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Passing Thru IloiloJan 21, 2012

Passing Thru Iloilo

Off to Iloilo
It was a photo finish for me to catch the 5pm ship leaving from Cuyo to Iloilo - the MV Milagrosa. The last time I was in Iloilo was still in March 2008, nearly 4 years ago. This time, Iloilo was not a destination for me but a transit point to get to Bacolod, then a bus trip back home to Dumaguete.

Dinagyang Festival
It was still dark when we reached Iloilo. I didn't know where to go yet. Although I didn't plan on staying, I was still good to stay there for a few days depending on how things turn out. Unfortunately, it was drizzling and the whole place felt gloomy. Also, there was already a lot of activity since bands were rehearsing for the Dinagyang Festival that was to take place the following day. The loud blaring music was just too much of an assault for me that early in the day.

The Hex Dude
The most interesting thing that happened to me while in Iloilo was about this deranged-looking woman/guy - I don't know if he was a she or what, but he grabbed me while I was walking around. I don't know if that's part of the brewing festivity but it freaked me out. I cleared out the way fast. Then I was reminded of the warnings I was given by others on more than one occasion that in certain places, ill-intentioned strangers touch you and you have to touch them back otherwise a spell would debilitate you. I was not able to touch that guy back. I was plagued by that thought the entire time. What if I just get sick here? I usually don't believe in shit like that, but I wasn't taking chances.

Not Doing It for Me
My first refuge was the public market for some hot batchoy. I was still subdued, trying to generate excitement in the my head - but nothing was registering. I walked around but the drizzle was a bummer. The street noise was still too confronting. I don't know. I just could not get on to the same page. Perhaps I was still in beach mode - not party mode that was beginning to build momentum here in Iloilo. Feeling unconnected, I headed out to the seaport.

The Tap Back
While I was on the pedicab to catch the boat for Bacolod, I saw this guy again. It was my last chance to tap him back. Quick to think, I grabbed some loose change and asked the driver to go towards the guy. I jumped out of the pedicab, gave the guy my change and gave him a hard tap on the back, after which I bolted back to the pedicab. People around me including the driver thought I was being generous for sparing loose change to this unfortunate ragamuffin. Unbeknownst to everyone, I just wanted to tap the guy back just in case there really was a hex. The guy smiled at me and resumed dancing.

Bye Iloilo
Normally, I don't just pass through a place - I explore the place and look for exciting things to do. But this time, it just didn't work. Frustrated somehow, I booked by ticket and waited to board the boat. Next destination, Bacolod!

--- TheLoneRider

How to get to Iloilo by boat

    From Cuyo
  • MV Milagrosa - +(63)947.790.4873 / +(63)915.265.7032, Economy P475, Deluxe P575, Tourist Class (a/c) P750
    From Bacolod
  • Ocean Jet - 8 round trips daily, 6:15am/7:45am/9:15am/10:45am/12:45pm/2:15pm/3:45pm/5:15pm, (033)335.8887/509.7543/509.9018

P1213395 P1213398 P1213399 P1213404
P1213405 P1213406 P1213409  

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"...u have to tap or touch them back" -- Sam Du
(Mar 4, 2012) ...that's why I had to come back after my batchoy, to tap him was all good :)

Sam DuSam Du
(Mar 4, 2012) I heard they have to tap u to put a hex or maybe a touch will do :) to counter that is u have to tap or touch them back.

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