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Chocolate Souffle Oct 14, 2006

Chocolate Souffle

Location Google Map: Log Cabin (resto), Sagada (municipality), Mountain Province, Philippines

I was excited about this particular Log Cabin dinner buffet. After bitching about the same roast pork every Saturday, Chef Aklay said he'll prepare something different. I look at the array of food on the table and voila, what do I see? ROAST PORK again!!!

Chocolate Souffle
an array of delectable dishes at Log Cabin's dinner buffet, prepared by Chef Aklay

Tonight's Highlight
Oh well, the most I can really do is simply to suggest. Of course, I also have the option not to come, but that would be a bigger mistake, given the other culinary offering on the table. I'll give him credit for coming up with something interesting though every Saturday - and that one single dish makes the Log Cabin buffet a worthwhile experience. His highlight for this evening? soup and dessert.

Roasted Zuchinni and Almond Soup
Almonds in Sagada? Yeah, when it comes to ingredients, he pulls rabbits out of a hat. At first the soup tasted just ok. But it has a finish that keeps you salivating and wanting for more. It just got better with every spoonful. I must have had 3 servings. If not for the other food on the table, I would have gone for a 4th. I would definitely rank this Roasted Zuchinni and Almond Soup within the top 4 of soups...very good soup.

Chocolate Souffle
After I tried doing a souffle sometime back, I swore never to do it again. It's laborious - my armpit was sweating like a pig after nearly half an hour of continuously mixing the batter manually. So, tonight at Log Cabin, I was surprised Chef Aklay prepared chocolate souffle. This dessert wasn't just good. It was great souffle. The fluff held on, and it had this creamy texture that was just perfect to swirl inside the mouth.

Roast Pork Issue
I've come to terms with what's on the table at Log Cabin buffet. I won't bitch about the monotony of roast pork anymore. It's still the best roast pork this side of the pacific anyway. Besides, it's not always the same kind of roast pork. He puts a variety of creative innovations to it - roast pork stuffed with prunes, roast pork with mint sauce, roast pork a la lamb, etc.

Ending Thoughts
The issue is not roast pork - it's me and my mismanaged expectation. Next buffet night, and all the other coming buffet nights, I'll manage my expectation by not having any. Whatever is on the table is invariably good food - that much I already know. I'll just eat them like it's the first time. Chef Aklay, my gratitude for the bounty you put on our table...a votre sante!

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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