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Kian Loyd Delos Santos, The Last Straw Breaking Duterte's Back traveling

Kian Loyd Delos Santos, The Last Straw Breaking Duterte's Back

(Aug 21, 2017) For love of country, I supported Duterte despite his atrocious imperfections. I maintained that as flawed as he is, he is still the only one with political will to reform society the way he did in Davao. But the national campaign against the drug problem morphed into a ruthless genocide with no end in sight - 7000+ deaths and counting. Duterte's cure is killing the country faster than the drug problem itself. With the unconscionable killing of a 17-year old student who begged for mercy to catch a school exam, the last straw has broken the camel's back...more »»

Fitness On The Jetty Fitness

Fitness On The Jetty

(Aug 18, 2017) If not for anything else, Moalboal's endearing feature is its jetty where I go like clockwork every morning to do my 2-hour fitness routine. Combining asana, calisthenics, cardio, pranayama, eye therapy and meditation I stay the course to see what transformation happens within the 30 days I have to work with...more »»

Freediving Pescador Island with Seaquest Dive Center traveling

Freediving Pescador Island with Seaquest Dive Center

(Aug 13, 2017) Pescador Island is practically a pencil-shaped island sticking out of the ocean floor going down 40m. It has a vivid coral reef in the shallows for snorkelers, a vertical plunge into the deep blue for freedivers and its walls offer a visual parade to scuba divers. You can't get enough of Pescador Island, just a stone's throw from the main Moalboal peninsula...more »»

Life in Moalboal traveling

Life in Moalboal

(Aug 7, 2017) Life hums leisurely in Moalboal in its unhurried pace with highlights along the way - visiting friends from Cebu City, meeting new friends in the freediving community, etc. With a bicycle to use, I extend my geographic reach that leaves me sweaty, but fit...more »»

Pranayama in Moalboal, Cebu yoga

Pranayama in Moalboal, Cebu

(Aug 3, 2017) What baffles me is how could something (breath regulation) so powerful be free and readily available? And how could it be so ignored? People would rather spend an arm-and-a-leg on hyped-up supplements and risk side-effects or outright fraud! From my humble experience, pranayama is the fountain of youth, the giver of strength and the unfathomable source of energy - and it's all free for the taking!.....more »»

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