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Hasta Mudra (Hand/Finger Mudra)

Sep 15, 2019

Full Class on Prithvi Mudra Akash Mudra

Akash Mudra

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Finger Position: thumb and middle finger touch (concentrate on this point), 3 other fingers are straightened, then relaxed
Hand Level: shoulder level with bent elbows
Activated Elements: fire and sky (ether)
Benefits: expands consciousness, connects with the universe at large, enhances communication skill (throat chakra)
Siddhi: levitation, radiance, crowd gathers around you for counsel, healing and awakening
Chakra Affected: Vishuddhi chakra (throat chakra)
Affected Body Part: throat
Mantra: HAM (seed mantra for Vishuddhi chakra)

Akash Mudra
The Akash Mudra - thumb and middle finger connect fire and ether (sky, space, universe, expansion, infinity, etc.). It is primarily igniting one's ability to expand outside of oneself and connect with the universe and divinity.

Akash Mudra

The Practice
Seated on full lotus (padmasana), with bent elbows and hands at shoulder level, thumb lightly touches the middle finger while all fingers are initially straightened then relaxed. From empty lungs, mudra in place, I inhale long and deep, fully inflating the lungs while deeply focused where the 2 fingers touch. I visualize an energy current from the 2 points on both hands and converging on the throat. I pause after the full inhalation. On the out-breath, I chant HAM and focus on the reverberation on my throat, then neck and finally the entire head until all the air is out. I pause and repeat the cycle for 15 minutes. Padmasana

Ending Thoughts
I somehow feel that in the hierarchy of chakras, I am straddling between the Anahata and Akash. I realize that I am spirit, infinite and boundless (Anahata). But I'm still anchored to solid reality because I have my human needs to fulfill, anger that I can't shake off, and many moments of weakness. At the same time, I feel my evolution and expansion (Vishuddhi)

I am just on the 2nd mudra. I wonder if I will notice changes or transformation after 30 days, when I have diligently done 30 mudras on a daily basis. It will also be difficult to isolate the benefit I get from the mudra because I am still doing my routine fitness program in tandem with mudra. How do I know from which modality the benefit came from? Perhaps it would be easier to discern once I gain proficiency with mudras.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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