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2013 archive

September 2013 Blogs

Magnaga Waters Beach Resort, Compostela Valley traveling
Magnaga Waters Beach Resort, Compostela Valley
(Sep 30 - Oct. 2, 2013) With my Camiguin option not materializing, it was timely that Ciara (my Tagum benefactor), offered 2 nights in their beach resort in Pantukan, Compostela Valley. Magnaga Waters Beach Resort is a vast 14-hectare beach front that spans a 2km walk on the beach...more »»

Tagum Unfolding traveling
Tagum Unfolding
(Sep 28 - 30, 2013) I left Davao for Tagum for an arranged meeting with someone I haven't met. After the meeting, I don't know what happens next. A series of events unfolded making it clear what Tagum has in store for me.....more »»

Goodbye Davao...Again! traveling
Goodbye Davao...Again!
(Sep 28, 2013) When I left Davao January this year, I felt defeated. I had no intention of coming back. But life, as always, threw a curve ball that got me aborting my scheduled stint in Siargao to be back in Davao. But it's a different Davao this time. That's something I like about a place - it's never the same way twice....more »»

Wine and Cheese at Malagos Farm House food
Wine and Cheese at Malagos Farm House
(Sep 27, 2013) I thought European-style cheese would have to be imported - not until I came upon Malagos Farm House here in Davao where cheese artisan Olive Puentespina makes cheese magic with the likes of European monastery cheeses from soft pungent to hard types with crusty rinds. With a bottle of wine to wash it down, it was a gourmet party that tittilated the epicurean taste buds....more »»

Custom-made Peanut Butter at Davao City's Bankerohan Market food
Custom-made Peanut Butter at Davao City's Bankerohan Market
(Sep 27, 2013) using pure Anchor Butter instead of cooking oil, using organic Muscovado sugar instead of regular brown sugar in getting your very own penaut butter at Davao City's Bankerohan Market....more »»

Yoga in Davao yoga
Yoga in Davao
(Sep 26, 2013) The one good thing about Davao is having a healthy yoga community. If and when I drift into Davao, there is Holiday Gym that can squeeze me in to teach my Karma Yoga, or there's People's Park where I can teach free yoga in an outdoor setting. Sometimes, free yoga is offered at Abreeza Mall, back to back with a Zumba class. It's all good.....more »»

Celebrating 25 Years of Habitat for Humanity Philippines community
Celebrating 25 Years of Habitat for Humanity Philippines
(Sep 18, 2013) Habitat for Humanity Philippines celebrates its 25th anniversary at Abreeza Mall, Davao City....more »»

Like Father, Like Son thought bubble
Like Father, Like Son
(Sep 18, 2013) Like his father Joseph Estrada who was convicted of plunder that brought his ouster from the presidency, Senator Jinggoy Estrada is now facing charges for pocketing P183 million of tax-payers' money in the pork barrel scam that enraged a nation....more »»

Clobbered in a Vicious Karate Match snapshot
Clobbered in a Vicious Karate Match
(Sep 17, 2013) I thought I could throw a Karate chop. But by the time my opponent was done with me, I was bent, twisted and reduced to a pulp....more »»

Ang Tag-Araw ni Twinkle movie review
Ang Tag-Araw ni Twinkle
(Sep 12, 2013) An adopted teenager meets her dying biological father for the first time. Now her two fathers will have to deal with their issues about the past for the benefit of their daughter, Twinkle. Drama....more »»

Pending US Invasion of Syria lucid
Pending US Invasion of Syria
(Sep 7, 2013) Rhetorics are now high in selling the US invasion of Syria to the American public for Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons against its own people. Haven't we heard that same saber-rattling before? About the WMD that never was? About the incident at Gulf of Tonkin that did not happen? Is the US trying to dupe its people and the world again in order to go into a war economy and for its military industrial complex to sell more weapons? Isn't this another commercial war to fuel money lending by the global financial cartels?....more »»

Back Into the Black sliceoflife
Back Into the Black
(Sep 1, 2013) Since I stopped dying my hair black and now sporting my natural salt 'n pepper look, a strange thing started happening. The women I meet, specifically the minimum wage earners I casually get into conversations with as I eat in restos and do my errands, they tell me things with the same recurring theme....more »»

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