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Beaching it at Pebble Beach and Looc Beach, Surigao City Jun 22-24, 2013

Beaching it at Pebble Beach and Looc Beach, Surigao City

GPS waypoint: N9 48.826 E125 26.291
Location: Brgy. Mabua, Surigao City, Province of Surigao del Norte

Big, Smooth and Roundish
Pebble Beach is one of the more popular destinations in Surigao City for its unique beach. There are many resorts and nipa huts lining up the beach area that extends 2 kilometers south. Fortunately for me, I checked-in at the Mount Bagarabon Beach Resort, which is right smack on Pebble Beach. What makes this beach unique is its stony beach. There are is no sand - just smooth roundish-flattish gray stones ranging from the size of an egg to the size of a bowling ball. Even as you venture into the water, the stones still serve as the floor. These stones are charming and attractive - no wonder there are signs making it illegal to take-home the stones. It's also a challenge to walk on them. These stones are not wedged in place. They will shift and displace other stones as you step on them.

map location Pebble Beach, Surigao City

Snorkeling Down
I was curious until where the stones carpet the seafloor. I donned my snorkeling gear and headed down the water. I noticed the stones under the water are a bit larger than the ones on the beach. There is a little community of small fishes that call the spaces between the stones, 'home'. I even saw a white sea snake curled nicely in one of those spaces. I was already about 50 feet from the shore when the stones became sparse enough to accommodate sand with some sea urchins. The stones became increasingly sparse until there was just sand...but I was already way out from shore.

300 Steps
Adjacent to Pebble Beach to the north, and separated only by a bluff that is crossable by a series of concrete steps is Looc Beach. The steps are an attraction by themselves. It's about 300 steps uphill which can take the wind out of you. On top, there is a grotto of Mama Mary. Also on that summit, you can view the stretch of Pebble Beach that extends 2 kilometers south until Brgy. Ipil.

Looc Beach
Looc Beach is more private and secluded. Unlike Pebble Beach, there are no resorts here, no eating establishments, no commercial activity - just an empty beach. Its beach area consists of fine wash-out stones to stones similar to that of Pebble Beach. There are some big boulders close to the bluff where you could get some shade. There is a road that takes you to the back of the Looc Beach but it seems quite a walk away. People usually hang at Pebble and walk up the bluff to Looc as part of the 'Pebble Beach experience'.

Ending Thoughts
If you are already in Surigao, Pebble is quite a unique and interesting experience. In all my beach travels, Pebble Beach is only the 3rd beach I've encountered with such interesting big round stones. The first one is on a secluded beach area in Sabang, Palawan. The other one is in Campiri Rocks in Cortes. Both of these 'beaches' are not really that accessible to the public, which makes Pebble Beach more compelling.

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you want me to objectively cover the features of your city or municipality or barangay for this website (fiesta, waterfall, mountain trail, lake, river, cave, food, islands, beach, etc.), email me.

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How to Get to Pebble Beach from Surigao City

  • take a tricycle to Palma Supermarket (in front of the Surigao City Public Market)
  • take a Mabua Liner tricycle bound for Mabua. It will take you all the way to Mabua Pebble Beach, 20 mins, P20 if you are one of 7 passengers. If you want a special trip, it's P100/trip, one way.
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    (along the Surigao coastline from Surigao City to Surigao del Sur)

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    Jun 22-24, 2013

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