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Survivor Philippines: Fan Quotes about Castaway Gigit from May 21, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Fan Quotes about Castaway Gigit

Location Google Map: Metro Manila, Philippines

Fan Quotes
I've documented my journey into Survivor Philippines from audition all the way down to post-voted out. Fans of the show and friends all have an opinion. This blog is all about what they have to say.

Survivor Philippines: Fan Quotes about Castaway Gigit

May 21, 2008 (Audition)
I posted on a blog saying I've auditioned and passed the initial elimination rounds for Survivor Philippines. This sparked interest and speculation if I'll make it as a Castaway.

Sun-You KimSun-You Kim
(Sept 7, 2008) I checked your site and found out that you're one of 18 castaways. Congratulations! I am not a fan of the show, but I will watch it.

Remy GaurinoRemy
(Sept 6, 2008) Got a text from a friend...share ko lang, "Hi Rems, dying to watch the first episode of Survivor Phil. There's a castaway dude 49, but with the body of a 25. He's a hunk my dear...can't wait to see him". I'm sure you're that guy...uuhm..ah.

(Aug 27, 2008) Nakita kita sa teaser ng Survivor. Hindi kita mukha mo, pero no doubt, ikaw 'yon...naka Speedo na nagtutulak ng boat.

(June 18, 2008) i really hope you that you mean you're goin to that remote island somewhere in asia!! coz i would then be looking forward to watchin that paolo bediones show! anyway, may the force be with you.

(June 5, 2008) i just want to congratulate you.=) i can feel that you made it to the Final 16 of Survivor Philippines...hoping to see you (in Survivor) soon! good luck!

(June 5, 2008) Whoa! Is it going to be aired here in Thailand ? You already have a fan club here. Me, my husband and our two gremlins! Wish you all the luck!

(June 4, 2008) I agree with them LoneRider, YOU DA MAN!

(June 4, 2008) If you make it, bon voyage and God bless you. Bring our prayers that you be safe and will be able to survive the trials. If not, it's ok...enjoy ka naman. We're proud of you for making it this far. You bested thousands, ha! Not a small feat.

Remy GaurinoRemy
(May 31, 2008) Read your blog last night. Reading between the lines, I know you have made it to the finals! Good luck and may the force be with you.

(May 31, 2008) kamusta? Nabasa ko yung blog mo about Survivor. Ang galing! Kelan ang finals? Mukang mapapanood na rin ako ng show na yun ah.

(May 31, 2008) Wow, congrats!!!!! I have a feeling I'll be seeing you on TV soon enough. :) Can't wait! :)

(May 30, 2008) a-apply sana ko, pero i realized next time na ang showbiz for me...wahahaha. congrats man! may reason na nga ako manood, go upm batch 2005! :)

(May 27, 2008) go for it!! congratulations for getting this far....hope to see you on the show soon!!

(May 26, 2008) your blog should still be o.k. , since their writers also post blogs.

(May 25, 2008) Congratulations on not being eliminated today! I guess one step at a time lang talaga...I'm not surprised that a network would think there's some confidentiality issue at stake, although I agree with you that the extra mileage is good for them, and that as long as you keep to your limits, there's no harm done. It certainly gives you as a contestant no unfair advantage over others who don't blog, so sana nga they do allow you to keep it running. As you said, we'll know in two days' time. Good luck again.... We're rooting for you!

(May 25, 2008) cool pare! i have to check the cable here if they oh's not possible. but i could get information from their website , right? i had never watched this show but anyway, goodluck!

FerchFerch G. Santos
(May 25, 2008) yehey!!!Congrats !!! Go go go for gold!!! You can do it! Hope it goes well para I'd have a reason to watch it.

(May 25, 2008) congrats!!i hope you make it!!!! im excited na to know the result of final elim round today. kung andyan lang ako sa pinas, i'll ask elsie to take photos during the round hihihi. i wish you all the best. i know you can make it, GO!GO!GO!

(May 25, 2008) congratz hehehe God bless

(May 25, 2008) wahey! magkano ang prize money? sana at least php10M =) para worth it yung 39days. saka sana sa vietnam i-shoot. hehehe

(May 25, 2008) Wow, sponsorship na kaagad!!! Galing! Please post a video, ok? Bonne courage!

(May 25, 2008) congrats!! =) and God bless =)

(May 25, 2008) Wow! This is great! I wish you all the best this May 25th! :)

(May 23, 2008) congrats! we're so proud of you!!! sana makapasok ka. kung hindi man, halo-halo na lang tayo next week before you leave. kung makapasok ka, pa-burger ka naman!! burger!! burger!! burger!!

Dennis Lopez
(May 23, 2008) wow! a new voice to sing Ever Since the World Began and The Search is Over. baka ikaw ang susunod na Arnel Pineda! good luck!

(May 23, 2008) congrats! I hope you get in :D haha now I'll have a reason to watch Survivor - this coming from someone who doesn't watch TV. If ever you do get in don't forget to wear a UPM shirt! Haha specifically with "Batch 2005" or "Batch Project" written on it :)

(May 23, 2008) galing! butt shot sa Sunday ha?

(May 23, 2008) wahoooo!!!

(May 23, 2008) Congratulations! Way to go! Johnny G's Spinning motto applies to your journey: "Whether you're up or down, just keep moving forward!" Look forward to hearing about the next stage. Good luck from Paolo & myself :)

Helen Stapleton Helen
(May 23, 2008) Now, I will finally start watching Survivor. Maybe one of the activities could be surviving an Abu Sayaf ambush or making pinikpikan with only one match. Good luck!

Ariane Ariane
(May 21, 2008) Hurray! That's fantastic! I'll campaign for you if you get in! Go go go!

Remy GaurinoRemy
(May 21, 2008) Very good! Congratulations. Hope you can really make it to the final 16. I know you can do it. I have confidence in you specially when I learned about the activities, sabi ko, "kayang kaya".

(May 21, 2008) Congrats. Naway makapasok ka sa finals.

(May 21, 2008) Kudos! Wow...will keep my fingers crossed.

Sept 9, 2008 (Castaway Names)
The 18 castaways who were selected out of 40,000 who auditioned were officially released by GMA. I was one of them.

(Sep 13, 2008) Congratulations on being one of the Survivor castaways! :) Take care...

(Sept. 12, 2008) Paghusayin mo LoneRider, ha! Woohoo!

(Sept. 12, 2008) ...afraid naman ang pose mo. Seryoso ka dyan! Good luck! Bigyan mo naman kami ng balato ha! Burjer! Burjer! Burjer

(Sept. 12, 2008) Mang LoneRider, go!go!go! naman! pa Batsoy ka naman ulit!! hwoooh! ang galing mo! web designer/tutor na, Survivor Philippines pa...pero bakit ang tabak na gamit mo sa profile mo ay parang pinaglumaan na ni Panday? nyahahaha!! sama akong sampu sa yo. p.s. pa picture naman tayo Mang Panday. ikaw lang...ikaw lang ang may weapon sa pictures!!! go LoneRider!!

(Sep 11, 2008) next time we meet... pa autograp! lols!.... hopefully after the show... you'll have a review of experience... hehehe NO MORE LIES!!

(Sep 11, 2008) At last, nakita ko na teaser revealing the castaways. Kagandahang lalaki ka naman pala. Not at all lolo-ish like others say of your age. Ang sikat mo naman, di ka na ma-reach. I'm seeing you in tv and towering billboards and hearing about you in the news. You're being discussed in other peep's blogspot, and now, I will also read you in the papers, astig ah! Shit, na star struck ako!

Mike 43 Bikes
(Sept 10, 2008) Bro, congrats! Sabi ko na nakapasok ka talaga sa Survivor...he-he...kita ko sa commercial sa tv, pero for sure, hindi mo sabihin kung sino nanalo, no? Another reason to watch tv.

Mario Galvez
(Sept 10, 2008) Nakita ko na pala poster 'nyo sa GMA...astig!

Winston UPM '95
(Sept 10, 2008) Bro, congrats sa Survivor! Will watch and cheer you. MABUHAY UPM!!!

Marko Samson
(Sept 10, 2008) ...ganda ng billboard 'nyo! Sa harap ka pa. ha-ha!

(Sept 10, 2008) Wow man, ang gwapo mo sa tv! Congratz! Sandali lang sa tv news, pero kitang-kita ka. May asim pa...he-he

(Sept 9, 2008) Hey...I saw you on tv...ha-ha-ha, 'kala ko, namalikmata lang ako...ikaw's Joan from Coron, Palawan. Remember?

(Sep 11, 2008) i know this guy. met him a few times. he's your definitive hunk! but more than that, he's one analytical guy whom you would want to talk to over and over again. you should hear him speak his mind, his ideas are not only thought provoking but they also speak a truth so uncommon these days!

(Sept 9, 2008) Bro, congrats. Buti na lang may picture tayo. he-he. Si Marvin 'to, 'yung katabi mo sa 2nd interview.

(Sep 9, 2008) I saw you on tv. Congrats! Umpisa na 'to. Enjoy it, ok?

(Sept 9, 2008) Hey Paolo Bediones plugged Survivor in Eat Bulaga. Apparently, he said, " Survivor. Interesting mga castaways like this 48 year old with the body of a 22-year old hunk." Pressure! Dami ng nag-aabang sa katawan mo. hihihi. May mga nagsusulputan ka ng fans and may nagcomment na mukha daw may asim ka pa. Hmmm...I'm tempted to reply. Magstart kaya ako ng fans club mo? Yong tipong TheLoneRider Forever Fans Club ang tawag.

(Sept 9, 2008) Hey, congratulations for making it to Survivor.

Sep 15, 2008 (Telecast)
The pilot episode of Survivor Philippines airs on GMA. This was a widely awaited moment with fans wound-up and pumped to finally see the local version of this hugely popular reality show.

(Oct. 1, 2008) Bro, noon ko pa alam na kasali ka Survivor. So, who won? was it?

Bubut Bautista
(Oct. 1, 2008) Good luck my dear. Will be watcing and keeping track of you. God bless...keep in touch.

Charisse MacalalagCharisse
(Sep 29, 2008) It was so nice to hear you got in as one of the castaways in Survivor Philippines. I started searching the internet if it was true, and sure enough there you were! Suffice to say, I trust you had a wonderful time, what with the new experience and all. When I have time, I get updates on how you're doing through your website. Keep it comin' keep me posted and may I get the chance to experience a great day like yours.

Andrew MitchellAndrew Mitchell (Toronto, Canada)
(Sep 28, 2008) That is beyond cool man. Let me know if there is a way I can watch episodes online somewhere. Even if I can't understand what you guys are saying, I can at least watch the competitions. Keep Burning!

(Sep 27, 2008) We watch Survivor every night...tutok kami, complete merienda pa kami. Naawa nga kami sa'yo nung nadaganan ka sa pagkuha ng pillow he-he-he. We make sure we're home pag airing time na. Take care.

"the doors of show business are now open!!!"
(Sep 26, 2008) hahaha pwede. may kapalit na si Eddie Garcia kung sakali.. mas maasim! :D

Niña OrtizCastaway Niña
(September 25, 2008) Thanks for your support. I didn't realize I had an ally in you.

(Sep 25, 2008) ang pogi mo nga pala sa Survivor, can i just say :D Oo, great experience din naman sya for you. the doors of show business are now open!!! ayaw mo mag-action star?? hahaha. seriously, pinanood ka naming lahat sa bahay nung isang araw at ang comment ng lahat ay "ang pogi ni LoneRider!", "shet, katawan!", "telegenic pala, noh?" hahaha

(Sep 25, 2008) Hey LoneRider....we are following Survivor after BLISS every nite. Back to the comfort zone in Sagada huh? Hope to show you our new BLISS (may 08) when you next pass through.

AndrewAndrew (New York, USA)
(Sep 24, 2008) hey man...thats cool u went into Survivor.. i could see u doing well with cool

Sam Silla
(Sep 23, 2008) Awesome LoneRider, I wish I will be able to watch the show.

Chevy MaciasCastaway Chev Macias
(Sept. 23, 2008) Si Nanay Zita (castaway), type nya brief mo!

Jill GaboJill Gabo
(Sep 22, 2008) galing ako sa palawan, at sabi ng kapitbahay namin, lahat daw sila sa opisina nila ikaw ang peyborit! feeling daw nila ikaw ang mananalo wahehe...nyahaha may fans club ka na :) kitakits sa Sarah's! :)

Raech DavidRaech
"Chev: ...ang type ko si LoneRider"
(Sep 21, 2008) Nice one! =) Punchline: Pinag-uusapan ka ng mga utaw! Talagang SAMPALOK ASIM ang ASIM MO!!! (Nakakakilig talaga!)

Alay MagnoAlay Magno
"Chev: ...ang type ko si LoneRider"
(Sep 21, 2008) ang tinik naman!! i prefer mature! haha! guys sugurin natin sa sagada one time! batch outing!

Ryan ViadoRyan Viado
"Chev: ...ang type ko si LoneRider"
(Sep 21, 2008) Yooohooo!!! Me asim pa ang Lolo! We love you!! See you soon!

"Chev: ...ang type ko si LoneRider"
(Sep 21, 2008) abanaman! hanggang showbiz ba naman, top3 ka pa rin?? ang lakas!! haha.:) dont be a stranger.:)

"Chev: ...ang type ko si LoneRider"
(Sep 21, 2008) Hahaha aba aba aba, hanep may asim pa nga!! Pag nanonood ako pumipitik ang tenga ko pag nababanggit ang mga UPM keywords sa kada ep eh. Bwahahaha! Alam mo ba na ang daming nagrereact dahil daw sa suot mo sa mga naunang ep?

Chevy MaciasCastaway Chev Macias
(September 21, 2008 - when asked by Paolo Bediones in Showbiz Central who her type is among the castaways) ...ang type ko si LoneRider, I like matured.

Sun-You KimSun-You Kim (Vancouver, Canada)
(September 21, 2008) I saw the show on youtube, only couple of scenes. Although I couldn't understand Filipino, it was fun to watch you on the show. I guess you couldn't handle the bullshits much. heh heh. Maybe next time I consider to travel Philippines. I check your site time to time, enjoying your Lucid Thoughts. You're a good writer. Wherever you are whatever you do, take good care of yourself.

Margot CollinsMargot Collins (Vancouver, Canada)
(Sep 20, 2008) hey that's pretty cool!

Janu VillanuevaJanu Villanueva (Houston, Texas)
(Sep 20, 2008) So happy to know that you were included with castaway. More power, wag mo ako kalimutan pag napalanunan mo yung bread, hehehe!

Ilan GordonIlan Gordon (Israel)
(Sep 20, 2008) I wish I had an opportunity to participate in this kind of experience. In Israel we don't get this show on prime TV, probably on SAT. Anyway, great to hear you are having fun.

Christopher Cruz (California, USA, )
(Sep 20, 2008) congrats 'LoneRider!!!

(Sept. 20, 2008) Survivor is now being featured in Jessica Soho. Congrats last week. Your group won. I'm sure you'll be featured later. You've gone a long way now. Autograph naman dyan!

(Sept. 19, 2008) For sure, tumaas ang viewership ng Survivor. Lahat ng bahay dito sa Barangay Baha at Talibayog inaabangan ka. Kinukwento pa nila linya mo and you wanted to learn survival skills then.

(Sep 19, 2008) lagi kong inaabangan ang Survivor..ang payat mu dun! or is it a tv/media thing? hahaha..ingat ingat! see you soon!! =)

Pye TrinidadPye Trinidad
(Sep 19, 2008) hey cool beans? didja win? i won't tell ;) haha cheeky.. hope you won!

Orlena D'SouzaOrlena D'Souza (Toronto, Canada)
(Sep 19, 2008) That's AWESOME!! I hope we can view it here (Toronto) I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED for you!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

(Sep 19, 2008) Haha I don't know if you still remember me! :p but I was happy to see the commercial of Survivor and I saw you there! :p I'm a HUGE FAN of Survivor US version the first 2 seasons! I barely watch GMA7 but I find myself switching to GMA7 around 10PM! hahaha. Neville and I were talking about the show the other day and speculating how far you got!!!! :p hahahaha we're rooting for you!!! :)

Naomi RaeNaomi Rae (Toronto, Canada)
(Sep 19, 2008) Congratulations !! I haven't had a reason to watch Survivor since season 1 - I'll definitely look it up :)

Dan PinedaDan Pineda (Toronto, Canada)
(Sep 19, 2008) Congrats! Kamusta naman ang survivor experience? Ikaw ba ang unang Pinoy survivor? Ayos talaga ang mga trip mo diyan. Meron akong TFC at GMA thru satellite pero hindi pinapalabas yung show mo. Siguro pay-per-view 'to. Anyway, what's next after this. Wala pa bang tv or movie offers? Pare, masaya ako para sa 'yo! Sana tuloy-tuloy ang suwerte! At least pag-uwi ko diyan, celebrity and kasama ko. Pag-nakita mo si Dyesebel sa GMA , paki kiss mo na lang ako.......

Katrina BelloKatrina Bello (USA)
(Sep 19, 2008) i could probably find the episodes in youtube and check it out - how exciting!

Joel Disini
(Sep 19, 2008) Do I know you? you look like a friend of mine who lives in Sagada,but he happily dropped out of the rat race a long time ago...kidding aside, congrats!....

(Sep 18, 2008) A very interesting person indeed... i just met him once but the experience of knowing someone like him is unforgettably great... Go Git!

LiliaLilia (Toronto, Canada)
(Sep 18, 2008) CONGRATULATIONS!! Actually, I have viewed already the first episode (1st day) in my computer even before I read your email because Neneng told me that it will be aired there Sept. 15. and so I watched for it. We have a GMA show attached to Rogers free for 1 month (promo) but the Survivor is not aired here (Toronto) so I watched it in the computer. MUkhang matitibay lahat ng contestants, mayroonpang lola na.

Karen Virata
(September 17, 2008) I just knew you would make it to survivor! Now i have good reason to stay up and watch tv!

Jobert Sibag
(September 16, 2008) nice! my friends and i are avid reader of your adventures..hope you will win and become the first sole survivor!!! God Bless!!

Maria FalconMaria Falcon
(Sept. 15, 2008) Hey, just want to let you know I'm watching Survivor. I look forward to the upcoming episodes.

(Sept. 15, 2008) You're a star! I wouldn't miss it. Word gets around quickly. You're into more than just one web.

(Sept. 15, 2008) Coincidentally switched to GMA and what a surprise, a well known face on tv!

Oct 3, 2008
Voted Out: Castaway Gigit is voted-out in the Tribal Council. First Jarakay tribemember and 3rd castaway to be voted-out.

Chevy MaciasCastaway Chev Macias
(Oct 4, 2008) My sis texted me. She really loves your game. She was shocked that you were voted out.

(Oct. 4, 2008) Tonight ka pala napag-initan. Congrats pa rin.

(Oct. 4, 2008) Napainom ako bigla kagabi sa napanood ko sa Survivor. I just wanna say I'm proud of you.

Castaway Niña
(Oct. 3, 2008) Nood ka later ha? I only had good words for you kahit na may alliance ka kina Jace.

Showbiz Opinions
(October 3, 2008) I bet there's a lot of talk right now about how and WHY THE HELL gigit was voted off. I can't join the discussions, I am too pissed. :( One thing's for sure, however, in any reality show; a person must be emotionally available. Gigit was not emotionally available enough, and his team mates question his motives. If he spoke with them like he did to the cameras, he would have seemed sincere, adamant and approachable. Nonetheless, gigit is all that we hope to be when we get to his age. Whatta MAN!

(Oct. 3, 2008) Naku nakakainis naman, they voted you out...I HATE THEM ALL!

Tony Ancheta
(Oct. 3, 2008) Bro, just watched you at Survivor. My man, you did claim your way to short fame...galing! Man, I was really enthused and amused.

Oct 5, 2008
Castaway Gigit is interviewed by John Lapuz on Showbiz Central. This is Gigit's first television appearance after being voted-out by his Jarakay tribemates.

Doc Zoe
(Oct. 5, 2008) I just watched you. Safe ang sagot mo re: who was the mastermind :) have a good week!

(Oct. 5, 2008) looking good! feeling wow! panay nga ngiti mo (at pungay ng mga mata). and maganda mga sinabi mo. it's so you.

(Oct. 5, 2008) Saw your interview at Channel 7. Twas so you. ha-ha. Was really surprised that you were chosen to leave the tribe. You were, I think, the greatest threat in the group.

Oct 6, 2008 (Unang Hirit)
Live morning interview at Unang Hirit with Suzie and Jolina. Taped afternoon interview by Aubrey for 24-Oras.

(Oct 7, 2008) Sir, ang likot nyo po sa tv ha, nahilo ang camera. "Pleasantness" ka na naman. You would think nanalo ka sa contest kaya may guesting ka.

Ina Ocampo
(Oct. 7, 2008) hanggang kelan ka sa Manila? Nakita kita sa Unang Hirit. He-he-he

(Oct 6) They just had a feature on you on the news! Ikaw daw ang pinakamatipuno, pinakamalakas, pinakamakisig na tribe member and how it was such a shock that you were voted off. Ang dami mo daw na contribute sa pagpapaganda ng buhay nila sa isla tulad ng apoy at bla-bla-bla. Then they showed you tying those crazy knots of yours. Man! I thought you had won! Tsk. It's a popularity contest isn't it. Threat ka kasi masyado siguro. he-he

(Oct. 6, 2008) hahaha showbiz ka na! you"ve gone throught the looking glass!! you've taken the Red Pill! there's no turning back hahaha

Princess Que
(Oct 6, '08) hehehe... onga eh... pagkareply ko sayo, narinig ko bigla sa news yung "matapos nilang pagkaisahan si LoneRider..." reaction ko: "what? voted out na si TheLoneRider?" hahahaha!! tapos na-confirm ko lang kahapon sa genmit... :( oh well.. congrats pa rin!!!! idol!!! :D

Oct 8, 2008 (DZMM and DZLS intertiews)
Radio interview with castaways Gigit and Patani at DZMM with Papa Doc and Papa Kiko, followed by DZLS interview with Shalala and Kuya Germs

Secret Admirer
(October 8th, 2008) gigit is a big threat that's why he was eliminated. he lost in d competition but he won my heart.

(Oct 8) Oiy, bakit ka may love advice dyan? Dr. Love, ikaw ba yan? Alam ko na pwedeng option mo aside from hosting, pwede kang DJ. Tell Papa Bear to move over!

Oct 10, 2008 (Sweet Life)
Guesting on Sweet Life hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez and co-host Wilma Doesnt, with castaways Gigit, Chev, Patani and Emerson.

(Oct 10, 2008) Saw you on Sweet Life...he-he Guess I'll be seeing more of you on tv. Bet you're loving all the tv appearances. I'm so proud of you!

Oct 14, 2008 (
Live chat at with Paolo Bediones and castaways Gigit, Chev, Patani, Emerson and Niña.

(oct 16, 2008) late n comment n to pero hindi tlga ngisip ung mga ktribemate ni gigit nung vinote out nila xa. ayan nadedejado ung tribe nila ngaun. he discerns things from an objective point of view & not for alliance sake lng at that point in d game. nanghihinayang lng ako kc iniiexpect ko ang tulad nya na mgtatagal sa game..nevertheless, da bes pa rin kamo sya!!

(October 16, 2008) wow! gigit's writings are good! well, at least a few that i read, were.

(Oct 16, 2008) gigit is very articulate naman talaga. ang yung blog niya,kumikita na. heheh

Auntie Neneng
(Oct. 15, 2008) been waiting for you to be visible on yahoo messenger pero di kita maabutan na naka log.on.

you look good on tv, puede artista he he. you passed the interview with flying colors. you answered the questions intelligently, you were always smiling, you appeared happy with your experience kahit you were booterd out and you were thankful to your host.

up to now, I have this funny feeling that you are the first pinoy survivor. when you came back from the Island, I sensed that you are happy then. parang winner.. so until now, naghuhula kami na baka pinabalik ka sa island. wala ka na sa show pero we are still glued to it.

anyways, as I said before, kahit di ka manalo as the first pinoy survivor, mag.e enjoy ka naman sa experience, which I think, you did.

I am happy for you and proud that you made it to the island.

Oct 18, 2008 (Walang Tulugan)
Guesting at Kuya Germ's Master Showman, Walang Tulugan with castaways Patani, Emerson and Niña

(October 20, 2008) i've come across Gigit's blog pre-Survivor pa. i just love how insightful and articulate he is.

(October 20, 2008) ganda ng mga thoughts ni gigit. i actually noticed and liked gigit at first along with kiko. siempre it's hard not to notice gigit with his trunks (or ano ba tawag nyo dun mga sis)... pero basta the way he talked.. gusto ko sila ni kiko nung umpisa. that's why i was so sad when he got voted out early and that's why i'm so asar kay marlon kasi feeling ko nga siya may kagagawan ng maagang pagka-vote out kay gigit.

(October 20, 2008) blood is continously dropping until now on my nose 'cause of gigit's thoughts. Cheesy Cheesy Wink grabe, he's so articulate. he shouldn't be a web developer but instead, a writer. Smiley Wink

(October 20, 2008) Wow. im at lost for words. grabe Gigit. he's so insightful and so honest. and yes, Sagada is really a haven of some sorts. super love it there. UP Mountaineers pala siya. btw, what lie was he talking about kaya?

(October 20, 2008) Ang galing ni Gigit. Isa nga siya sa favorite ko sa Jarakay with Nina.

(October 20, 2008) until now, gigit's being voted out has been the most shocking..

(Oct 19) I'm watching you on tv now, sa Walang Tulugan!

(Oct 19) Idol! Artista mode ka dyan sa Walang Tulugan ha! Nice to see you again on Tube.

Oct 22, 2008 (Maldita)
Guesting at Maldita launch of Anti-Cervical Cancer Campaign with castaways Gigit, Chev, Emerson and Niña

Che Che
(Oct 24, 2008) From the Survivor teaser today, Jarakay is on Tribal Council again and Marlon admits that since they voted you out, that's the fall of Jarakay. Totoo naman kasi eh. They didn't have the wisdom that you have. Cheers!

(Oct 24, 2008) Finally, Marlon admits the group's biggest mistake...that they voted you out...beh, buti nga sa kanila. I now go for Naak...hehehe

Oct 26, 2008 (All Star K)
Gigit and Patani at All Star K (YouTube: video 1, video 2, video 3)

Paolo Bediones
(Oct 30, 2008) Gigit was a strong contender who could have made it all the way to the end.

He had the right combination of brains and brawn. He understood enough of the game to know that strong ones shouldn't be voted off early in the game to ensure victory at the challenges.

He was a work horse at camp as well and didn't rub any of his tribemates off the wrong way until it became evident that he was a man that could not be controlled.

When told to vote for Nina he was strongly against it. The next target was Patani but Gigit wanted Nikki to be taken out because she was homesick. It was this behavior that alarmed his alliance and consequently made him their target.

What Gigit could have done is told Nina how he was protecting her which would compel her to tell her all girls alliance to not vote Gigit and maybe go for Marlon instead. But he decided to keep it to himself.

Lesson here is when there's an opportunity to tell a tribemate you are protecting them use it because in the future they may try to protect you as well.

(Oct 29, 2008) I meant to peep lang sa and read the summary of last night's episode which I missed. But I saw your name early on in the discussion. So I followed the thread....saw your name again...then next pa and next pa. My gas! Abelgas! You're still very much alive in the SPdotcommers!

Jeriko Pablo
(Oct 29, 2008) you were my bet from the start, oh well papel, I guess something better's waiting for you.. soon.. :) by the way, ang cute cute nyo ni Patani sa All Star K guesting! /:D>

Jess Losaria
(Oct 27, 2008) ,,,arent you going to write an article about your allstar k appearance? sayang muntik n kayo nanalo ng fav kong si patani hehe.

Maria Falcon
(Oct 27, 2008) Nice one last night on All Star K ... I had my mother beside me watch you and told her all about your Survivor thingy ... She said, something to the effect that you seem to enjoy life. I can't agree more :-) See you soon my celeb friend!

(Oct 26, 2008) Congrats, 10K is quite big for an amateur singer. Muntik mo na makuha.

(Oct 26, 2008) Ok ngarud. We're watching you now. Nakakasilaw naman your suit. hahaha

(Oct 26, 2008) Ang ganda naman ng tandem nyo ni Patani...hehehe

(Oct 26, 2008) I'm watching All Star K right now! Too bad you missed the last word. Congrats just the same. Blow out!

Che Che
(Oct 26, 2008) Great voice! hahahe, tawa ng ako ng tawa kasi mas tense pa si Patani sa 2nd song :-)

Castaway Charisse
(Oct 26, 2008) Gigt!! Ang kulit mo sa game! :-)

(Oct 26, 2008) Ha-ha, I'm not used to seeing you in an Austin Powers outift! I was shouting the answer here at home. Oh boy, I had so much fun watching you and Patani. Naging 10K instead of 110K...sayang.

Tony Ancheta
(Oct 26, 2008) Showbiz na showbiz ang dating mo bro. Galing galing! Congrats Bro! It really entertains me. May the force be with you Bro.

(Oct. 26, 2008) Heya, mukhang love team material kayo ni Patani ah. Watching out for All Star K. Can't believe you've become 'Showbiz'. Enjoy!

Oct 31, 2008
Survivor Philippines Pocket Press Conference with full 8 voted-out castaways

Nov 1, 2008
Gigit, Patani and Vhev guest at Nuts Entertainment with Joey de Leon

Rowena SumagaysayRowena
(Nov 2, 2008) I watched Nuts Entertainment last night...katuwa naman ang first on screen kiss nyo ni Patani, ikaw pa yata ang nagulat sa ginawa ni sexy yaya eh. hahahah. I admire what you are doing with your life. Kahit si Joey de Leon, mukhang bilib na bilib sa yo. I stumbled upon your blog last June, way before the Survivor Phil hype. I Googled about the mango plantation in Guimaras because we were planning to start our 1 hectare mango orchard that July. In your blog, you were amused about your Guimaras trip and I found myself reading your blogs. Very enriching ang mga trips mo. A few months after, I was surprised to see you on TV. I was disappointed to see you go sooner than expected because I know you're one of those who can really survive in d island, given your physical stamina and mental attitude. If ever GMA 7 will give you a break in showbiz, grab it. I can see you in a show mala-Lonely Planet, Pinoy meets world documentary. Even if you are a self confessed - no TV person, for us TV addicts, we will be very happy to watch entertaining quality shows. Calling GMA 7. Good luck. I hope to meet you in person. If one of your future destinations is Iloilo, I will gladly cancel all appointments to tour you around, weeeeeee.

(Nov 2, 2008) Ang kulit nyo sa Nut's ah...with kissing scene talaga. You were a good actor...nice voice and focus.

Choy Calunsod
(Nov 1, 2008) I'm watching you sa Nut's Entertainment! hahaha!

(Nov 1, 2008) A star is born sa Nut's...may career ka!

(Nov 1, 2008) he-he...ang cheesy ng dialogue ngo! Did you watch?

(Nov 1, 2008) OMG! Patani kissed you! Riot !!!...pero seriously, ang galing mo doon. Na-convince ako :-) and I just had the chance to watch you sa All Star K kangina. Congrats!!!

(Nov 1, 2008) should see me laugh now! Riot!

Nov 3, 2008
Survivor Philippines castaways together with Paolo Bediones attend the gala premiere of the James Bond movie:
Quantum of Solace

Nov 4, 2008
Castaways Gigit, Niña, Chev and Patani guest at QTV's Moms with Lani, Jenelyn and Sherilyn

(November 4, 2008) Watching Moms on QTV now and the guests are Survivor Philippines finalists. Failed to catch the start of the show and I don't watch Survivor regularly. So I'm not sure if these 4 have been eliminated. Suffice it to say that two of them are truly impressive. One is a lady who's very articulate (nina ortiz?), the other is web designer cum free spirit Gigi Sulit. Very, very articulate. When he starts talking, you have to listen. His message, his choice of words, his ideas � you can put him with the greatest minds and you'll be happy you did. He has brains, presence, the works. If life were a movie, he'd be one of the brains calling the shots in it. The wheelchair guy in X-Men, for example, etc. You get the drift. He can shift from Tagalog to English and vice versa with ease. his diction is very good. Won't be surprised if he makes a career on TV, no not as an actor but maybe as an anchor, a broadcast journalist or something. GMA grab him before anyone else does.

(Nov 4, 2008) Aha! Guest ka rin pala sa Moms! You're on a roll :-)

(Nov 4, 2008) I'm watching now!!!

(Nov 4, 2008) Saw it. Davao relatives too. By the way, you did well sa Moms. Masaya and show. You were warm and appeared so at home in front of the camera...intelligent answers too. What you said was what Survivor Philippines viewers wanted to hear - Jarakay self-destructed and eating each other now.

(Nov 4, 2008) Sayang, wasn't able to watch. Got no tv. I heard you were voted-out. It only proves how good you are and how insecure they were having you around.

Nov 8, 2008
5 castaways, Gigit, Nikki, Vhev, Chev and Jace go head-to-head with the Starstruck Avengers at Eat Bulaga

Joy Gatchalian
(Nov. 10, 2008) i saw you on tv, i think, last week at channel 11 sa tv show na Moms. i understand the guests there were those who participated in another show, Survivor? you look the same on tv and in person. i told my mother that i met you in the meditation workshop. we're both first timers there. god bless you!

(Nov. 8, 2008) Before i continue reading more about you in your blog, let me share how i found your site. Yes, I've seen you in SP for some episodes and I'm quite familiar with your nickname already but it was never my intention to look for some more information about the castaways. I was just searching innocently for links or pictures here in multiply about Sagada. I've seen lots of pictures already starting 1030pm (it's already 1:21am). There are quite a handful that deserve praise. Then i searched again. To my surprise i saw the name "gigit." Is this the same Gigit in SP? There may be some others with the same name, but could this be the One. Alas, when i looked at the pictures, it was really you. Surprise, surprise for me! Anyway, you have an amazing life. That's all I can say for now.

(Nov. 8, 2008) Hi Git, I'm watching Eat Bulaga. right now. Di lang nga kita nakitang kumanta. How are you by the way? Sikat ka na! Try mo lang mag-artista. Malay mo? he-he

(Nov. 8, 2008) Sayang naman! Kasi and buzzer. Picturan mo naman si DingDong...and pogi at may boses.

Castaway Kaye Alipio
(Nov. 8, 2008) Good job guys! :-) okay lang yan. Ingat pag-uwi.

(Nov. 8, 2008) Sayang dun sa tie-breaker! Argh! I was rooting for you. Spelling 'yun eh. That should have been easy for you.

(Nov. 8, 2008) Si Malou, friend ni Babs sa UP. Grabe exposure mo! Mag-aartista ka ba? ha-ha!

(Nov. 8, 2008) Saw you in Eat Bulaga! he-he. Ngayon ko lang narinig kinanta mo.

(Nov. 9, 2008) Hi showbiz guy, naks, photogenic sya sa Eat Bulaga! Too bad I didn't finish the show.

Castaway Charisse Yacapin
(Nov. 8, 2008) Good luck Jace, Vevh, Nikki, Gigit and Chev! Kayang kaya nyo 'yan. Survivor represent! Enjoy the game! :-) Castaways, let's support them. Watch Eat Bulaga!

Nov 9, 2008
Castaways Gigit and John guest at the taping of QTV's QuickFire with Chef Rosebud

Judy Pazon
(December 02, 2008) gusto ko mka (friendly date) is a frustrated mountain climber so i would like to hear his escapades on the mountains he conquered...i also found him to be very articulate and sure there will be no dull moment with him...

(Dec 1, 2008) more power to the survivor team...kahit I need to wake up early, nagpupuyat just to watch Survivor DEC 2, you are one of the 3 that I bet to win in Survivor. I was disappointed when they voted you out

(Dec 1, 2008) ...saw your photo in yesterday's issue of PhilStar. There was a write-up on cervical cancer survivors

(November 20, 2008) Kung date na walang malisya, I'd go for Gigit! Why? He's a man of experience and a very sensible person... we could talk all day ok lang. I could get pointers too about web designing ;D

(Nov. 13, 2008) Basta for me you're the sole survivor...I've read your blog...lalo tuloy ako napapabilib...napaka professional mo...ang galing...mabuhay ka...and God bless you.

(Nov. 13, 2008) Here at Girltalker forum, we are all in agreement that ur boot was the biggest mistake committed by ur tribemates. ive seen u in some TV appearances, didnt know u have a natural flair in acting, u and patani were hilarious in nuts entertainment :) hope to see u regularly on could have been exciting to see you fight it out in SP.... sayang talaga! Thanks again, btw i posted ur reply in Girltalk :) God Bless and More Power!

Dec 2, 2008
Paolo Bediones' 10th Anniversay PressCon

Dec 5, 2008 Grand Eyeball

Cecile IgnacioCecile Ignacio
(Dec 10, 2008) Anyway, grabe, you're sikat na pala! I haven't been able to check your site for quite some time and when I did, nagulat ako, promise! Ang last na alam ko sumali ka sa SP pero now, hindi ka na ma-reach! May tv guestings ka na!! Pwede magpa-autograph kapag nagkita tayo? hehe.

(December 09, 2008) weee..gusto ko akyat kami (ni Gigit) sa mt.pulag .haytz ganda non. dream mountain ko pa man din ang pulag. and knowing na expert na siya na mountaineer.. it will be interesting!

Dec 11, 2008
Unang Hirit Fans Day at Camarin High School

Dec 12, 2008
Survivor Philippines Final Episode

(Dec 13, 2008) Hey, I didn't miss much pala last night. Sa huli ka lang lumabas. Ha-ha. Galing ni JC ha!

Judy Pazon
(Dec 13, 2008) hello gigit..we talked last night before the finale. i read some of you blogs and i realized, YOU ARE LARGER THAN SURVIVOR, PHILS! there are still SO MUCH for you out there LONERIDER! God Bless!

(Dec 12, 2008) Nang-upstage kami dito with our tarp. Meron ditong babae, may dalang streamer, nakalagay, "MY GIGIT" aba...aba...aba...sino 'to ha? :) We're having so much fun here (at GMA Studio 7) cheering!

(Dec 12, 2008) I like seeing you on tv ;) you don't morph into something else. 100% pure Gigit!

(Dec 12, 2008) I saw you sa taping nyo sa Studio 7. I was on the bleacher. I didn't know it would take that long. Puyatan ito.

Dec 14, 2008
Survivor Philippines Reunion Special

(Jan 1, 2010) Happy New Year! I just learned that my sister is huge fan of yours. :) She wants to meet you when she goes to Manila this April. Hope you'd be free by then. She monitored you in Survivor. Nalungkot daw sya when you got evicted. Told her that we were good friends. She was surprised. Star struck ata sayo. :)

Pete Valdez
(January 13, 2009) i'm just one of the avid readers of ur website, which i check everyday for new entries. i'm from baguio but is currently residing in virginia (usa). hiking, camping and mt. biking are what i also do once in a while. when they voted u out of survivor phils. i totally quit reading their articles.

Bong Hernandez (Ondabag)
(Jan 12, 2009) I know I knew you from up my email and i saw this..wife and I is a survivor TV show fan.. :D hehehe...great read nga.. kakaiba..will read the older stories when I get home. Nice stories..I envy you bro.. keep it up

(Jan 10, 2009) thank you for dropping by sa chatroom. i was stunned. hahaha!

(Jan 2, 2009)'s the story of the banner, it is supposed to be "our gigit" because of the reward from dotcom, di ba? but then, in our chatroom, i've been calling you "my gigit" or "gigit ko" (i hope you don't mind?!)...i find it cute, so that's it!

Manuel Valenzuela
(Dec 25, 2008) After watching you in Survivor Philippines I started reading your articles in the I find them very interesting and inspiring. I hope you continue writing. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Year!

Kitty Arambulo
(Dec 17, 2008) Superlong time no contact! Glad to hear you are doing well, and sorry that you are out of Survivor! You do strike me as a typical Survivor person. :)
(16 Dec 2008) What could have been his effect on the show if he had stayed longer in the game? Even before Survivor, since we knew he'll be part of it, his aura suggests a coming of an epitome of wisdom in a Reality TV.

Ending Thoughts
Being in the thick of all the hype, pressure, self-talk and discord, it was hard to get bearing on what was happening. But thanks to what the fans have been saying, I get a glimpse of public persception that was unbeknownst to me. Despite being hard on myself for being thrown-out too early, I guess I didn't do too bad given what the publc is saying. At the end of the day, Survivor Philippines was a heck of an experience I wouldn't trade for anything else.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
YOGA by Gigit Yoga by Gigit | Learn English Learn English | Travel like a Nomad Nomad Travel Buddy | Donation Bank Donation Bank for TheLoneRider

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