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Covid 19 and Pranayama Nong Khai, Thailand

Covid 19 and Pranayama

(Mar 20, 2020) The world is gripped by its balls with Covid 19. Social media, mainstream media, water cooler's all about the Covid 19 pandemic that is sweeping the planet by storm. Airports, schools, offices, public events are on global lock-down to stem the virus from spreading. Media fuels the panic by showing clips of people physically slugging each other over toilet paper in a grocery run. Alcohol, face masks and hand sanitizer are hoarded for black market sale. The panic is viral and frenzied. Not to sound insensitive or arrogant, but the viral pandemic doesn't worry me. I have one word to say: PRANAYAMA.....more »»

Giant Mekong Catfish at the Nong Khai Aquarium Nong Khai, Thailand

Giant Mekong Catfish at the Nong Khai Aquarium

(Mar 19, 2020) When I visited Chiang Khong in May 2016, I came upon its Catfish Museum. But the only Giant Mekong Cat Fish I saw was a stuffed animal. But it was huge, as long as my outreached arms. Here in Nong Khai, I heard they have an aquarium where you actually see a live one!....more »»

Drawn to Nong Khai, Thailand Nong Khai, Thailand

Drawn to Nong Khai, Thailand

(Mar 12, 2020) My abrupt departure from Vientiane left me a few options on the next destination. Udon Thani was appealing. Bangkok was viable, if I could get barter lodging at Adventure Hostel. And of course, Chiang Mai always has its doors open. But this obscure border town, Nong Khai, was calling my attention. But lodging was prohibitive, starting at B220. Usually, I bypass these destinations. What exactly is in Nong Khai? I don't even know the first thing about it. I bit the bullet and took my chance.....more »»

Goodbye Vientiane: in Search of Greener Pasture Laos

Goodbye Vientiane: in Search of Greener Pasture

(Mar 12, 2020) With my 30-day visa, I was prepared to stay in Vientiane the whole month and make a life. But after 7 days of doing my due-diligence, conditions remained less than ideal. It's a familiar language my benevolent universe communicates with me - telling me to pack-up and telling me that there is a greener pasture out there.....more »»

Software Review Writing for B2B Enterprise Solutions learning

Software Review Writing for B2B Enterprise Solutions

(Mar 10, 2020) I received an email from someone who used to read my blogs. I've never met him. He liked my writing style and thought about me when his employer was expanding and needed more writers. I would be writing software reviews about B2B (business to business) enterprise solutions. Even though I'm a web designer with a proficiency level within the tech industry, software was never my niche. But I saw its relevance in what I do. It's something that interested and challenged me. Do I still have the juice to slug-it out with a fulltime job?....more »»

Vientiane Revisited Laos

Vientiane Revisited

(Mar 5, 2020) With my visa expiry, Vientiane was the nearest border from Udon Thani, Thailand. I boarded the International Bus that took me 2 hours through a painless border crossing. I wasn't impressed the last time I visited Vientiane - it had seen better days. But that didn't matter - all I wanted was to find a suitable place to do my first fulltime job writting B2B software reviews for a Polish company. When I arrived, it wasn't the same Vientiane I left more than 5 years ago.....more »»

Isaan Food in Udan Thani, Thailand Udon Thani, Thailand

Isaan Food in Udan Thani, Thailand

(Mar 5, 2020) Isaan is the local word for 'Northeast' of Thailand, consisting of its 20 provinces. Apparently, there is no Udon Thani cuisine. Locals refer to their culinary tradition simply as Isaan. Mostly, because of the diaspora of Vietnamese and Chinese into the region, plus shared border with Cambodia and Laos, Isaan could simply mean a fusion of all these flavors and tradition.....more »»

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