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Understanding Yogic Chakras Nong Khai, Thailand

Understanding Yogic Chakras

(Apr 26, 2020) Chakras are energy centers aligned along the central energy pathway (sushumna) within the human subtle-body. There are 72,000 energy channels within the body and the chakras are like interchanges or hubs where these channels are connected to.....more »»

Visiting the Salakaewkoo (Giant Buddha Park) in Nong Khai Nong Khai, Thailand

Visiting the Salakaewkoo (Giant Buddha Park) in Nong Khai

(Apr 23, 2020) Salakaewkoo is a religious concrete sculpture park created by a Lao mystic shaman named Luang Poo Boun Leua Sourirat. The outdoor art installation are massive and can tower-up to 7 stories high. The religious theme is a fusion of Buddhism and Hinduism. This park is similar to the Buddha Park of Vientiane which he also created prior to his move to Nong Khai, Thailand.....more »»

Fitness in Quarantine Times Nong Khai, Thailand

Fitness in Quarantine Times

(Apr 20, 2020) Fitness and staying healthy are key during these Covid times. My personal practice takes priority to ensure I don't succumb to this pandemic. It's a holistic approach - body, mind and spirit.....more »»

Covid 19: Lion - Buffalo Analogy Nong Khai, Thailand

Covid 19: Lion - Buffalo Analogy

(Apr 13, 2020) A guy I met in Dumaguete many years back, recently posted on Facebook about Covid 19. It's provocative and could come across as insensitive given the casualties and the frantic efforts to curb the pandemic. But it resonated with me. Covid 19 is widely viewed as the 'glass being half empty'. However, given fresh perspective, it can also be viewed as 'half full'.....more »»

Covid 19 and the Conspiracies Nong Khai, Thailand

Covid 19 and the Conspiracies

(Mar - Apr, 2020) The word 'conspiracy theory' has been rendered taboo by mainstream media. But what if established facts form a picture that make up the prophetic scenario of the New World Order that the elite had been purveying the last so many decades? The Covid 19 pandemic, no matter how absurdly sounding, seems to fit into that grand design...more »»

Nong Khai with Cheng Nong Khai, Thailand

Nong Khai with Cheng

(Mar 18 - Apr ???, 2020) The surfer girl from Singapore who helped me out in Siargao in July 2013 showed up in Nong Khai. This unexpected rendezvous took many surprising turns.....more »»

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