last 4 years of my life...just me, my backpack and the open road. So, the concept of leaving someone behind is alien. However, to the extent I'll be leaving anyone behind, it would be the people I have yet to meet (admittedly, I find this too ironic). As I go on with my journey, I'll invariably be drifting into people's orbit. Human connection will be forged and magical moments may happen. However, at some point, I will have to move on, consequently leaving them behind. With nursing mothers watching the show, I deemed the answer, no matter how honest, to be too abrasive...even arrogant. Or in Chef Rosebud's parlance, nosebleed!

Wiping the Surgical Smile
The taping ended as quickly as it time to linger around for small talk as the set was being cleared for another episode. People began to wipe off the make-up and the surgical smile. In all honesty, mine was as genuine as it came. I enjoyed my time there. It was a party for me. Maybe I enjoyed it too much.

My Beef?
Getting additional information on this show was tough. The QTV site has nothing to offer, Multiply has no account of it, Google only led me to individual blogs. As much as I'd like to promote the show with banners and graphics, there's no material I could source out on the 'net.

Ending Thoughts
So far, I'm enjoying showbiz. I get to hobnob with the stars, get famous for 15 minutes, get treated like celebrity and sometimes, even get paid (sometimes it's a loot bag full of goodies). I'm still at a point when I can still say 'no' if I want out. I'm not eaten alive yet...ha-ha. I don't know at what point all this gets old, but in the here-and-now, it's all good.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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