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June Snapshots snapshot

June Snapshots

(Jun 30, 2022) Slice of life in Chiang Mai. Life reveals itself in our day-to-day surroundings - the poetry, the abundance, the grace, etc. But only if you're mindful enough to capture the moment in pixels....more »»

The Underlying Intelligence in Everything lucid

The Underlying Intelligence in Everything

(Jun 27, 2022) A universal law dictates, 'As above, so below'. Let me take that a step deeper and apply it as a life-hack to architecture reality beyond the popular subscription to the Law of Attraction...more »»

Tom, Chunyah and Simona Pizza Nite Pizza

Tom, Chunyah and Simona Pizza Nite

(Jun 23, 2022) I'm friendly and social. I meet people everyday - I'm a people-guy. But there are moments I just want to be with old friends I'm already comfortable with. They feel like a broken-in leather glove that just feels right.....more »»

Yoga Class Pizza Nite Pizza

Yoga Class Pizza Nite

(Jun 15, 2022) June has been a crazy month for many things, especially yoga. This period saw a handful of individuals who came to see me expressing their desire to learn my unique style of yoga. They are devoted to the practice and committed to their transformation. In celebration of these unwavering yogis and their journey, we gather for Pizza Nite!....more »»

Pranayama with Nicha yoga

Pranayama with Nicha

(Jun 14, 2022) Nicha is a strong yogi. So when she asked me to conduct a one-on-one pranayama class for her, I had to design a challenging sequence befitting such fitness level. We went through practically uninterrupted sets of abdominal asanas, high-intensity cardio-vascular routine, and a wide array of pranayama complemented with energy locks, breath-holds, visualization, and explosive releases...more »»

Magic and Mystery in Tibet Book Review Peoplescape Yoga

Magic and Mystery in Tibet

by Alexandra David-Neel
(Jun 12, 2022)
This semi-biographical Buddhist/adventure book is an account of Alexandra David-Neel's sojourn in the hinterlands of Tibet back in 1924 when it was virtually unknown, obscure, unwelcoming and shrouded in mystery.....more »»

Yoga with Max yoga

Yoga with Max

(Jun 6, 2022) Max had been attending the Wednesday breathwork/icebath at Alt_Chiangmai which I had been conducting for almost 3 months now. Curious, he inquired about my practice and after sitting down with him over coffee to answer his questions, he decided it was for him. As a yogi-on-a-mission, I developed a tailor-fitted program for him...more »»

Yoga with Matt/OM yoga

Yoga with Matt/OM

(Jun 5, 2022) Matt and OM were passing by my street and saw my blackboard saying 'YOGA' with my QR code. They messaged me expressing interest in a few yoga classes. Like everyone else who wants to learn from me, I scheduled a meeting first. This way, we can informally talk and feel each other's energy, and discuss their objectives and challenges. Having established the baseline, they opted for 4 classes/week...more »»

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