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Fitness in Kuantan fitness

Fitness in Kuantan

(Mar 29, 2018) With no workout during the entire 10-day Vipassana meditation course and having discovered a public fitness playground along the Kuantan River, I devoured the chance to be back to my fitness program....more »»

Exploring Kuantan, Malaysia traveling

Exploring Kuantan, Malaysia

(Mar 25-, 2018) After the Vipassana course, I still had 20 days on my Malaysian visa. I decided to explore the nearest city, Kuantan. It's a small coastal city I haven't been to before. With little money left, I had to do some fast thinking as well.....more »»

Hanging-Out in Kuantan with the Guangzhou 5 traveling

Hanging-Out in Kuantan with the Guangzhou 5

(Mar 25-26, 2018) I just hitched a ride to Kuantan, and before I knew it, I was tagged along by 5 Vipassana meditators from Guangzhou, China for the next 2 days. We promenaded along the river esplanade, did yoga, dinner and even breakfast in their plush Rocana Hotel. Whoa!....more »»

Satipatthana Sutta Vipassana meditation

Satipatthana Sutta Vipassana

(Mar 16-25, 2018) Satipatthana Sutta is a more advanced 10-day silent meditation course in Vipassana with increased focus on 'awareness'. To qualify for the course practically meant living a semi-monk life. I came away from the course knowing there was a missing link that changes everything about staying on the path...more »»

Goodbye Loboc, Goodbye Philippines traveling

Goodbye Loboc, Goodbye Philippines

(Mar 15, 2018) Not having found a suitable home in Dauis, I came back to Loboc and extended my stay for another 4 weeks. Even though it was a continuation, it felt like beginning a new chapter. Perhaps I had unfinished business here.....more »»

The CubbyHole: Envisioning a Utopian Shangrila lucid

The CubbyHole: Envisioning a Utopian Shangrila

(Mar 10, 2018) Lately, I've been thinking about settling down somewhere in the Philippines after this overseas travel. Because of this intention, I had been coming across exciting things that fortify this vision to become a viable reality - this time with inspiration from a Greek philosopher who lived 350 years before Christ who pontificated about acquiring happiness.....more »»

Economics in One Lesson books

Economics in One Lesson

(Mar 9, 2018) his book unveils the curtains and clears the cobwebs to explain very clearly in simple terms, by way of examples, the reality behind government spending and your money. This gives you a cornerstone to anchor you whenever the pundits, politicians, lobbyists, editorialists try to influence your thinking into their agenda. You may never see the world around you the same way again. This book is an eye opener and a must read!....more »»

What's Your Religion? lucid

What's Your Religion?

(Mar 6, 2018) Given my libertarian view of life, I am often asked what my religion is. Religion is always a hotbed for heated debates and best avoided. I've always given an honest answer and I've never been confrontational. I respect people's rights to believe in their chosen faith...and I don't push mine. Giving it more thought, I think my religion is the most simple and yet the most difficult to live by.....more »»

Fat Shredder with the Russian Twist fitness

Fat Shredder with the Russian Twist

(Mar 2, 2018) Leveling-up from our usual cardio workout, Jeffrey and I used Chris Heria's cardio shredder which includes the Burpee and the Russian Twist - it was a killer!....more »»

No-Dismount Climb to Cruz Daku mtb

No-Dismount Climb to Cruz Daku

(Mar 1, 2018) Curious if I have completely regained my strength back, the one litmus test to find out was to climb the steepest incline in Loboc towards the colossal cross on the horizon, Cruz Daku. The question was, can I climb it on my bike without dismounting? more »»

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