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Settling-in at Moalboal Poblacion traveling

Settling-in at Moalboal Poblacion

(July 23, 2017) After 2 weeks in Panagsama Beach (Moalboal), it was time to move on. I didn't want to leave Moalboal just yet, so I tried looking for a cheap room at the town center. The best one was a room with a fan, sheets, table, cross-wind ventilation and it's right in the heart of Moalboal town center. Now, I begin another 30-day chapter...more »»

Freediving Moalboal Freediving

Freediving Moalboal

(Jul 10-18, 2017) With its dive wall reaching depths of 300m just meters from the beach, Moalboal is an ideal place for freediving. On my own, sometimes with a buddy, I was gung-ho to see how I do freediving within safe limits with no rope, no instructor and no support...more »»

Scuba Diving through the  Sardine Bowl Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving through the Sardine Bowl

(Jul 17, 2017) I've been through the sardine bowl many times with my freediving, so I thought scuba diving in the shallows to do a photoshoot is the same old thing. I was dead wrong. It went beyond amazing!..more »»

Bitcoin Transaction at 7 Sins Bar, Moalboal Slice of Life

Bitcoin Transaction at 7 Sins Bar, Moalboal

(July 12, 2017) Since I've opened a Bitcoin account in Bali last year, I haven't made any transaction yet. I couldn't find any establishment in the Philippines accepting Bitcoin until now. Here at 7 Sins Bar in Moalboal, I was able to pay for my P100 pineapple juice in Bitcoin...more »»

Scuba Diving Tongo Point with SeaQuest Dive Center Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Tongo Point with SeaQuest Dive Center

(Jul 10, 2017) Tongo Point is one of the more popular dive spots in Moalboal. With depths going down 55m, we stayed at 18m traversing the wall for a 45min dive. With Rudy, a 20-year dive master veteran of Seaquest, he knew where to point us for interesting finds...more »»

Revisiting Moalboal traveling

Revisiting Moalboal

(Jul 10-16, 2017) Moalboal is a special place for many reasons. It's only 3 hours away from Cebu City, it's not as densely crowded as Boracay, fine white sand beach, abysmal depths to 300m, intense coral reef, tourist hub where it's easy to find resorts, restos and bars, and its signature feature - the sardine bowl...more »»

Karma Yoga at S Hotel, Cebu Yoga

Karma Yoga at S Hotel, Cebu

(Jul 5-7, 2017) During my 5-night stay at S Hotel, I offered Karma Yoga to its helpful staff and to friends as well. Meeting on the mat is just as good as a coffee conversation without the caffeine...more »»

Life Coaching For A Competition Dancer meditation

Life Coaching For A Competition Dancer

(July 5, 2017) A competition dancer in Cebu asked around the yoga community who could help her meditate to develop stillness of the mind to gain competitive advantage in the upcoming major dance contest in Manila. My name popped-up 3 times from different sources. I received a message from her when I was in Bohol asking me to come to Cebu to hold that space for her. I said yes...more »»

Back to Cebu: Life Coaching and Jeanne traveling

Back to Cebu: Life Coaching and Jeanne

(Jul 3-10, 2017) I was still enjoying my stay in Bohol but had to cut it short for Cebu. I had a few reasons for coming back to Cebu - I had to conduct a meditation/life coaching session, I had to see my dentist, and I wanted to see Jeanne who was going through a transition...more »»

2 Days in Ubay traveling

2 Days in Ubay

(Jul 1-3, 2017) Ubay is the biggest center in the east end of Bohol, but not quite as big as Tagbilaran. It has no movie house but at least it has a few affordable lodging places. With only 2 days before I take the boat for Cebu, I simply roamed about town and met common folks and the town's influential few...more »»

Roadtrip from Candijay to Ubay traveling

Roadtrip from Candijay to Ubay

(Jul 1, 2017) I was on my way out of Candijay to Ubay when I talked to a random stranger, Rey Rapatalo, about things to do in Mabini, Bohol. Turns out, he was from Mabini. Wanting to get out of his house, he offered to tour me there and eventually drove me all the way to Ubay in his sporty SUV. What a guy!..more »»

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