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Movie Review: Quantum of Solace (2008) Nov 3, 2008

Movie Review: Quantum of Solace (2008)

Rating: star star star star star
Cast: Daniel Craig as James Bond 007
Director: Marc Forster
Genre: High Action
Location Google Map: Quad Theater, Makati, Philippines

Gala Premiere
Celebrity has its perks, and this one proves it. When I first saw the poster for the movie a month ago, I thought it's too bad I won't be here in Manila to view it, and even if I am, forking P180 for a movie was over the top. However, as a Survivor Phiippines castaway, I don't only get to see the film for free, but the red carpet is even rolled out for the exclusive gala premiere with wine and fab food to complement the star-studded event.

Movie Review: Quantum of Solace (2008)
the rough-hewn and gritty James Bond, Daniel Craig
(or how you suit-up a construction worker to look debonair)

Who's Who
As people were requesting to have a picture of me (and the rest of the castaways), I was also busy having pictures with the stars - Paolo Bediones, Ely Buendia, Miriam Quiambao (who was dazzling!), Juliana Palermo, etc. Other personalities from Columbia Pictures were there, together with guys from Sony, La Maison, etc. While it's an opportune time to do some networking, I never really cared. I was busy with the red wine and finger food, and yes, the company. Ok, enough of me. Let's go back to the movie.

Haunted by the death of his lady (from Casino Royale) and internally conflicted by the event, James Bond is thrust to infiltrate a global underworld crime syndicate out to topple a Bolivian regime in exchange for control of water. The plot is plausible like most Bond films, but the real deal is the non-stop action that rivets you to your seats.

Daniel Craig
Perhaps rivaling Sean Connery, this new Bond packs intensity and adrenaline. Unlike his pretty-boy metro-sexual predecessor Pierce Brosnan, Daniel is often bruised and bloody the entire movie. Cold steel on the outside but concealing a wounded heart on the inside, he's the action hero who tempers his rash and brutal exterior with muted sentimentality. If there's anything he lacks as the ultimate James Bond, it's the cosmopolitan flair. He's too rough-hewn you'ld think he's a construction worker in a tux...but that can easily be overlooked coz he's simply fab.

The Other Bonds
Let me lift a section from my write-up of Mission Impossible:

Sean Connery - undoubtedly the best Bond ever - man of the world, suave, good looks, good acting, a strong presence, and a sharp edge to him. This is to judge him from his era as it would be unfair to use modern-day film making to appraise the Connery Bonds.

Roger Moore - a very feminine James Bond. I still wonder how he got that role, let alone play that role over several movies. He'll make a good English nobleman role...but not James Bond.

Lazenby and Timothy Dalton - these guys look constipated. They should have played supporting roles instead. They proved that good looks alone don't cut it.

Pierce Brosnan - He's got the looks, the edge, the maturity, and the man-of-the-world flair. However, he's so wiry a mild wind can sweep him off his feet. In this pumpin' iron age, his wiry physique is misplaced arrogance. I'm not looking for Mr. Olympia-beefed but a little toning would immensely cement his franchise on the Bond role.

Ending Thoughts
I don't know if this is just a case of last-is-best syndrome, but this Bond movie really blew me away. This could very well be the best Bond movie ever made. Watch it!

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Thanks to Paolo and JR for making it a fab night for us castaways!

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