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Hotel Review: Arun Suite hotelreview

Hotel Review: Arun Suite

(June 27, 2019) Arun Suite just opened up and I'm the first guest in the room I've occupied. It's more like a well-appointed house with 3 bedrooms in a 3-storie building. It has a living room with flat screen tv, dining table, full kitchen and a sizeable outdoor bathtub. Every thing is new and functional.....more »»

Movie Review: Rocketman (2019) movies

Movie Review: Rocketman (2019)

(June 25, 2019) Rocketman is a musical-bio of Elton John that revealed what most of the public don't know about him - a homosexual, bulimic, alcoholic, and a druggy. It talked about relationships - with longtime lyric writer Bernie Taupin, his narcistic manager, his condescending father and his dispproving mother. Toss stardom into it and it's a train wreck.....more »»

Bruce Lipton: Epigentics to Transcend Genes people

Bruce Lipton: Epigentics to Transcend Genes

(June 24, 2019) Bruce Lipton is a stem cell biologist who discovered that we are not trapped within the limitation of our genes - contrary to conventional science. He proves through repeatable experiments that environment and our thinking can transcend our biology. This paradigm opens up the floodgates on how we can architecture not just our health, but reality itself.....more »»

Optimizing Life thru Heart Math quantummechanics

Optimizing Life thru Heart Math

(May 8, 15 and 22, 2019) I've always made decisions from an intellectual perspective, often times neglecting input from the heart. While I know I'm right, sometimes, it doesn't feel right. What am I missing? When Alan Strydom, coach trainer for Heart Math, invited me to try the Heart Math approach, I signed-up, curious to where it may take me......more »»

Movie Review: Aladdin (2019) movies

Movie Review: Aladdin (2019)

(June 13, 2019) The timeless classic, Aladdin, is again on the big screen to delight this new generation - this time with music, dance, CGI animation and Bollywood!....more »»

Connective Cacao and Sound Journey meditation

Connective Cacao and Sound Journey

(June 12, 2019) I first heard of a cacao ceremony in Ubud, Bali. I was curious but never had the chance. Here in Chiang Mai, Heart Space offers the ritual on a regular basis. Now, I finally get my chance to see what it's all about.....more »»

Movie Review: X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) movies

Movie Review: X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

(June 6, 2019) Not sure what to make of this Marvel movie. Most of them have been disappointing lately. I didn't see anything new about this latest Marvel contribution. It seems to simply follow the same formula without anything new or redeeming about the movie.....more »»

Chiangmai BLUES music

Chiangmai BLUES

(June 6, 2019) Chiang Mai is the 2nd largest city in Thailand so you would think there's more than a few guys playing Blues music. Maybe before. But now, only one guy is single-handedly taking care of the Blues scene here - Mai!....more »»

Movie Review: John Wick 3 - Parabellum (2019) movies

Movie Review: John Wick 3 - Parabellum (2019)

(June 4, 2019) John Wick 3 out-does the 2 previous John Wick movies. It's equally as gory and violent, but more innovative, more outlandish, to the point of being hilarious. This is the best of all the John Wick movies. A definite must-see !!!....more »»

Hatha Slow Flow with Neil Jefferson yoga

Hatha Slow Flow with Neil Jefferson

(June 3, 2019) Neil's knowledge of anatomy became increasingly clear as we dived deeper into the stretches - no power asanas or Warriors or one-legged balancing asanas. Just carefully articulated slow flow, as Neil kneaded all our muscle groups as he inched his way into our bodies part by part, asana by asana...more »»

Meditating with One Million Meditators Movement meditation

Meditating with One Million Meditators Movement

(June 1, 2019) June 1 celebrates One Million Meditators Day that happens simultaneously across the planet. The goal is to have at least one million people meditate from the corner of the world as collective in shifting consciousness. Here in Chiang Mai, this event was hosted by Gabrielle Nagy of Heart Space.....more »»

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