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Exploring Silop Cave of Surigao City Jun 22, 2013

Exploring Silop Cave of Surigao City

GPS waypoint: N9 44.417 E125 30.977
Location: Brgy. Silop, Surigao City, Province of Surigao del Norte

Buenavista and Silop Caves
In Surigao City, there are 2 popular caves - Buenavista Cave in Hikdop Island, and Silop Cave just 15 mins. away from the city proper. Together with some people who just completed the 3-day tour-guide workshop and tourism officials of the city, we headed out for Silop Cave. The barangay center already had its system in place for cave guests - registration and being outfitted with gloves, helmet and headlamp. The guides have all undergone a DOT-cave training program and are well adept at guidemanship. My guide was Raul Ocampo. After a 15-min trek from the barangay proper and climbing a 110-step concrete stair, we were at the entrance of Cave 1.

map location Silop Cave of Surigao City

6 Caves of Silop
Silop Cave is actually a massive cave system - 6 caves to be exact. The 6th cave has not even been explored. Cave 1 is not for tourists - it's heavy on bat dung, deep with low oxygen levels and there is a healthy snake population. However, for advance cavers, arrangements can be made in advance. We ventured into Cave 2. It's the tourist-offering with plenty of headroom and cathedral-like expanse. It's actually an ideal cave for beginnners - nothing claustrophobic, you won't wade neck-deep in water and you won't have to squeeze yourself like toothpaste coming out of a tube. The caverns are generous, the ceilings rich in statactite formation, you see connecting columns and a myriad of interesting passageways. Yes, there are bats! After Cave 2, everyone except me and 4 other guides left. With just us, we took on the more technical sections of Cave 3.

First-Time Exploration
To my surprise, not all the passageways of Cave 3 have been explored by the guides. They have their own established route where they take the guests. But there was a gung-ho feeling in the air. We are all fit and curious. We started looking out for promising holes that haven't been penetrated even by the guides themselves. This took us to tight caverns with interesting textures and unique rock formation. There was no milestone discovery, but it was a rush knowing that this section is perhaps the very first time anyone has seen it.

Ending Thoughts
The thing that continues to excite me about Silop Cave are the possibilities of exploring new and never-before seen sections within the cave system. I'd like to crawl down into tight spaces only to come out to what might seem like a different world. I don't mind getting smelly, muddy and wet if need be. Like the famous line in the movie Casablanca, what's between me and Silop Cave is the "start of a beautiful friendship".

Many many thanks to the Surigao City Tourism Office and to my guide, Raul Ocampo

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you want me to objectively cover the features of your city or municipality or barangay for this website (fiesta, waterfall, mountain trail, lake, river, cave, food, islands, beach, etc.), email me.

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Raul Ocampo To make arrangements for Silop Cave, contact:

Raul Ocampo (Silop Cave Tour Guide)
phone: +63920.456.4949
Rate: P200/guide and one guide/2 pax, up to 2 guides for 5 pax
Soon...the complete Silop Cave guide list!

Silop Cave Tips and FYI

  1. the guides will provide helmet and head lamp, but you may like to bring a little flashlight for added focused illumination
  2. wear shoes with good traction
  3. bring extra'll come out smelly and muddy

Silop Cave Fees

  1. P50/person on the cave
  2. P200/guide on 2 caves, one guide/2 pax, up to 2 guides for 5 pax
  3. additional P100/guide if touring a second cave

How to Get to Silop Cave from Surigao City

  1. from the public market, take the Arellano-bound jeep/multi-cab and ask to be dropped-off the junction to Brgy. Silop, 10 kms, 20 mins, P30.
  2. from the junction, take a habal-habal (motorcycle) to the barangay center, 5 mins., P20
  3. If you take the habal-habal from the city public market, it's P50 all the way to the barangay
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    Reader Comments:

    Ronan Otaza
    (Jul 9, 2013) nice jud kaayo ang Silop Cave amaze jud me sa among group... tnx sa nag tour guide sa amo... kay Sir Raul Ocampo ug Sir Rodulfo...tnx jud kaayo ... God Bless....

    Raul OcampoRaul Ocampo
    (Jun 22, 2013) ...enjoy sa pagbisita sa Surigao at salamat sa pagbisita sa Silop Cave. Sana makapasyal ka ulit sa amin.

    Jun 22, 2013

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