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Yoga Classes
Yoga Classes

abs Yoga Classes

NOTE: 1pm Saturday classes are no longer available. Only private classes are offered.

Days/Times: students determine this depending on their availability
Location Google Map: Nawa Saraan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand
LINE Contact:

The Class

Yoga classes are offered 1-on-1 for a tailor fitted program or developed for a group class. Classes can be traditional yoga offerings or classes focused on optimum digestion, healthy eyes, power/strength, weightloss, breathing, therapy and/or meditation. Classes come with explanations on what we are doing and why we are doing them. It's important for any student to know the underlying principles of yoga. One session usually lasts 90 minutes and will always consist of the following:

  1. yoga talk - theories and concepts in yoga
  2. asanas - can be a combination of yoga postures, HIIT, point-of-failure holds, calisthenics, dynamic tension
  3. pranayama - regulated breathing
  4. kumbhaka - breath-hold
  5. bandha - energy locks
  6. mudra - energy seals
  7. meditation - can be anapana, vipassana, trataka, chakra focus, emptiness, etc.

Fee: Baht 1000/session (up to 4 people)
Note: RSVP, bring your mat, come 5 minutes earlier to settle down, we start on time


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May 2022 Blogs

Qortal Web Hosting learning

Qortal Web Hosting

(May 17, 2022) Since my priority with Qortal is to develop and host a website within its blockchain, my immediate task after reading its introduction and tutorial was creating even a simple dummy website just to acclimatize its interface and features. When the website is in place, I'm sure my mind would once again be racing on what to do with Qortal next...more »»

Qortal Blockchain Project learning

Qortal Blockchain Project

(May 15, 2022) With the emergence of Web 3.0, the increasing distrust of the public against mainstream traditional and social media, the choking control of the globalists (aka cabal, internationalists, new world order), the increasing popularity and versatility of the blockchain, a new shift is happening in the digital world that's about the replace the internet as we know it...more »»

Asana (3): Eight Limbs of Yoga yoga

Asana (3): Eight Limbs of Yoga

(May 9, 2022) Asana is the physical postures in yoga. It can make the body strong, develop balance and flexibility. There are many advanced yoga poses posted on social media and people think that perfecting that pose is yoga. In many yoga studios, the one-hour yoga consists only of asana and practitioners think that is all of yoga. Asana has its place in yoga but it's not the end-all and be-all of yoga....more »»

Music and Magic at Paapu House Music

Music and Magic at Paapu House

(May 5, 2022) With Chiang Mai reeling back to normalcy and live music once again fills the music lounges, cafes and bars, the town comes alive. It's always fun, but some night are just more fun than others. For friendly laid-back community and electrifying music, Thursday nights at Paapu House come to mind.....more »»

Breathwork + Icebath @ Alt_Chiangmai yoga

Breathwork + Icebath @ Alt_Chiangmai II

(Apr 20, 2022) With icebath + breathwork resuming after Songkran, I cranked up the breathwork to be progressive in time and scope. With 7 people showing up, 6 bags of ice were used. Tom and Chunyah even showed up. It was all good and fun...more »»

Niyama (2): Eight Limbs of Yoga yoga

Niyama (2): Eight Limbs of Yoga

(May 4, 2022) Niyama is similar to Yama in a sense that both involve a person's moral and ethical behavior to be in harmony with society. Both are usually taken in tandem like 2 sides of one coin.....more »»

Yama (1): Eight Limbs of Yoga yoga

Yama (1): Eight Limbs of Yoga

(May 1, 2022) In Patangali's Yoga Sutras, he codified yoga into 8 branches in priority sequence - the first of which is Yama or one's moral conduct to harmonize oneself with society. This is the foundational cornerstone for the practice of yoga.....more »»

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