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Meditating while in Conversation May 29, 2023

Meditating while in Conversation

An AHA Moment
This is an AHA Moment that popped-up as I was reading Hatha Yoga Pradipika. I know for a fact that I'm opinionated and rub-off people the wrong way because of my extreme views and how I strongly present them. I'm not a bad guy - I just get carried away by my passion. I cannot help myself, especially when something said triggers me or excites me. I know anyway no one cares about my opinion. I'm just being self-indulgent.

Shutting Up
But what if I consider a social interaction as a kind of meditation where I shut-up, observe, and listen without discussing any of my ideas? Holding my attention and focus without rebuttal is the meditation aspect of the conversation.

I might ask probing questions to understand more of what is being said. Before leaving the conversation, instead of saying, "It's my turn", I just summarize what was said (to show I was listening), and be on my way.

What does that Accomplish?

  1. I come away enriched by the other person's perspective, regardless if I agree with it or not
  2. I keep the balance of my mind instead of being fired up
  3. I don't antagonize anyone. I might even gain a friend (or at least, not lose one)
  4. I remain in control

Traditional Meditation
In traditional meditation, the key point is not to observe and keep the balance of the mind. And it works - that's why nearly all spiritual pursuits espouse meditation. Even renowned heads of state meditate. Lee Kwan Yew once said that when he embarks on an important project, he meditates on it first before making any decision. Even in my practice, meditation is part of the landscape. So why not consider the same approach when in conversation?

Meditating while in Conversation
this is how I imagine Buddha in an argument

Ending Thoughts
Easier said than done, because I have to keep my awareness and sacrifice my spontaneity. Conceptually, I know this will work and I will come out better off for it. But this will be a test of my restraint. Can I really hold back? I like new challenges. This one is unique. Can't wait to have a conversation with someone engaging.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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