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Yoga Classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Yoga Classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand

abs Yoga Classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand

NOTE: Only private classes are offered.

Days/Times: students determine this depending on their availability
Location Google Map: Nawa Saraan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand
LINE Contact:

The Class

Classes can be traditional yoga offerings OR classes focused on specific areas - lecture (chakra, 8 limbs, mudras, etc.), optimum digestion, healthy eyes, power/strength, weightloss, breathing, therapy and/or meditation.

Classes are offered 1-on-1 for a tailor fitted program or developed for a group class. They are conducted with explanations on what we are doing and why we are doing them - it's important for any student to know the underlying principles of yoga. One session usually lasts 90 minutes.

Classes usually consist of the following:

  1. yoga talk - theories and concepts in yoga
  2. asanas - can be a combination of yoga postures, HIIT, point-of-failure holds, calisthenics, dynamic tension
  3. pranayama - regulated breathing
  4. kumbhaka - breath-hold
  5. bandha - energy locks
  6. mudra - energy seals
  7. meditation - can be anapana, vipassana, trataka, chakra focus, emptiness, etc.

Fee: Baht 1000/session
Note: RSVP, bring your mat, come 5 minutes earlier to settle down, we start on time
Teacher availability: GREEN area are the available time slots (as of this writing)

9:30-11:00am yoga nimman yoga nimman ice
6:30-8:00pm combat
yoga nimman

GREEN = available and open


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