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Visiting Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, Pokhara caving

Visiting Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, Pokhara

(Apr 26, 2018) Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is sacred to the Hindus because they claim that the natural limestone formation inside the cave resembled their deity, Shiva. The entrance to the cave is a spiraling staircase that takes you deep into its caverns....more »»

Trekking to the World Peace Pagoda traveling

Trekking to the World Peace Pagoda

(Apr 26, 2018) From Pokhara town center facing Fewa Lake, the most conspicuous sight is a white stupa on a mountain top. It's almost begging to be visited. On foot, it's only 6kms and doable in 2 hours. I was already on my way.....more »»

Exploring Pokhara, Nepal traveling

Exploring Pokhara, Nepal

(Apr 20, 2018) I would have used-up my entire 30 days in Kathmandu for a mini-life, but the dust got me sick. I had to leave. One traveler told me, I had to see Pokhara. That was it! I booked 2 nights for the cheapest lodging I could find ($4/day) and took the bus for the 9 long hour trip, not knowing what was in Pokhara.....more »»

Fitness in Kathmandu fitness

Fitness in Kathmandu

(Apr 15, 2018) As soon as I got settled in Kathmandu, first order of the day was to resume my fitness workout. Despite the cold and limited space, I did my asana, calisthenics, pranayama and meditation on the roof deck of my hostel....more »»

7 Days in Kathmandu traveling

7 Days in Kathmandu

(April 13-20, 2018) With 2 nights pre-booking at the newly built 8848 Hostel, it was a painless start for me to begin a 30-day mini life in Kathmandu. I simply have to figure out what happens to me after those 2 nights. Kathmandu is exciting with energies unbound. And yes, it's seriously dusty! After only 7 days though, I had to leave....more »»

Goodbye and Thank You Kuantan traveling

Goodbye and Thank You Kuantan

(Apr 13, 2018) After staying 17 days in Kuantan, it was time again to pack-up and leave for a new destination. 17 days gave me glimpse of Kuantan's people, its culture, cafes, eating places and tourist attractions. I think the challenge for a traveler is to find the hidden gems in a place where it's not too apparent. I think I leave Kuantan having discovered a few.....more »»

Visiting the Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque traveling

Visiting the Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque

(Apr 10, 2018) The Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque is the most imposing structure in Kuantan. I was curious but apprehensive to visit as I am unfamiliar with the Muslim tradition and their sensitivities. I would be clueless how to carry myself properly. Fortunately, 2 Muslim friends, Wani and Hadaya, gave me some pointers and accompanied me there....more »»

Visiting the Pahang Art Museum art

Visiting the Pahang Art Museum

(Apr 3, 2018) Pahang Art Museum showcases the work of Pahang's local artists in various media - batik, sculpture, painting and drawings with different exhibits on display....more »»

Beach Fun at Teluk Cempedak traveling

Beach Fun at Teluk Cempedak

(April 1, 2018) Teluk Cempedak (beach) is popular in the Pahang region as the white beach area. It has fine whitish sand that stretches for a kilometer. Separating the beach is a section of big brown boulders bridged by an elevated walkway offering a scenic view of the curving beach. Monkeys abound, some of them a little too aggressive for food....more »»

Visiting the Kuantan Mini Zoo traveling

Visiting the Kuantan Mini Zoo

(April 1, 2018) The Kuantan Mini-Zoo is best taken as a manicured park with lots of open space where it would be great to spend an afternoon walk in, when the sun is not so hot. And then be treated to a few animals who call it home.....more »»

High Intensity Interval Training fitness

High Intensity Interval Training

(Apr 1, 2018) 7am High Intensity Interval Training along the Kuantan River using Chris Heria's cardio routine - rope skipping, jumping Jack, high knee tap, butt kick, mountain climbers, bicycle and fast foot shuffle....more »»

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