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Hiking in Apo Island Apr 17, 2017

Hiking in Apo Island

GPS waypoint: 09°04'40.08"N 123°16'09.19"E
Location Google Map: Apo Island, Dauin (municipality), Negros Oriental (province), Philippines

Hiking isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Apo Island. But a hike around the island's perimeter offers stunning view that takes your breath away.

The first stop is usually the lighthouse. The jumpoff is at Liberty's Dive Resort where a concrete flight of steps take you up to an exhausting height. There is construction going on at the top. You see a partial view of the waters but nothing great.

Hiking in Apo Island
feeling 'top of the world'

View Point 1
From the lighthouse, there is an obscure trail that takes you to Cogon Village. There is a short segment of the trail that takes you to a steep slippery path with not much to hold on to afterwhich you find yourself in Cogon. You see a more established concrete path that connects to the other village, but that path serves as junction to the first view point. Just follow it up until you see the white cross (there are many such white crosses). You are now on the view point with more than 180° view of the surrounding waters covering the northern part of Negros Oriental, Cebu and Siquijor. I'm not really sure if there is a name to this viewpoint. Best time to arrive there is 5pm - it's still hot but a tree offers shade. Chill out and enjoy the view.

View Point 2
Descend from View Point 1 and resume the trek off the concrete path. It will take you to another junction to View Point 2. I didn't take this route as I was already running out of daylight. Coming back takes you to the main Poblacion.

Ending Thoughts
An afternoon stay on the View Point is a must-experience in Apo Island (in addition to all the dives). Bring a picnic mat, chilled wine and be mesmerized by the panoramic scenery.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Greg HutchinsonOutback Greg Australia
Tribal Adventures
(Apr 27, 2017) Reminds me of another pose

Google Map Apo Island, Dauin, Philippines

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  • Coconut in Apo Island Coconut - drift dive, school of Trevali, big fish
  • Cogon in Apo Island Cogon - drift dive
  • Mamsa in Apo Island Mamsa
  • Boluarte in Apo Island Boluarte
  • Largahan in Apo Island Largahan
  • Chapel in Apo Island Chapel - wall dive
  • Katipanan in Apo Island Katipanan
  • Rock Point in Apo Island Rock Point
hotels in Apo Island homestay / dive shop in Apo Island dive shop

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(US$1 = Php 45.26 as of July 7, 2015)

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