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Firefly Tour In Candijay, Bohol traveling

Firefly Tour In Candijay, Bohol

(Jun 30, 2017) An evening cruise on a pumpboat to watch the fireflies deep into the river system was mesmerizing. The lit trees seemed to be swaying as fireflies fly about, turning their lights on and off...more »»

Freediving Canawa Cold Spring Of Candijay, Bohol traveling

Freediving Canawa Cold Spring Of Candijay, Bohol

(Jun 30, 2017) Still with its depth remaining a mystery, Canawa Cold Spring enchants locals and travelers to its cold refreshing water. It lies nestled in a circular canyon resembling a wok, 6 kms of rough road into the interior of the mountain...more »»

Splashing At Can-Umantad Falls, Candijay, Bohol traveling

Splashing At Can-Umantad Falls, Candijay, Bohol

(Jun 30, 2017) It was a long arduous motorbike ride on bumpy mountain road but it was all worth it. Can-umantad Falls is both magnificent and stunning. It has a long narrow drop until it hits a bulbous mound spreading it into a curtain-like water canopy and down into a splash pool...more »»

Exploring Combento Cave Pool traveling

Exploring Combento Cave Pool

(Jun 29, 2017) Combento Cave Pool is a refreshing dip into brackish water inside a tidal cave. With my freedive equipment, I noticed an underwater cave entrance inside the cave itself. It was big enough for a human to swim through, but it was pitch black inside. I didn't dare go inside without a torch...more »»

Visiting Cabagnow Cave Pool Of Anda traveling

Visiting Cabagnow Cave Pool Of Anda

(Jun 28, 2017) Cabagnow Cave Pool is an opening on limestone ground that drops 8 feet into a pool of brackish water that goes down 5 feet deep. Either you rapel down, jump down or use a ladder - there is no way to climb down as the ground surface acts as an overhang...more »»

Exploring Anda, Bohol traveling

Exploring Anda, Bohol

(Jun 25-30, 2017) Because of its distance from Tagbilaran (3 hours), the main hub of Bohol, Anda is the lesser known beach area in Bohol, overshadowed by Alona Beach in Panglao. But Anda is more pristine, less commercial, cheaper, with the same fine white sand beaches. It begs to be explored!..more »»

Hello Tagbilaran! traveling

Hello Tagbilaran!

(Jun 19-25, 2017) Tagbilaran is the first small city I've encountered without an SM, Robinsons or an Ayala Mall - my unfounded benchmark for a progressive city. I therefore thought Tagbilaran was backward and sleepy for that reason. I was in for a rude awakening!..more »»

Exploring Panglao traveling

Exploring Panglao

(Jun 12-18, 2017) After staying in Panglao for 7 days, it was time to move on. But it was a fun-filled 7 days of beach combing, scuba diving, freediving, hearty eats, yoga, meditation, socials and exploration with the incredible people of Bohol...more »»

Yoga With Jing And Rai At Oasis Resort traveling

Yoga With Jing And Rai At Oasis Resort

(Jun 18, 2017) With my 2 Bohol yogini friends Jing and Rai, we pursued our yoga practice at Oasis Resort on the top resto overlooking the beach - full Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, Point-of-Failure Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga with all the trimmings. A sumptuous breakfast followed at the resort's garden spread...more »»

Bohol Revisited traveling

Bohol Revisited

(Jun 12, 2017) Feeling like I've over-extended my stay in Cebu City, it was time to pack-up again and hit the open road. Exploring Bohol excited me more than anywhere else in the country. That's all I needed - the feeling of excitement. That's how my universe talks to me - and it has never been wrong. Bohol it is!..more »»

Thank You Cebu traveling

Thank You Cebu

(Jun 12, 2017) Life continued to roll by in openings, live music, alfreso dining, chill nights at Dragonfly, but at the tail-end of things, there was a growing restlessness...more »»

Lazarus traveling


(Jun 12, 2017) From out of a fleeting and written-off past, from a different place and social circle, a dear old friend with whom I had such an affection to, unexpectedly shows up in Cebu - like Lazarus arising from the dead...more »»

Palm Grass Hotel Food Tasting traveling

Palm Grass Hotel Food Tasting

(Jun 10, 2017) I made a web-pitch for a hotel ad campaign to Palm Grass Hotel. Instead, I received an invite to participate in their food tasting event which will grace their up-and-coming new menu. If I can't have a roof over my head, at least I'll have good food in my belly...more »»

Qube Gallery's Ako Si Sabel / Balay-Balay Art Exhibit traveling

Qube Gallery's Ako Si Sabel / Balay-Balay Art Exhibit

(Jun 8, 2017) I like Qube Gallery. Whenever in Cebu and there's an exhibition, I make it a point to be there. I'm lucky this time with a double feature. Is it the art? Not as much as meeting new people in the art scene. Yeah, flowing wine helps too...more »»

Ambushed By SM Seaside traveling

Ambushed By SM Seaside

(Jun 1, 2017) I thought that malls are essentially the same. But my recent experience at SM Seaside made me realize that there is no sewer these guys won't crawl into to trick you out of your last money...more »»

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