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My Feb Yoga Practice: a Journal Yoga

My Feb Yoga Practice: a Journal

(Feb 21-28, 2023) I'm doing yoga on many fronts - reading/summarizing/codifying Hatha Yoga Pradipika, developing my online yoga classes and actually doing my practice. They all cover a span of time and by breaking it down into a journal, I can look back and see my progress...more »»

Camagung-Ong Natural Spring Traveling

Camagung-Ong Natural Spring

(Feb 28, 2023) The name spontaneously came up in a conversation with a local while talking about natural spring for drinking water. Without misssing a beat, I secured a big water container and biked out to the natural spring which happened to be close to my place...more »»

Heeeere's Johnnie! Peoplescape

Heeeere's Johnnie!

(Feb 26, 2023) I've only met Johnnie once, 13 years ago in his luxurious beachfront resort, The Danish Lagoon. What a character! Both remain memorable to me - Johnnie and The Danish Lagoon. Now that I'm back in Siquijor, it was time to pay him a visit...more »»

Manifesting a Motorbike from Thin Air? Slice of Life

Manifesting a Motorbike from Thin Air?

(Feb 18, 2023) Once I saw it, I could no longer unsee it. Immediately after getting my driver's license, I wanted to buy a motorbike. I researched and I knew how much it would cost me. But I didn't really have the money. The following day, the money was there...and all I had to do was make a purchase. But I didn't...more »»

The 'Bad Guy' of Siquijor Peoplescape

The 'Bad Guy' of Siquijor

(Feb 15, 2023) It's not what you think! This is about the district head of Siquijor's LTO - a public servant with lofty goals for the greater good of his province. But since his intentions are neither seen nor understood, his righteous actions are unappreciated. With unwavering resolve, he forges through, knowing fully well he can only be seen as the Bad Guy...more »»

Amazement from Drivers License Renewal in Siquijor Slice of Life

Amazement from Drivers License Renewal in Siquijor

(Feb 15, 2023) Back in the day, any documentation you had to secure from ANY government agency was fraught with anxious trepidation - long unorganized lines, mayhem, fixers, inefficiency, and coming back for a succession of days until it's done. Out of dire necessity, I braced myself for my driver's license renewal in Siquijor...more »»

Awakening the Kundalini Shakti Yoga

Awakening the Kundalini Shakti

(Feb 12, 2023) Kundalini Shakti is the energy that lies dormant in the Muladhara chakra. When awakened, it rises up through the Sushumna nadi until it reaches the Ajna chakra. When this happens, a higher level of consciousness is reached and psychic abilities are realized. But how do you awaken the sleeping Kundalini shakti?..more »»

Locong Falls Traveling

Locong Falls

(Feb 9, 2023) In Siquijor, Cambugahay Falls is the mother of all waterfalls - for good reason. But eclipsed by Cambugahay should be a few other noteworthy waterfalls. I've come to Locong Falls to check it out...more »»

Valencia Day Trip Traveling

Valencia Day Trip

(Feb 5, 2023) Being in Dumaguete means I pay a visit to my beloved Valencia on the slope of Mount Talinis. I heard that its Sunday Market is now famous and a popular itinerary to locals and tourists...more »»

Overnight in Dumaguete Traveling

Overnight in Dumaguete

(Feb 5-6, 2023) Siquijor is a hub in Central Visayas that neighboring islands are just an hour away by boat. Why not Dumaguete for an overnight change in scene? It's been 7 years since...more »»

Inguinal Hernia? Goodbye ABS! Inguinal Hernia? Goodbye ABS! Yoga

Inguinal Hernia? Goodbye ABS!

(Feb 4, 2023) I tried a new type of abdominal workout that left both upper sides of my pubic bone slightly bulging, inflamed, red and tender to the touch. WTF???..more »»

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